March 22, 2007

I'd Like to Buy the World A Coke...

....Perfect Harmony!
Aaah yes...
this is what the Lord has been talking about!
Perfect Harmony... Unity...
Instruments blending together...
A Symphony of Giftings ebbing & flowing...
preferring one another...
He has been speaking this to many personally,
as well as Body-wide!

I want to back up a few days & share something that the Lord spoke to my heart over the weekend! I read a word from the Elijah List talking about how Heaven is coming to Earth & many will have dreams & visions. I sort of talked with God about that, & just wanted Him to know that I am down with that! I would love to see that... I have had experiences in the past... I have faith for it... I just wanted to remind Him of that! He reminded me of a few of those experiences, as well as a strange dream I had back in January. I knew the dream was spiritual, & even as I awoke, I knew I should write it down... I got busy & the next time I thought of it, the dream was already getting a little fuzzy... so I stopped & wrote down what I could remember. I put it aside, & prayed that God would give it to me again, so I could remember in more detail. So far, that hasn't happened!

But - when I told God that I would like to see Heaven coming to Earth, He reminded me of that dream, & a few other visions, He also said, "You already did, now wait for it to come to pass!"

Wow!? That is exciting!
So - my expectancy level is High!
That was on Saturday!
On Sunday, during our worship service,
there was a point that
the manifestation of God's glory
was so strong on my flesh
I could feel myself shaking & trembling
throughout my entire body
& I could not stop it...
at one point, I felt like I could
Spontaneously Combust!
We are studying Daniel
& we are in Daniel Chapter 10
& have been discussing how
Daniel had had visions before,
& yet - he was still so undone...
oh yeah... 'undone' is a good description!
It is sort of like take me with you...
or back off a little
because I can not handle it!

Anyway - at one point during worship,
I heard the rustling of wings,
& the choir suddenly seemed much fuller,
with a lot more voices harmonizing than
were physically present!

Now... flash forward to Tuesday Prayer.
The Topic - Harmony!
Again, in worship, I heard the rustling of Wings,
& saw angelic garment hems of white
passing to & fro
as we worshiped!
The Lord began to speak to me quietly, softly...
He said, "I Am the Good Shepherd!
You know My Voice.
I am your looper, the Sound & the Voice
that lays down the Main Tune.
(My husband uses a Looper
when playing his Guitar.
He can lay down the main track,
& then Harmonize with that
when playing it back!)

He said, "You are called to Harmonize with Me.
I lay down the main track...
& you follow my lead,
& work together with others & with me
to bring in layers of harmony & grace!
Do not get caught up in the Harmony
so much that you lose the Main Sound...
the Main Tune...
stay focused & train your ear
to hear the Sound that I am making,
& work with me to bring forth Heaven's music.
The enemy will come in & begin to sing.
He chimes in, softly at first,
& it is not so obvious that he's out of tune.
His melody calls to you to harmonize with him..."
It can be tempting for us to be drawn to his melody.
Before long, we are harmonizing with the enemy of our souls,
& only then, do we begin to hear the words to his song.

We are called to know the
Voice of our Good Shepherd.
It has been said over and over,
in many different ways,
that it is so important in this Season
to know the Voice of our God!
We must know His Word, His Voice, His Sound...
The Bible tells us that it is in knowing HIS Voice,
that helps us to recognize those that are impostors!
We do not need to learn the sound of any other...
but only tune in to the Lord's Voice...
Hear His Song,
& Sing out in Harmony!

"I'd like to buy the world a home & furnish it with love,
Grow apple trees & honey bees,
& snow white turtle doves.
I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony,
I'd like to buy the world a Coke & keep it company."
And... Oh How He has!!!
Jesus bought us a Home...
He has furnished it with Love...
His desire is for us to sing
in perfect Harmony!

I pray you get a glimpse of Heaven on Earth,
& Hear the Sounds of Heaven!
Harmonize with Him today!


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