July 28, 2014

When Words really ARE enough...

For all of my days, I have had this love affair with words... how they can affect us, stretch us, and grow us. How they can stir us up and cause All. The. Feelings. to rise to the surface and sink down deep, all at the same time!  

For all of my life, I have been a list-maker, journal-keeper, note-taker, letter-mailer, ...a blogger of sorts, before there ever was such a thing!

Stacks & Stacks of lovely Dayspring Cards      

I remember passing notes in school, long before there was an option of texting. I remember sending letters in the mail with such excitement to have it travel for me and say what I really wanted to say, across miles and states... trusting the words to connect hearts through space and time.

Words and encouragement and love spilled out of me from the beginning.  It's part of how He made me. (It doesn't hurt that my Love Language is Words of Affirmation, so I speak it fluently!)  However I never really knew that it could be a ministry - this stringing together words to uplift and uphold... this offering my heart mixed with His.  

July 26, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 54

Happy Weekend, ya'll!  I hope you have some super fun plans... or, maybe, no plans at all (if that is how you roll!)  That makes me think of a John Mulaney routine where he talks about how, as adults, doing Nothing all weekend tends to bring a smile to our faces!

So - whether you do a lot of things (I hope they are fun!) or do no things (still fun... you see how this works?) I am praying that you get a few moments of down time to read through these great finds!

Happy Reading!

July 25, 2014

Finish - FIve Minute Friday

I missed out on the twitter party last night, but I found myself saturated in His Presence while attending a local conference with my Honey and oh my goodness... He is the ultimate Gathering of Awesome, right? What He spoke to my heart? Well - no surprise, it fits in nicely with our one word prompt today!

July 21, 2014

Be Overwhelmed...

This is not your usual invitation, right?

I mean - who wants to be overwhelmed... who chooses that?

But here is the thing... Being Overwhelmed isn't always a negative thing!  The very definition of Overwhelm, according to Websters, is:
1 :  upset, overthrow
2 a :  to cover over completely :  submerge
b :  to overcome by superior force or numbers
c :  to overpower in thought or feeling

In this little mini-bloggy break, He is calling me back to worship... back to sitting silently in His Presence and waiting... back to being submerged in Him, covered... and who couldn't use a little more of being overpowered in our thoughts or feelings from time to time, right?

July 19, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 53 (+ Winners announced!)

I can't believe we had over 400 entries to win the Giveaways in celebration last week of our One Year Anniversary! (...turns out EVERYONE loves Books and Coffee, I guess!) 

Technically, I am still on a Summer/Semi-Bloggy Break but mostly that means I get to be the boss of me and I decide when I want to write and when I don't!  Well - that is sort of how it goes... mostly, really, I stop deciding and get back to letting God decide! We are still (re)learning this balance and most days I love the freedom and unplugged-ness of it all! But then there are the other days when I long for routine and the tapping out of words, forming thoughts, and bringing clarity and preaching to my own self here, in this space.  But I force myself to not sit in this chair on those days and I am remembering how He loves to just spend time with me... just to spend time! Not always with an agenda or something that needs to be shared and typed out!  

Still... you know I love to read All The Things... so here is a Gathering of Awesome, in case you too have been sitting in front of a screen a little less lately! (Oh how I hope you have!)

July 17, 2014

Bloom - A Five Minute Friday Post

I have been itching to write all day - but even more than that, I have been waiting for the #fmfparty to start! This Gathering of Awesome that happens first over on Twitter, and then all around the Blogosphere every Thursday night into Friday... it's just the best, ya'll!

So - here goes: Five Minute Friday - The Word Prompt is: BLOOM


"Bloom Where You're Planted..."

This is the phrase that pops into my mind as I see the prompt tonight and I have to laugh because, of course... 

This is all part of the reason why He is calling me to step back and to slow down and to really pay attention to where it is, actually, that I am planted.  To fully be present in the wrapping up of one long wonderful, terrible, blessed season without rushing out and looking for somewhere new to bloom!

July 15, 2014

Stepping Back, Breathing Deep, Letting Go, & Counting On...

So it has been since APRIL! ...April, ya'll - since I have done a Counting Gifts post and I have to be honest with you... life got busy, and good, and hard, and I fell back out of the practice of daily writing them down.  I would remember to count the blessings, one by one - but I skipped out on the writing them down on paper part. I forgot about the spelling them out and how it makes you reflect back over them as the ink dries and it helps to let the blessings sink down deep.  It's in the scribbling across pages that also etches them deep in my soul... tattooing my wandering heart with thankfulness and marking it to remember to testify of His goodness... all day, every day.

Now - Ann with no 'e' used to host Multitudes on Mondays and I would link-up there and I don't remember if we are breaking for the summer or if I have simply lost track, but as I picked up my One Thousand Gifts journal once again, and flipped through some photo's - I felt a stirring to simply share some of the beauty and gifts that I have been drinking in during this time that He has called me to step away a bit from this space!

So - this is how I am Stepping Back, Breathing Deep, Letting Go, & Counting On...

July 12, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 52 ya'll! (You know there's a Giveaway!)

Welcome to VOLUME 52 of

"That Thing I Do Now"
A Gathering of Awesome...

In other words:
Happy Anniversary!

I can't believe we have been doing this, every weekend, for a year already! (Over a year, actually - because it took me a few weeks to commit to it being a 'Thing' - thus, the name!)

Happy Reading!

July 10, 2014

A Work in Progress...Summer Wind

I know...

It's like I keep saying I am on a Bloggy break, but I just can't stay away!

This is an unusual offering... a work in progress... a(n eventual) Spoken Word...

Summer Wind

Wind Chimes Dance & Curtains Flutter
with a cool morning Summer Breeze
And it's crisp & refreshing
And it awakens me to a
Ripple effect of Thanksgiving.

Counting Gifts
As I stretch & turn
And list them off
One by one
Before I even open my eyes.

I'm thankful for the 
Whispered Caress of Thin Air
before the Sun Heats it,
making it Thick and Heavy.

I'm thankful for the Birds chirping,
the Cat purring,
and even the low hum of traffic,
down the road.

It's all keeping time,
like a metronome of blessings,
waking me to the
Rhythm of an
Summer Day. 

July 8, 2014

Art in her Life - An Interview with Emily P. Freeman

I am trying to recall when or where I first became obsessed fell in love with Emily Freeman... and I mean that in the most non-creepy, mostly non-stalkerish way, of course!
Adorable, right?                                      

It may have been over at Incourage.me on the blog where I first read her share about being a bench, or it could have been in her own space over at Chatting at the Sky for my favorite (semi)monthly link up of "What I Learned..." - a random list of useful and not-so-useful things that we have discovered through out a month.  Either way, I fell for her Realness... her Grace... her Quirky sense of humor and of course - God love the lists! The way she hooks us up with books and music and all sorts of lovely!

I am co-leading an Incourager Community Group this summer called #ArtinYourLife and much of what we wanted to cover in our gatherings can be found in her book, A Million Little Ways where the subtitle is "Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live." Um, yes please!  So - because I had the awkward fangirl chance to meet Emily briefly last year at Allume, I was volunteered to contact her and see if she would be willing to play along with answering some questions from the ladies in our Group.

Emily was then, and is now, full of grace and she agreed to let us ask away! So below are the questions that some of our members had for her. These are things that you just may be wondering about as well, and I am thrilled and honored to have her Grace and Wisdom offered up here for us all!

July 5, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 51

VOLUME 51, ya'll!  Can you even believe it?

That means that next week will mark one year of hooking you up with all kinds of Awesome!  Each week I tend to read a crazy incredible amount of inspiring blog posts and articles online and it occurred to me one day (about a year ago) that not everyone has the time or desire to scour the interwebs for all kinds of Awesome.  I hated the thought of some of these words not being inhaled down deep and fully consumed... sure, some of the people listed here have their own following and are 'big name' bloggers, but many have a smaller gathering, and either way, their words have touched my heart!

July 3, 2014

Exhale... a Five Minute Friday post

This little Bloggy break hasn't felt like too much of a break this week but, you know, commitments!  Still - what ELSE would I do on a Thursday night, ya'll?

So - here goes: Five Minute Friday - The Word Prompt is: EXHALE



Now that is a lovely word, yes?

I talk a lot about leaning, about breathing, about entering in to His Rest.  I talk often of how He is simply a breath away and I have encouraged you over and over and over to simply lean back, close your eyes, and fully breath in deep... slowly exhaling... and like magic, He is there!

July 2, 2014

Choosing Trust - Atlas Girl Blog Tour


This post is part of the Atlas Girl Blog Tour which I am delighted to be a part of along with hundreds of inspiring bloggers. To learn more and join us, CLICK HERE

In full disclosure I must start with this: I am not done reading this book!  Atlas Girl can be read in one sitting because you won’t want to stop.  You can do that. I wanted to. But I’m forcing myself to slow it down, to savor it and let it sink in!

I’m finding that I am in a season of Slowing Down… of Stepping Back… of Breathing in Deep and paying attention to All. The. Feels.  I have mentioned it several times already but we are new Empty Nesters and my tendency to rush on to the next often robs me of really pausing to reflect over what just happened.  And what just happened is we raised a life

We partnered with God and helped to raise an entire human being and she is a delight and a joy.  

July 1, 2014

Oh, the Irony ...a Writer's Blog Hop

I opened the email and skimmed it over and the first two thoughts that honestly entered my mind were, "She must have been trying to send this to someone else..." followed by, "I don't even know the answers to these questions!"

My sweet friend Jessica Hoover, over at Hand Me Down Grace, invited me to join this Blog Hop where we are asked 4 questions about Writing, and then we get to introduce 3 of our fellow Bloggy/Writer friends to keep the whole thing - well, hopping along! (I know... I'm sorry!) I can't even remember when I 'found' Jessica's blog or how we connected exactly because it feels like we have been friends forever.  I had the blessing of meeting in her person at Allume last year and knew immediately that I could listen to her talk for days!  Somehow she convinced me that I qualify for this Blog Hop and the email was not send on accident, so let's see what we all learn about me here! (I can't wait to find out my answers!)

(Print by Kathi Denfeld 2013)

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