August 16, 2017

Oh, How There is a Place For You: An Ode to Evelyn Rose - A Five Minute Friday post.

I know... it's once again been forever. Life, man. You know?  But I can spare five minutes and I need to find a rhythm that puts me back in this chair and while this One Word Prompt could go heavy and deal with the hard, Imma keep it Light and Happy, y'all!

Here we go:

This is a Five Minute Friday post, which simply means I set a timer and free write for five minutes flat on the one word prompt of: PLACE


 Oh babies!!!

No matter what is going on in the world at large, or even in our world right here at home... there is something about babies that stirs up Hope and Life and Joy and oh - how we need that!

Right?  All of us, I think, are in need of a little bundle of Hope and Life and Joy right about now!

And while we didn't plan for you, Lil Miss... while you are somewhat of a surprise to us all --God knew exactly what He was doing when He breathed life into you and began to fashion and form you in your Mama's womb!

And don't think for one hot second that you were ever not wanted... You are a gift and oh how we are making room for you - in our hearts and in our homes and yes... in our hopes and lives and joy, too.

We have yet to look you full on in the eyes (soon, baby... soon!) but you have already captured our hearts and you are oh so very loved, dear one!

August 2, 2017

You Inspire A Sacrifice of Praise - a Five Minute Friday post.

I am finally sitting in the chair (again)... so let's do this.

This is a Five Minute Friday post, which simply means I set a timer and free write for five minutes flat on the one word prompt of: INSPIRE


I'm still feeling a little unsteady on my feet, but the ground is where it is supposed to be once again and oh my, how I have been avoiding this chair. 

Sitting here... tapping out words that spill from my heart, unedited and unrefrained...

But I'm here. Sitting in the chair. Breathless at how Inspiration is all around us --if we will but focus our eyes and open our hearts.  (#preachingtomyownselfhere!)

My first thought at seeing our Word Prompt is from an older worship song... and the line that now undoes me is about how He inspires songs of praise. 
As morning dawns and evenings fades You inspire songs of praise That rise from earth to touch Your heart and glorify Your Name
And oh, how He does! He DOES inspire songs of praise... He always has, ever since I came to know Him. I love to worship and while I am 'normal' and have gone through hard times in the past, I have never had the mere thought of singing praises cause me to want to just sit it out and be silent quite so strongly.

Enter: The Sacrifice of Praise.

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