October 1, 2012

31 Reasons to Fall for Autumn

31 Days Reasons to Fall for Autumn

31 Days - 2012

Now - don't let the titles fool you... there are treasures in each of these posts!

Day One - Autumn Mornings

Day Two - A Nice Long, Winding Road

Day Three - Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Day Four - Glory - On The Outside And On The Inside

Day Five - Changing Atmospheres (A repost)

Day Six - Boots... yes, for the love of Boots, ya'll!

Day Seven - Golden Rays of Warm Autumn Sunshine

Day Eight - Scented Candles

Day Nine - Embracing Change

Day Ten - The Rhythm of Routine

Day Eleven - Scarves... c'mon - you know you love 'em too!

Day Twelve - Falling Leaves... the Death of a Dream... the Letting Go...
the Hard Eucharisteo

Day Thirteen - Warm & Cozy Sweaters

Day Fourteen - The Smell of Burning...

Day Fifteen - A Cup of Tea and a Good Read!

Day Sixteen - Brisk Walks

Day Seventeen - Keep the Home Fires Burning

Day Eighteen - Passing Away of the Old

Day Nineteen - Friday Night Lights

Day Twenty - Orchards

Day Twenty One - Fall Recipes

Day Twenty Two - Rainy Days

Day Twenty Three - Fashionable Ponderings - Peacoats!

Day Twenty Four - The Pumpkin Patch

Day Twenty Five - Extra Cozy Blankets

Day Twenty Six - The calmness that comes before the chaos of the holidays

Day Twenty Seven - New School Supplies

Day Twenty Eight - Tradition!

Day Twenty Nine - Pumpkin EVERYTHING

Day Thirty - Candy, of course!

Day Thirty One - Costumes

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