April 23, 2008

A Spring Freeze...

...it's for our own protection!

Growing up here in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by Orchards all around - I have come to love the delicate beauty of passing by an orchard drenched in water and frozen in time! If you have never seen this - it is a sight to behold! I can say that, of course, because I am not the Orchardist and am admittedly naive about the whole process. I know that when the temperatures threaten to reach below freezing - this endangers the trees and threatens the coming Crop. So - in order to maintain the temperature & protect the tree - the water is sprayed at a time when it will freeze - thus preserving the blossoms and (hopefully) keeping them from harms way!

We have been having the strangest Spring that I can remember. I know everyone seems to be experiencing weather that is a bit odd. It was snowing here the other day... SNOWING!? In April! I think Prince once sang a song about that... Anyway - as I was praying on Tuesday, the Lord lead me to Psalm 87. This just keeps resurfacing for me the past few months and I read it over and over and I know I am not yet fully understanding what He is saying. However, on Tuesday, He seemed to be highlighting vs 7 (Both the singers and the players on instruments say, "All my springs are in you.”) He reminded me of a dream I had a year ago or longer, where I saw huge waves of water coming up over the mountains that surround our Valley - it was the Glory of God. As I listened to Him on Tuesday, He seemed to lead me to pray this Psalm again. I felt Him tell me to look to the Orchards and the Fruit - Frozen in Time - for it's own protection. He will do this for us as well - cover us and pour out His Living Water on us - to freeze us in time and protect us for a season! So often, we feel as if we are being attacked by the enemy or have gotten ourselves into a situation that is above our heads - and yet - in the midst of it - He is with us, protecting us... Let me tell you, He will protect your Fruit at all costs! He already has!

If you have been feeling unfruitful... or like this 'new season' that is supposed to be here is stuck in time and not yet arriving - rest in the fact that maybe, for you, for your own protection - He has covered you in His Spirit and caused a Spring Freeze to hold you in this place - for your own protection, until it is time - until it is safe... for you to go forth and bear the fruit He has cultivated in you! These days are not for nothing... the work He has begun in you, He is faithful and True and He will see it to completion! Trust in Him, and in His timing... for He is the True Vine and His Father is the Vinedresser! We are called to Abide in Him... to bear fruit!

I also heard Him say, "This strange weather is a picture of the shift of Authority in the heavenly realm of the Spirit - a change in the atmosphere - and I'm not talking about Global Warming... I am talking about SPIRITUAL Warming!" Praise God! I can feel it too... can't you!? This Spiritual Warming will result in an abundant crop!

Isn't it good to know that no matter what season we are in - He promises us a refreshing... He promises us Living Water... where else would we go, if in fact, we know and believe that "All my springs are in you!" He covers us and even if we shiver under frozen covering... we can trust that it is all for our good - to bring about a greater fruitfulness!

Here's to Spring... and the One Who makes all things new!

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