March 11, 2009

Where is YOUR Common Denominator?

The Lord has really been speaking about the power of agreement. This is no small revelation: knowing the importance of recognizing and seeking out the power of agreement. For years, it seems, the Lord has been calling us to Declare and Decree... He is revealing the Truth of His Kingdom and calling us to live a Kingdom-minded life right here on earth. We are entering into a season of seriously needing to know and seek out the power of agreement!

I will never forget years and years ago calling a national ministry with an urgent prayer request. The Prayer Partner on the other end of the phone asked me what the request was. (It was for a friends' son who was born premature and his lungs were not yet developed.) I told him and he asked where my faith was... what I could believe for in prayer... he explained that what we needed was the power of agreement. He had faith to believe that God would instantly heal this baby and give him fully developed lungs, but if I was believing that the Doctors would have wisdom and they would be able to stabilize his breathing and over time his lungs would strengthen, then he needed to know. We needed to pray at the point of agreement. I was completely believing that God would create new lungs instantly in this little one - so we prayed. Literally an hour later, this new Mom called to say that the doctors were astonished - it was as if the X Rays taken before were of a completely different baby because her son had two fully developed and functioning lungs. He was fine and out of the woods immediately! What an awesome answer to prayer! And for me... what a powerful lesson!

I think in this season, God is really drawing us together in small groupings of people - whether it be within your church, in a home meeting, a Bible study or prayer group, or within your family... however He is doing it - He IS doing it! He is drawing the like-minded together in accordance with the power of agreement.

I had the honor and pleasure of ministering once again with two great friends on Saturday whom God honestly hand picked and placed us together. We ministered to a small group of ladies who seemed to be each feeling somewhat isolated, not a part of the Body or not important, and alone. We left them more connected and flowing in His Love toward one another... a powerful picture of how much He loves us! All because we pray and intercede and flow in unity and at a high level of agreement. While we were preparing to minister, I heard the Lord say, "Pay attention to the lowest common denominators vs. the Highest common denominator!"

I can't tell you how many times I have had this discussion with my daughter. From a very young age - we have explained to her the fleshly tendency to convert to the lowest common denominator. We must pick our friends and those we spend a great deal of time together with carefully because sooner or later, we will find that point of commonality and all gather there. For better or for worse! When the enemy is attacking us, it is so vital for us to seek out a point of agreement that will stretch our faith and cause us to rise up - not to lower down! Finding those who will join in with you in the flesh is easy... you won't have to look far! These are Jobs friends... these are those whose intentions are good - but often times, you come away from spending time with them feeling worse than when you started out.

Seek out relationships and connections that cause you to rise up... seek out the Highest Common Denominator! Jesus IS our Highest Common Denominator! He desires to stir you up and reveal to you the best He has in mind for you... and you must be linked up with those whose point of agreement will fall on Him and His Word above anything else! This is His desire - all because He knows full well the power of agreement! He is not gathering us together simply for our enjoyment - although that is more a part of it I think than we often realize! He is so for us - and He WANTS us to enjoy His Blessings... but these Gatherings are for a higher purpose!

Gone are the days and weeks of travailing... I mean - sure - there will still be things that we fight for and battle for in prayer - however I believe we are entering a season where we know who we are and Whose we are and we rise up in Kingdom Power and Authority and loose the answer! We will pray and see and experience instantaneous answers. Miracles and healings, resurrections, and deliverance at our hands - not because we are all that, but because HE is 'all that' and because we know the authority we wield! As my little team of three prayed together the week before the meeting on Saturday, the Lord showed me that where there are areas in our boundaries or armor that are weak - in the past the enemy would rush in and attack there and gain access. However, now is the season where we see the Lord rise up in us and as the enemy attempts to enter in - we simply say, "Access Denied!" and he has to flee! The battle belongs to the Lord, and He has said, "Access Denied!" to the enemy over your life!

It has long been prophesied that the next big move of God will be nameless and faceless - and I believe it is because it is not ONE person, or ONE church... but it is multitudes of small gatherings moving in power and might, moving in agreement, rising up in Kingdom authority and taking back ground the enemy had assumed would be his forever - all over the world, at the same appointed time!

So, I encourage you to rise up! Look around you... you just may find a group of unexpected friends who God has placed before you for a greater purpose... and if, for whatever reason, you do not find this - know that this is His will for you! Pray and ask Him to connect you to others who are also connected in faith and power to the Highest Common Denominator!

He unites us, empowers us, He's IN us, He is wanting to spring out and bless those around us... In Him we have agreement!
In Him we have life, and power, and joy, and love...
In Him we have all we could ever need...
let's allow Him to link us together with like-minded believers
and watch Him move in power on earth, 'as it is in Heaven'!

Rise Up! Rise Up!

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