July 7, 2008

The Shack

Hello there...
I know, I know - I have been ignoring you all! Blame it on summertime and my sudden lack of routine, or just the fact that I have been reading a lot more than I have been writing lately - however, thanks to Vi - I was once again reminded of this blog that I adore and toyed with some sort of an update. Then, out of the blue, I was given a book.
I had been on the Wait List for The Shack for months at our local library and was already getting that realization that I would in fact be buying at least one copy anyway... however, a friend simply handed me the book and told me to read it and pass it on. Well - I started this book last night, and finished it this morning - and I can already tell you, one book will not be enough to pass on! I will be ordering this baby in bulk and spreading the Love!

If you have not yet HEARD of this book... well, you will! ...and even if you don't somehow, I encourage you to find a copy and carve out a few hours to drink in this story. For more info, please go to: http://www.theshackbook.com

If you HAVE heard of this book, and have read it - please, please, PLEASE contact me! LOL! I want to talk about this book and hear what your thoughts are and I have yet to know anyone who has read it!

For me personally, this book shifted things in my spirit so deeply that I am not even sure what all is going to break free or shake off... I have been blessed in my life and have not gone through a tragic loss or deep anger at God, so I was not so sure what I would get out of this book myself. I am all about the Bride and the Bridegroom... I am all about Jesus and his Great Love for us - His Abiding Love and Abounding Grace... I am all about saying No to Religion, and saying Yes, Thank You to Grace... I know that my God is relational... but the things presented in this book are things that I had never thought about or even considered, and yet - I know them deep down in my spirit to be true! And, of course, this makes me love Him (them) even more!

The other thing that amazed and blessed me was parts of this story, which is 'fiction' (and yet - we know this is not so!), -parts of this story describe actual detailed visions that I have had with the Lord! Even some of the overall storyline I have found myself speaking or writing about in the recent months and years. God is so trying to tell us something! I pray you will read The Shack - and Listen to Papa... more than anything - He loves you and desires to be in relationship with you!

If you truly quiet yourself and listen, you will hear Him singing over you!
Let me know your thoughts and experience with this book...
I can't wait to hear from you!

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