March 16, 2010

Treasure Hunt Recaps

OK - well - I promised to give some Treasure Hunt Recaps from some of our outings around town... so I will add those here.

I also have gotten the first official draft of the first book in a series out of my head, and onto paper... now - on to the editing portion of this call. Thanks for the prayers... they definitely helped!


Suzanne and I were able to go out on Wed for a Treasure Hunt. It was a great first experience and we really were happy that we pressed through and did it even though it was just us two!

We met up here at my place, and prayed in the Spirit for a few minutes - wrote down our clues (which came easily and many were the same on our lists or at least related!)... and then we were off. We felt led to Fred Meyers and while there were a few possible Treasures that we didn't approach (due to lack of boldness or just waiting for more clarification) we DID approach two women, who were very open and blessed. We were able to pray for each of them - one for her mother who had recently had a stroke, and one for her husband who had been out of work for several months. Both women were blessed to think that they were God's Treasures and that He would send us to them... both walked away in awe of God and thankful that we approached them. We waited around Fred Meyers for a bit longer, knowing we had plenty of clues left to find - but after about 30 minutes or so - we decided to call it a day. We learned a few things... like that next time we want to be better at showing people our map to let THEM see if any of the clues pertain to them! Also - at first I battled being discouraged - we had SO MANY clues that it felt like we shouldn't have only had two encounters - but then again - I would rather have too many clues than only one or two things to go on!


This was our second Treasure Hunting experience – well, Suzanne and I’s – the rest of the group had not officially gone out yet – so we were all excited! We met up and sang a song or two… prayed in the Spirit for a bit and wrote down our clues! There were MANY again… which was so encouraging! Many – once again – were related or the same on various lists! After discussing for a few minutes where to go – we all piled in our cars and headed out to Safeway (just down the road). We got to chat with 6 people on our outing and God confirmed things to us – and to them – that really stirred us up and helped us to get excited about going out on more Hunts!

We first walked into the grocery store and immediately all saw a gal leaving after going through the check out. She was an OBVIOUS treasure as she met SEVERAL things on each of our lists. There were 6 of us – so we let three take the lead and approach her as she was passing by us. Her name is Holly. The clues that matched up on our Maps included Crutches, Curly Brown Hair, Big Smile, Leg Problems, Red shoes (her cast was red!) She is a devote Jew and was born with a birth defect and had just had her 18th surgery which is why she was in a cast. Three of us drifted off as to not overwhelm her and started our own hunt. The other three team members began to minister to her and were able to pray with her for her foot. When they asked if she felt any different after the prayer, her response was, “Well, I feel no pain!?” Praise God!

The other three team members approached a man with a “Black Hat” and “Yellow” on… he was in the “Dairy” aisle and we showed him our lists, asking if any of the clues made sense to him. He said that they didn’t but was open to pray for safety over his snowmobiling hobby and when we touched on Tug Of War or Relational issues, we struck a chord but he was not open to talking in depth. We offered to pray for him for his safety and said our goodbyes.

One of our team members felt boldness to approach a gal in the produce dept simply because one of her clues was ‘blue’ and the gal had blue jeans on! In talking with her, she discovered that this gal had met a few other clues as well (Sorrowing/pain, tug of war) in that she had experienced the loss of 5 people/deaths in the last 5 years!

There was a gal in the store that every team member passed and yet felt drawn to – she met some of the clues – but at the right time, a team of 3 approached her to show her their lists. The clues she met up with included Yellow, Black, Coat, Yogurt, J-ello, Assurance of Heart, Eggs, Angst, etc. Her name was Sabin and one of our team members knows her a little from church and the Lord has put her on Gloria’s heart the day before. Sabin and her husband are trying to conceive another child and she asked for prayer about that. The team prayed for her and she was blown away! She said that she could FEEL like butterflies and warmth in her womb area. Gloria mentioned to her that she had contacted one of Sabins’ neighbors due to a church visitation card that was filled out and Sabin said that the very same neighbor was there – in the store… her name is Allison and she happened to turn the corner at just that moment. Gloria introduced herself and they had a great conversation about the Lord while the other team members were praying for Sabin.

Our last encounter was with a man named Paul. He met up with several clues as well – including Brown Cargo Pants, Arizona, blue shirt, ladder, trip, big smile, migraines, assurance of heart, etc. He shared that he is a Contractor but he wants to retire and get into another business. He and his wife (Wendy – who suffers from Migraines) are planning a trip to discuss a new business opportunity that would take them to Arizona. He was warm and friendly and very open – blessed that we came to him and prayed with him for the business, his wife, as well as an invention that he is waiting for patents and sales on.

All in all, it was a great success and we were very encouraged to uncover and have the chance to share the love and hope of Jesus! We will continue to pray for the needs presented and look forward to more treasures to seek out on future Hunts!


Our approach was the same this week – although on our Maps – we specified ‘categories’ as in the book (Location; Person’s Name: Appearance; Prayer Needs; Unusual) Once again – we had many clues and many that related to each other!

Here is what we found today:

We were led to Memorial Hospital (clues included various sicknesses as well as hospital, statue, various items that would be found in a gift shop, etc) As we first entered the hospital – God highlighted a group of three women outside…

KAREN & BILLY – (clues included Karen, Billie/William, Long Blonde Hair, Black Coat, Hospital) Gloria, Linda, and I approached the three women and introduced ourselves, saying that we are on a Treasure Hunt. Gloria showed her list to the girls and asked if anything stood out and we quickly discovered that the one gals name was Karen, she was married to a Billy, and they were there because her father was just coming out of a successful surgery. As we talked with Karen and ministered to her, her step Mom Chris was tearing up and being ministered to as well. When we asked if we could pray with them, the friend/co-worker who was there (Donna) scooted in and said, “I want to be included too! I could use prayer!” So we all gathered around the three of them and prayed. We prayed for Richard (her father) and for her husband and sons, as well as for Provision and Hope! It was awesome!

GLORI ANNA – (clues included Long Blonde Hair, Planning a Trip, Florida, Valentine’s, Cancer) We all went in to the Gift Shop and Esther and Gloria approached Glori Anna noticing her long blonde hair. She was at the hospital visiting a good friend (Olga) who has cancer and is not doing very well. Olga has 7 children and 2 of them are stuck in Florida and not able to get here. The girls ministered to her regarding her friend. * Follow up – we found out that at least one of Olga’s children from FL DID make it to Yakima the next day!

TAMMY – (clues included Tammy, Valentine’s, Blue, Blue Shoes Cancer) Linda, Ande, and I approached her noticing her blue shirt and blue shoes… it wasn’t until we started talking with her did we notice her name tag (Tammy). She was confused but open and couldn’t think of why God would highlight her or couldn’t’ think of any prayer needs – but the more we talked with her, we discovered she works on the 2nd floor (Cancer) and just started in December and was still pretty nervous! So – we got to pray with her regarding favor on the job and no fear!

JODI – (Chuck, Devon, Red) Jodi was fun because she was entering the Gift Shop while we are leaving and she saw our lists and said, “Oh – those guys are on a treasure hunt!” Little did she know! So – Esther began talking with her and Linda and Ande joined them. Turns out her sisters’ name is Chuck, and she knows a Devon as well… she was wearing red and needed prayer because her kidneys are shutting down. She was a little uncomfortable having prayer on the spot – but the girls made it quick and simple and let her get back to work! (She works at the hospital!)

IDELLA – (Statue) This was our last encounter and really it was a divine appt for Linda! She got the clue ‘statue’ and so we went searching out for statues in the hospital! We went to the Creation Statue and looked around… we all walked off but Linda recognized someone. Turns out it was her husbands’ cousins’ wife. Her husbands’ cousin was in surgery and will be in the hospital for a few days – so Doug knows now and can go visit! Linda got to explain what we were doing there and definitely got to plant some seeds!


Our Maps this week were set up to include the categories again (Location; Person’s Name: Appearance; Prayer Needs; Unusual)

Here is who we found:

REBECCA – (Hand/wrist issue, Sling, Carpal Tunnel, Curly Brown Hair) We decided to first go to Fred Meyers and ran into Rebecca in the dairy section. We first noticed her curly brown hair and the sling/cast/wrap she had on her wrist. She had recently had Carpal Tunnel surgery and was healing nicely… she was recently divorced, with three kids, and said she had finally felt peace. We prayed with her for total healing, comfort, guidance, and peace. She said she had been thinking of Stone church but she works on Sundays. We encouraged her to check out the other things that go on there during the week for herself and her kids. Suzanne had a word for her to let her know that God was actively interested in her. Two Scriptures were given as encouragement (Ps 139 and Jer 29:11) We had a powerful time of prayer with her and she was very touched by the Lord.

BETTY – (Red coat, Rings, Nails, White Car, Sorrow, Loss) We had noticed Betty in the store several times, but she seemed to always be in conversation with other people – but at the right time – we approached her while she was getting in her car to leave (which was another clue) and explained that we were on a Treasure Hunt and that we believed that she was our Treasure. As we talked, and showed her our maps, she began to soften and immediately said that she would like prayer for her sister Su who just recently lost her young husband Eric to cancer. We got to pray with her for her sister as well as praying for Betty herself and she was blessed! She said that that was her BEST EVER Fred Meyer Shopping experience!

CINDY - (Orange, Safeway, Moon, Lips, Mayo, Abdominal Issues, Carpal Tunnel, Hip/limp) We went to Safeway on our way home as that was on our list and Suzanne ran into Cindy who is a friend. We noticed right away that she was on our Maps as well – meeting many of our clues! We prayed for Cindy for total healing – she has just gone to a meeting the night before and had prayer for healing – so we came in agreement with that prayer and we prayed for her visit with her daughter and granddaughter, as well as for salvation for her daughters’ step mom. In talking with her, it came out that she has been single for a long time – but only recently began to have a desire to get married again – so we prayed for her future spouse as well! When we were done – she prayed a blessing on all of us and was wiping tears away from her face and neck!

TACIE – (Orange, Safeway, Chain, Nails, Gum) Tacie was a funny story because we noticed her while ‘chasing down’ another gal who was wearing orange… when the two went down separate aisles, we followed the other gal. We approached her and she was a little closed off and not open… we blessed her and went on our way, only to find that the other two had seen Tacie as well… we gathered together and she came headed toward us. When we told her what we were doing, and showed her all the clues on our maps that she matched up with, she seemed amazed. She was open – but kept saying things like, “well – just send good thoughts my way!” We prayed for Peace for her and brought up The Shack. She said that she had just had one or two co-workers bring that book up as well so we encouraged her to read it.


Our Maps this week were set up to include the categories again (Location; Person’s Name: Appearance; Prayer Needs; Unusual) Sheri came but felt that she was actually supposed to go somewhere else on her own to minister and so she headed in her own direction and saw that the clues God gave her were along her path as well! What I thought was interesting was that we pressed through and went – but the four of us were really not ‘feeling’ it on Monday! We were all a little tired and hesitant… isn’t it good to know and see that even when we are not 100% - God gives His all anyway!

Here is who we found:

SYLVIA – (Yellow, Safeway, Comfort/Assurance, Sylvia, Jitters/Coffee)

Suzanne and Karri approached this gal as she was wearing a Yellow coat, and had just ordered a Starbucks coffee. Her first comment was something like, “Oh no – Jehovahs Witnesses in the grocery store!” LOL! We assured her we were not JWs – but we were on a treasure hunt! We pointed out the clues that she met on our maps and asked if we could pray for her. She was very open, and we actually wanting prayer for direction and wisdom. She had just found herself sending her youngest child off to school and was wondering what to do with her time. She had been a SAHM for years and wondered if she should go get a job. We encouraged her and affirmed her and prayed for direction, and blessed her family and children. She was very blessed by our ‘boldness’!

MARION & FAITH – (Faithful, Crutches, Safeway, Hip, Mary, Fear/Afraid, Romance/Love)

Lynda and Ande approached these two gals as one had a crutch and that was on their list. Marion was the mother–in-law and was the one on the crutch, and Faith was her daughter-in-law. They found that she had had several surgeries, and was recently widowed, moved to a new neighborhood and was in a new parish. They got to pray with her for healing and peace and to find a home in her new church. They also blessed Faith and let her know she was a Treasure as well!

JOE – (Tall, thin, Nervous, shifty eyes, shakey, Safewaym Joe/Jo)

This was a great encounter… I will let Ande share about this one:

“Of course Joe, you guys pointed him out. And for some reason left him to me. Like go get ‘em Ande.... Only kidding. I was very apprehensive in the beginning, especially because he was walking so darn fast. I had to run...... I knew tho that he was Gods treasure. He had a hard time understanding who and why we were...He loves God, showed him the clues of Safeway , thin, tall, and the name Jo which was both his & his sons name who is Handicapped or challenged. It seems like he really need lots of care. (I also had the words shifty eyes, and nervous which was just for me I think. To give me a heads up that it wouldn't be easy.) He said we could pray for him, his son and his wife. He told us about all the years of his addition he kept his son and took care of him. He has been sober for about 3 -5 years. That he has always loved God but not religion, Gods taken care of him. I told him God honors the fact that through it all he had taken care of his son. He really was Gods treasure, I read the word I got on my clue, "God needs you to know that He really loves and cares for you." I know he felt blessed.......

We also stopped in at Shopko on our way home… Suzanne and I approached a gal there – can’t remember her name because I didn’t write it down right away. Anyway – we told her what we were doing… and shared that she met some clues on my map – (Green vest, Books, Skin Care, Shopko) and offered to pray for anything for her. She requested prayer for her husband and his family as they had lost a nephew last year and were all having a hard time with that. So we were able to pray with her right there and bless them.

Another successful Hunt! Praise God!

(Sort of makes you want to get the book and go out on some Hunts, doesn't it!?)


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