July 3, 2023

MUSIC - A Five Minute Friday post


Welcome to Five Minute Friday! It is a community of writers who write for five minutes flat, using a One Word prompt --a Flashmob of writers all leaning in and seeing what spills out as the timer ticks away! 
This is a Five Minute Friday post...and our Word Prompt this week is: MUSIC!


I see the prompt and I can't help it! I am a lover of music and I am well aware of the power it has in my life!  My first thought goes to how so many songs have the power to draw you back to a moment or a memory and what a gift that is/can be!  

While I love all kinds of music, it comes as a shock to no one that worship is my favorite! I'm married to a gifted and anointed musician... a worship leader who is intentional in creating space for the Holy Spirit to come... to interrupt... to take over.  

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