March 30, 2007

Broken Hearts

In the midst of Prayer the other day, the Lord reminded me of a vision I had several months ago... it took place in a Ballroom and there were a lot of couples dancing. Each couple included a Divine dance partner - Jesus Himself... and I noticed in the vision that the temptation to watch and compare one another was strong! Each couple had their own dance... their own flow and rhythm... I found myself comparing the steps and flow I was attempting to that of others around me. The basic message of the vision was to show that when we allow the Lord to lead us, we will instinctively learn & know the new steps and dances in His time and for His purpose! I found it interesting to get a reminder of this vision at this time.
I feel that many are just now beginning to enter a new season and are learning new steps. It is crucial that we keep our eyes on Jesus... and allow Him to lead us in the Dance that He has invited us to join Him in. It is easy to look at the others around you... compare and critique... to notice others that seem to be clumsily pushing their way through a dance, or those who seem to have had years and years of training. We are not to judge or compare each other - but to follow His lead and allow Him to teach and train us in His own way! I have come to find that many who seemingly look like they have had professional training - are simply surrendered to the one leading the dance.
This time, as I looked around the room,
I noticed many dancers who
seemed to be broken-hearted!
They were dancing, and allowing Jesus
to show them the way
but they were also saddened
by the dance.
Whether it was because they were just learning it,
or it was harder than they anticipated...
some were frustrated, some were in need of healing,
some were healing as they danced with the Lord!
When I began to wonder about these broken-hearted dancers,
the Lord said "I come in Power & in Might,
but I come with a Gentle Touch!"
He will often reach in & break our hearts
in order to bring Healing
& cause our hearts to beat with His own!
No matter what season you are in,
purpose in your heart to tune in to Him,
and allow Him to lead the dance.
Keep your eyes and your focus on Him
and not those around you...
and He will lead you in Grace...
He will teach you the new steps at the right time,
to help the dance look complete.
If you have experienced broken-heartedness,
please pray it through...
it very may well be an attack of the enemy,
but sometimes, it is the Lord!
Sometimes, He needs to re-break something
in order to set it right!
and in the end,
there is wholeness and healing...
and the dance is
breathtakingly beautiful!
I hope you Dance!

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