November 8, 2011

Are you a Prince or a Pauper?

I have just completed reading "The Supernatural Ways of Royalty" by Kris Vallotton for the third time. It was on the required reading list for the SOAR school that my husband and I attend and so I gladly pulled it off the shelf and read through it once again.

My first introduction to Kris was several years ago via online. I can’t remember exactly what he preached on, however I knew immediately that what he was saying was the same thing that the Lord had been speaking to me regarding identity and worth. When I attended a conference at Bethel in Redding, Kris was one of my favorite speakers. Then he came to Yakima a couple of years ago for Harold Eberle’s Worldcast conference, I loved how real and authentic and honest he was - sharing much of what this book unpacks.

We have probably all heard sermons and read Christian books on how we've been set free and on how important it is to know our identity in Christ - but this book actually shows you what that means, and what it can look like, on any normal day. For years the Lord had been setting me free of old mindsets, of negative self talk, and of 'normal' Christian living... so when I found this book and dug into it - I found confirmation on every page. I found myself standing taller, more secure and convinced of my worth - to Him first, and to others (including myself) next. I found that while I was raised with a pauper mindset - I was already aware of being grafted in to Royalty through Jesus. However implementing it seemed inconsistent at best. I could sense a change deep within my spirit as I turned each page. A new resolve, a deeper trust, a greater love. No longer would I allow my thinking or rationalizing to hold me back or cause me to question my own value. As the author often states in other teachings, I was made to be awesome – and I am! It’s still easier to say this about my daughter, or almost anyone else – but I am starting to grasp the reality that it applies to me as well! We weren’t created to be awesome for the sheer – well – awesomeness of it all, but we were created to be awesome because we are royalty and our job is to help release and increase the Kingdom!

I loved the ‘test’ in the back of the book and have now taken it a few times. I am happy to say that my results have been getting higher and higher on the Prince side and further and further away from the Pauper side! The fact that we can read this book and take the quiz and let it all soak in for a few months, then go back again and revisit it and find that there really HAS been progress is so encouraging! We keep on taking authority over our thoughts, we keep counteracting the negative self talk with the Words He speaks over us, we trade our opinion of ourselves for HIS opinion of us, and we press on into Kingdom living that not only changes how we see ourselves, but how others see and react to us as well!

My book is underlined, highlighted and well-worn... it's been loaned out, re-read, and referenced many, many times! From Kris’ personal stories, his historical Biblical teachings, and the supernatural wisdom - this book, whether you believe you're a Prince(ss) or a Pauper - is WELL worth the cost. For in it - you will be purchasing a greater level of freedom, confidence (in Him and in yourself,) and a healthier worldview that will enable you to join the movement and bring Heaven to earth in greater measure!

You are a King's kid... and were made to be awesome - and you ARE!


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