February 1, 2012

I want to look right at You...

This is the cry of my heart! To look right at Him... to sing right to Him!

I love that He is so intimate... all you must do is pause... breathe... just turn your focus and affection toward Him and He so graciously shows up! Sometimes softly - in a whisper or a breeze... sometimes with Power in thunder or rain... but always... He comes!

I must admit that I can get weary of talking about Him - and not giving Him room to show up and move. We all do it - whether in a church service, a coffee date, or our daily lives... but He has been reminding me ever so gently that all He needs is a second to break through the mundane and show up for you! He wants to meet with you... even if you have only 5 minutes... close your eyes and quiet your spirit... call for Him - and see how fast He comes to you!

Enjoy this song as you spend just a moment or two - soaking in His Presence!

Dove's Eyes by Misty Edwards:

Don't just talk ABOUT Him... turn your attention toward Him - look right at Him!

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