February 16, 2009

What's YOUR Song of Love?

It has been quite some time since I have sat down to share anything with you but that is not because I have not had anything to share. I have just been very busy and have been really trying to digest all that is stirring in me.

I feel as if we are nearing the end of the season of soaking in His Presence and really allowing revelation truth to settle deep in us (not that this season will ever really be OVER but...) - and we are fast approaching a season of putting action to the things our hearts yearn to see come to pass! I praise God for this time of really getting to know and firmly believe in what is in us... and I am so looking forward to the releasing of the next season to bring it to pass! I truly believe that we are about to enter a time of living in the Kingdom and being Kingdom people. It's not that this is a new thing - but it is more of a Body-wide movement that is coming and I don't know about you - but I want to be among those Kingdom people!

So - stumbling upon this Bill Johnson book on the Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind has been - well - perfect timing! Today we met up and went over Chapter Two... yes - that's right - Chapter Two!? Chapter Two deals with the gateways of our minds and the power of agreement - either with Heaven, or with Hell. In going over the chapter, the Lord reminded me of a vision He gave me back in 2007...
(Click here for a link...
http://abidingloveaboundinggrace.blogspot.com/2007/11/lord-may-our-bowls-overflow.html )

So - we are finally through Chapter Two and will attempt to get through Chapter Three next week... today was awesome and we had a powerful soaking time with the Lord! During the time, I heard the Lord say, "I am singing over you a love song written just for you, just for today... it is meant and destined to touch your heart and draw you closer! This is the full measure of My love for you - " Then I saw three screens playing out in front of me...
1. A Father dancing with his little girl, laughing and giggling, spinning and playing - lavishing His love on her.
2. A Man dancing with His Bride, with passion and hunger in His eyes.
3. A Brother lovingly joking around and playing with His sister.

This reminded me of The Shack...

Again, I heard the Lord say, "This is the full measure of my divine love and desire and acceptance of you. I am SO FOR you! You bless my heart with the things that are stirring in you. I adore your worship and willingness to pray. as you are filling the bowls of intercession, I am well-pleased and you can rest assured that you are loved and that you will be rewarded! Quiet your spirit, wait on Me, and hear My Song of Love that I sing over you!"

So... have you heard the Lord singing your Song of Love lately!? I love that He has a new love song for us each day... I pray you are able to quiet yourself at some point this week... love on Him a bit and listen... I assure you He is singing over you and His Song of Love for you is just what you are needing!!!


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