February 16, 2020

Experience the Becoming of Who You Are - A Five Minute Friday post.


My fingertips and my heart have been gently urging me back into this chair!  

It seems the last several times I have come to sit here, I end up frustrated in trying to format and edit a few projects instead of pouring out new words in this space! So today --I'm starting here and (depending on how this goes!) I will tackle the other things next! But first: This is a Five Minute Friday post... which, as you should know by now, simply means I set a timer and free-write for five minutes flat on the one-word prompt: EXPERIENCE... Let's go!


Experience... I see the word and immediately feel my age. I think of all the different areas in my life I have gained experience.  And I think of all the areas I am lacking experience still.

We're all in Process... 
    We are all Becoming...

We are all experts in some ways and inexperienced in other ways!

In a season where I am feeling my inexperience, learning a new job in a new field, relearning how to care for a toddler and teach her in the way she should go, and remembering how to worship without building walls around my heart... --I feel the pull to dwell on the things I do not know... --on the things I'm failing or flailing at and not doing so well...

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