December 24, 2022

Merry Christmas Eve!

Oops!? You guys?!!?

How did LITERALLY almost an entire YEAR go by here?

I knew I was feeling called to more quiet... less sharing of all my thoughts so publicly.

I was called more to Prayer in secret and waking (again/still) at 3am to intercede through most midnight watches in 2022. Add to that: real life, working a part-time job that took up more mental space than part-time jobs usually do, battling some physical ailments that made my OneWord (Strength) feel mean and tricky, and - well - I was tired, Y'all!)

  (Weary? Maybe a bit of that, too, as the year dragged on.)

I kept up the Monthly Newsletter for a bit longer than this blog, but even that practice got pushed to the side for a season.

However, I have been feeling a stirring... a reawakening to write, once again!

My, how I have missed it!

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