March 30, 2007

Broken Hearts

In the midst of Prayer the other day, the Lord reminded me of a vision I had several months ago... it took place in a Ballroom and there were a lot of couples dancing. Each couple included a Divine dance partner - Jesus Himself... and I noticed in the vision that the temptation to watch and compare one another was strong! Each couple had their own dance... their own flow and rhythm... I found myself comparing the steps and flow I was attempting to that of others around me. The basic message of the vision was to show that when we allow the Lord to lead us, we will instinctively learn & know the new steps and dances in His time and for His purpose! I found it interesting to get a reminder of this vision at this time.
I feel that many are just now beginning to enter a new season and are learning new steps. It is crucial that we keep our eyes on Jesus... and allow Him to lead us in the Dance that He has invited us to join Him in. It is easy to look at the others around you... compare and critique... to notice others that seem to be clumsily pushing their way through a dance, or those who seem to have had years and years of training. We are not to judge or compare each other - but to follow His lead and allow Him to teach and train us in His own way! I have come to find that many who seemingly look like they have had professional training - are simply surrendered to the one leading the dance.
This time, as I looked around the room,
I noticed many dancers who
seemed to be broken-hearted!
They were dancing, and allowing Jesus
to show them the way
but they were also saddened
by the dance.
Whether it was because they were just learning it,
or it was harder than they anticipated...
some were frustrated, some were in need of healing,
some were healing as they danced with the Lord!
When I began to wonder about these broken-hearted dancers,
the Lord said "I come in Power & in Might,
but I come with a Gentle Touch!"
He will often reach in & break our hearts
in order to bring Healing
& cause our hearts to beat with His own!
No matter what season you are in,
purpose in your heart to tune in to Him,
and allow Him to lead the dance.
Keep your eyes and your focus on Him
and not those around you...
and He will lead you in Grace...
He will teach you the new steps at the right time,
to help the dance look complete.
If you have experienced broken-heartedness,
please pray it through...
it very may well be an attack of the enemy,
but sometimes, it is the Lord!
Sometimes, He needs to re-break something
in order to set it right!
and in the end,
there is wholeness and healing...
and the dance is
breathtakingly beautiful!
I hope you Dance!

March 22, 2007

I'd Like to Buy the World A Coke...

....Perfect Harmony!
Aaah yes...
this is what the Lord has been talking about!
Perfect Harmony... Unity...
Instruments blending together...
A Symphony of Giftings ebbing & flowing...
preferring one another...
He has been speaking this to many personally,
as well as Body-wide!

I want to back up a few days & share something that the Lord spoke to my heart over the weekend! I read a word from the Elijah List talking about how Heaven is coming to Earth & many will have dreams & visions. I sort of talked with God about that, & just wanted Him to know that I am down with that! I would love to see that... I have had experiences in the past... I have faith for it... I just wanted to remind Him of that! He reminded me of a few of those experiences, as well as a strange dream I had back in January. I knew the dream was spiritual, & even as I awoke, I knew I should write it down... I got busy & the next time I thought of it, the dream was already getting a little fuzzy... so I stopped & wrote down what I could remember. I put it aside, & prayed that God would give it to me again, so I could remember in more detail. So far, that hasn't happened!

But - when I told God that I would like to see Heaven coming to Earth, He reminded me of that dream, & a few other visions, He also said, "You already did, now wait for it to come to pass!"

Wow!? That is exciting!
So - my expectancy level is High!
That was on Saturday!
On Sunday, during our worship service,
there was a point that
the manifestation of God's glory
was so strong on my flesh
I could feel myself shaking & trembling
throughout my entire body
& I could not stop it...
at one point, I felt like I could
Spontaneously Combust!
We are studying Daniel
& we are in Daniel Chapter 10
& have been discussing how
Daniel had had visions before,
& yet - he was still so undone...
oh yeah... 'undone' is a good description!
It is sort of like take me with you...
or back off a little
because I can not handle it!

Anyway - at one point during worship,
I heard the rustling of wings,
& the choir suddenly seemed much fuller,
with a lot more voices harmonizing than
were physically present!

Now... flash forward to Tuesday Prayer.
The Topic - Harmony!
Again, in worship, I heard the rustling of Wings,
& saw angelic garment hems of white
passing to & fro
as we worshiped!
The Lord began to speak to me quietly, softly...
He said, "I Am the Good Shepherd!
You know My Voice.
I am your looper, the Sound & the Voice
that lays down the Main Tune.
(My husband uses a Looper
when playing his Guitar.
He can lay down the main track,
& then Harmonize with that
when playing it back!)

He said, "You are called to Harmonize with Me.
I lay down the main track...
& you follow my lead,
& work together with others & with me
to bring in layers of harmony & grace!
Do not get caught up in the Harmony
so much that you lose the Main Sound...
the Main Tune...
stay focused & train your ear
to hear the Sound that I am making,
& work with me to bring forth Heaven's music.
The enemy will come in & begin to sing.
He chimes in, softly at first,
& it is not so obvious that he's out of tune.
His melody calls to you to harmonize with him..."
It can be tempting for us to be drawn to his melody.
Before long, we are harmonizing with the enemy of our souls,
& only then, do we begin to hear the words to his song.

We are called to know the
Voice of our Good Shepherd.
It has been said over and over,
in many different ways,
that it is so important in this Season
to know the Voice of our God!
We must know His Word, His Voice, His Sound...
The Bible tells us that it is in knowing HIS Voice,
that helps us to recognize those that are impostors!
We do not need to learn the sound of any other...
but only tune in to the Lord's Voice...
Hear His Song,
& Sing out in Harmony!

"I'd like to buy the world a home & furnish it with love,
Grow apple trees & honey bees,
& snow white turtle doves.
I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony,
I'd like to buy the world a Coke & keep it company."
And... Oh How He has!!!
Jesus bought us a Home...
He has furnished it with Love...
His desire is for us to sing
in perfect Harmony!

I pray you get a glimpse of Heaven on Earth,
& Hear the Sounds of Heaven!
Harmonize with Him today!


March 16, 2007

Show us Your face!

Show us Your Face, Lord!
That is the cry of our hearts...
we want to draw closer to Him...
we want to be intimate
& to know Him & be known by Him
on a deeper level...
We gather together in a small room each week
& we wait for Him.
& Always,
...He shows up!
One thing I love about Him is how
He always is able to speak to us
individually (- personally),
& corporately at the same time!
He is the Ultimate Multi-tasker!
He is able to do that because
He works inside & outside of time.
He is not limited, as we are limited.
He Multi-Tasks - so we don't have to!
He desires us to come to Him...
& push aside every distraction,
every worry, every list of things-to-do.
& wait for Him.
My, oh my - How He loves to show up for us!
So - this week, as the worship song cried out,
"Show us Your face, Lord..."
that became the cry of our hearts as well!
I closed my eyes & immediately
felt His Presence brush by me.
I can see myself following Jesus
down a steep trail in the forest.
He keeps turning around
to be sure that I am close behind.

The look on His face is different
on the way down!
You see, on the way UP
- it was His eyes of Love & Devotion
that drew me & strengthened me
to keep following Him...
to keep Climbing and pressing on.
It was an intimacy in reaching
our destination together
& spending time alone.
But, after our time alone,
His walk back down
the other side is faster,
& the look in his eyes
is pure Joy!
His face is bright & eager,
& He is almost Giddy, childlike,
& buzzing with excitement
as He leads me down the mountain side.
His laughter permeates the forest
& suddenly, as He rounds the last bend,
the joy remains, but it's Compassion
that is the most evident emotion
in His eyes now!
As He leads me into the Valley,
it's those 'Valley Experiences"
that draw out His compassion
& brings tears to His eyes.
He shows me the Brokenhearted,
& the lost, & those who are no longer
bound by chains,
but do not know that they are free!
His compassion overwhelms me.
He looks over His shoulder
& the excitement is there...
He is leading me to pour out
& point the others up to the top of the Mountain!
To share out of the intimacy
that we have just shared together!
The many faces of Christ...
He desires to show them all to us!
There is a 'knowing', a steadfastness,
an assurance behind every emotion
that shines through His eyes!
...because He knows...
(...whatever it is, He knows!)
He has the answer...
Seek Him & quiet yourself
to be with Him...
push aside the distractions
& seek His face...
He will show up for you...
He will answer you when you call!
His Word promises that!
("He shall call upon Me,
& I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble,
I will deliver him
& honor him."
Psalm 91:15)
I pray He shows you His love for you
& answers your hearts' cry!
"Show me Your face, Lord
Show me Your face
Then gird up my legs
that I might stand in this holy place
Show me Your face, Lord
Your power and grace
I could make it to the end
if I can just see Your face
Moses stood on the mountain
Waiting for You to pass by
You put Your hand over his face
So in Your presence he wouldn’t die
All of Israel saw the glory
And it shines down through the age
Now You’ve called me to boldly
seek Your face
David knew there was something more
Than the ark of Your presence
And in a manger a baby was born
Among kings and peasants
All of Israel saw the glory
And it shines down through the age
And now You call us to boldly seek Your face

Show me Your face, Lord
Show me Your face
Then gird up my legs
that I might stand in this holy place
Show me Your face, Lord
Your power and grace
I could make it to the end
if I can just see Your face
Yes we can make it to the end
if we can just see Your face.

Copyright © 1997 EagleStar Productions,
a Division of MorningStar Publications, Inc

March 6, 2007

The Mountain of Greatness!

Climbing Mount Greatness
As we entered worship today in Prayer,
I saw in my mind's eye a woman,
dressed for success, strong & anointed,
loaded down with every good gift.
She was attempting to climb up a mountain.
On her way up the steep mountainside,
she passed by several people on their way back down.
She wondered how they ever made it to the top
unprepared, & apparently without the needed equipment.
They would look her in the eye, & she would say,
"I'm headed for Greatness! I am on the path that leads to the top of the mountain!"
They would simply nod, & smile, & keep on moving downward.
She wondered why they were headed back down, instead of camping out at the top.
Maybe without their gifts, they were unable to make it all the way,
or possibly they made it, but their Greatness was short lived.
She was glad that she had thought ahead to pack up all her gifts.
Hiking the trail was difficult in her attire - but she was dressed for success
& she would be ready for Greatness when she reached the top!
Several times, someone would stop her & ask,
"Why are you taking all of those things with you!? Isn't it slowing you down?"
She would seemingly ponder the question & answer,
"Oh, these things!? These are the gifts that God has blessed me with!
These will be used on the top of Mount Greatness!
They are vital to my success!"
With that answer, the person would smile & continue on the pathway.
After several times, the Climber was able to see Jesus in each person who would stop her.
It was revealed to her that these people were each Jesus Himself.
The next time He stopped her, He approached her without a disguise
& He asked again,
"Why are you taking all of those gifts?"
She answered again,
"Because You have called me to Greatness
& given me these gifts!"
"This is true! But I desire to use these gifts in you as a SURPRISE!
They are IN YOU! You do not need to put them on on the outside!
Do not wear them & use them to bring attention & draw a crowd.
The temptation for Self Promotion will be greater
when you hike this mountain carrying your gifts for all to see!
They are yours to use...
(For My gifts & My call are irrevocable.
I never withdraw them from you once they are given,
& I don't change My mind about those
to whom I give Grace or to whom I send My call.)
but I desire that you will use them only when I ask you to.
You will notice that many have passed you on your way up the Mountain!
They have been to the top.
They too were called & destined for Greatness.
In reaching the Top,
many have found that the gifts they packed up the mountain,
would not be brought back down.
They are not, however, coming down empty handed or in defeat.
They are being SENT to Greatness.
There is Blessing on the Top,
but Greatness on the Bottom!
We are all destined for Greatness!
He has gifted each of us with Giftings & Callings
that He will not take away.
However, often times we can get puffed up in our anointings
& carry our gifts on the outside!
We desire to do great things for God
& that is a good thing!
He desires to work through us to do great things as well
so we are in agreement with Him.
Our flesh often will rise up & want to share in the recognition
& gain promotion & acknowledgement
when we move in what He has called us to do.
There is such a balance between Pride & Humility...
it is our hearts' desire to bring Him Praise & Honor...
We want to step out of the way & let Him move,
but so often our fleshly desire for Greatness
can lead to Pride or an unwillingness to wait on God.
We think we know the way...
after all - it is a Mountain & the way is Up!
But in the Kingdom of God,
the way up - is down!
I pray He calls you to Greatness & uses your gifts
to Surprise those around you!
Walk in Humility, Bring Him Honor,
Stand Amazed at the View from the Top,
AND the View from the Bottom!

The Blessing of Obedience

I am wondering how many of you have recently
battled with the Lord about something that
He has called you to do that seems 'hard'
or maybe even out of character?
I know for me, I had a very intense week
& found myself acting out
like an immature Christian,
whining & throwing a fit with God!
Now, c'mon - don't tell me I am the only one?
He was calling me to obey Him,
no matter what the cost &
no matter what I wanted myself!
We have all been feeling & hearing
the Lord remind us that we are
"crucified with Christ"
- I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.
We will never walk that out in fullness,
but we have opportunities to catch a glimpse
of it from time to time!
I don't know about you,
but I have history with the Lord
that He is well aware of...
& seemingly last week,
He chose to ignore!
I kept trying to remind Him
of my issues & my struggles...
yet He just didn't care?!
What He was attempting to get done,
had little to do with me anyway!
God has called each of us to step out of our comfort zone
& reach out in obedience to follow Him!
Some have been asked to do outrageous things
& some have been asked to fairly tame things...
but no matter what He is calling you to do,
let me encourage you to follow through in obedience!
I must say that, on this side of my battle,
it was all good!
God moved and spoke
& I was blessed in the process!
I was not, however, a picture of Grace!
I kicked & complained the entire time...
On the other side of it,
I was disappointed in my lack of excitement
& hesitant, reluctant obedience!
I didn't really consider not obeying,
but my attitude was immature
& my lack of vision was blurred.
I was focused on what I wanted
- not just for myself,
but how I wanted to minister as well!
As I went to Prayer last week,
humbled & disappointed in myself,
the Lord began to speak encouragement to me.
During worship, I closed my eyes
and immediately my spirit saw Jesus - face to face,
smiling with joy, blessing & love spilling out...
"You did it! You did it!" He said to me,
nearly laughing with joy!
"I did it - but let me do it BETTER
next time, Lord!" I responded.
"Thank you," He said, His eyes of love
& the fact that His joy revealed
His pleasure in my obedience
is proof enough that it was worth it,
& that even with all of my
complaining & whining,
in the end, I brought Him honor!
Talk about humbling!
...and blessings!
You see - once again,
He sees the end result...
He works inside & outside of time
& He sees us as how we are in the end!
Of course, He desires us to be obedient
& to submit to Him in joy.
But, when we fail to do that...
when we hesitate, & complain,
& grudgingly follow through,
what stands out to Him the most
is the Follow Through!
It is the fact that, in the end,
we DID obey...
there is blessing in obedience,
every single time!
No matter what it is He is calling you to do,
or how much He needs to guide & direct you to do it,
in the end, I can promise you, a Blessing Awaits!

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