April 25, 2011

Still Around...

Wow... I can't believe it has been over a year since I have logged on and started typing here!

I have been busy and life is good... we've had some ups and some downs and all the while - the Lords Abiding Love and Abounding Grace have covered us and carried us...

I have worked on a children's book that I am just now beginning to shop around. I believe it will be the first in a series... and I also have a few other ideas still rolling around that have not yet taken form. I hope to work on those things with more focus and purpose in this next year.

I think the one thing that the Lord has been saying to me personally lately is quite simply to reach out and receive what He has already given... He is not needing to pave the way anymore - or pay for one more thing - it truly IS finished... and we are entering a season where the favor of God will more and more be evident on those who know - I mean, really really KNOW - who they are!

I believe He is so wanting to meet with us, and to speak to us... if we would but simply quiet ourselves and be still for even a moment or two - He will show up for us and - in line with my life verse (Jer 33:3) - show us great and mighty things which we do not know!

Quiet yourself... set aside even just a few minutes to wait for Him... and be ready to hear Him speak!


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