February 24, 2017

The Importance of Knowing How You Are Wired... Slow: A Five Minute Friday post

Well I made it to the party --at least for a few! It was nice to be back! Finding your tribe is so essential to living our full life! (We preached on that at Dad's House last Sunday, in fact!) 

This is Five Minute Friday (- a five minute timed free write) and our One Word Prompt for the day is: SLOW


The Importance of Knowing How You Are Wired...
  You guys! This is so helpful!

This world will push and pull and it will take what it can get... it doesn't really matter what you bring to the table if it is not what is asked of you, right?

So knowing who you are and what is expected is tremendously helpful.

But here's the thing: If we pay no attention to how God wired us, we will be quick to keep pace and we will rush to fill in the gaps. The temptation to be and do things He is possibly not asking of us, in the end, will leave us tired and unsatisfied! If left unchecked and unsupervised, it can leave us burnt out and lost, dizzy with all the not knowing.

This is never His will for us.
(Like, ever.)

February 18, 2017

Weak - A Five Minute Friday Post

Oh my... it's been a long awhile again since I have been able to hang out with the Tribe and I am missin' y'all! I'm writing #fmfparty on my Bossy List of things to do next week!

This is Five Minute Friday (- a five minute timed free write) and our One Word Prompt for the day is: WEAK


The first thing that comes to mind is "Cornerstone"... because, of course, right?

"Christ alone; cornerstone

Weak made strong; in the Saviour's love
Through the storm, He is Lord
Lord of all..."
This, in turn, draws our attention to the ever familiar verse by Paul, when the Lord told him, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” (2Cor12:9)

I love how this verse reads in The Message:
"My grace is enough; it’s all you need. 
My strength comes into its own in your weakness."

Wow... so, who doesn't want THAT, right? 

To have HIS strength come into its own in my weakness? Yes, please!

Really - the call to be weak is the call to be vulnerable. To be honest... to be authentic and not muster up fake strength or to do whatever 'needs to be done' to save face.  

Let's leave the saving to our Savior!

February 15, 2017

The IF:Gathering... a recap of All the Awesome!


Y'all know how much I love the IF:Gathering, yes? 
  I mean, I have been on board since Day One!

I love everything about this event and the heart of it and the message that comes from it and through it and how it spreads and multiplies and how God is using this Gathering worldwide, for the King and His Kingdom!

(Prepare yourself for a feast of iphone snapshots!)

This is the second year that our little church plant has hosted an IF:Local event.  We like to do it 'live' because --well, the worship and also - the interwebs! We want to watch it as it is happening... or at least as close as we can make it work while in a different time zone!

This year: 42 women signed up.
Forty. Two.

(That's almost half of our church, y'all!)

February 6, 2017

Let Your Love Shine... a Valentine Friendship Dayspring Post

Hey friends!  I have been a bit absent around here lately because, well --IF:Gathering 2017!  I've been all in since day one (back in 2014) but it started with a handful of friends, super low key, gathered in my living room... and it has grown to a church event which requires a bit more. (#understatement!) It also brings forth more fruit! Still... I've missed you all and hanging out in this space with you!

I am still processing all that I got out of IF... that post will come soon!  But today I wanted to come and talk a little bit about Love (and Friendship and Valentine's Day and Dayspring, sure... but mostly Love!)

I partner with Dayspring and that is because I am so passionate about not only their amazing products from jewelry and coffee cups (hello, pretty!) to cards and gifts and home decor, but I am also passionate about the heart behind the company and the community that they have built.

January 27, 2017

When We Forget Who is Really In Control... A Five Minute Friday post

So... I think we have all forgotten this one at some point (like... in the last few weeks or more, right?)  You know the drill...

This is Five Minute Friday (- a five minute timed free write) and our One Word Prompt for the day is: CONTROL


This world, man... 

It feels like it's spinning out of control, right?

I mean... people all around the world seem to have lost their ever lovin' minds and maybe it's just me, but I don't think it takes a TON of discernment to see (and feel and give in to) the Spirit of Fear that is wreaking havoc in the earth today.

It's almost as if someone -thing has been unleashed!

Things are getting hot up in here and it's cray cray how Hate and Anger and Woundedness are coming up alongside Fear and having their way with our hearts and minds.

So in an attempt to remember how to breathe... and to remind myself who is really in charge around here anyway...

January 23, 2017

How to Refine What You Dwell On... A Five Minute Friday post

So remember the last time I wrote (--neither do I!) and I mentioned finding a rhythm in writing... yeah. That. Except exactly the opposite!  You guys... I just haven't had a lot of words and the ones I've been mulling over, well --they are just not for now.  But I miss you... and this discipline of writing out my hopes and thoughts and processing my feelings as I type. (You know, like free therapy! You're welcome to come along for the ride as I preach to myself here!)

This is Five Minute Friday (- a five minute timed free write) and our One Word Prompt for the day is: REFINE



I see the word and oh how I know I need it!
I need to be refined...

I've been pacing in my heart, and having conversations with myself in my mind, and I've been trying to make room for my whole authentic self to rise up... to show up.. to dwell. 

Ah yes... 
  my #oneword365 for the year!

I am longing to dwell this year --to find this one beautiful word and invite it in to abide with me.  And in allowing His Spirit to guide me... His, and not my own-- I am learning how to create space for dwelling.

This is a vital first step...

January 6, 2017

The Welcome Return of Five Minute Fridays: CONNECT

It feels like it has been forever... For whatever reason, #Write31Days seemed to take a LOT out of me this year, and I needed more time to bounce back... and then there was the heaviness and hard of the last two months of 2016... and also the holidays... so I vowed to step back and regroup and reconnect to my joy and my hope and my purpose --in my real life first, and then here in this space as well!

So - it HAS been like forever... or at least a couple of months, since I have felt the rhythm of writing here in this space.  But I am feeling a bit back to my true self --and (Insert all the praise and jazz hands here!) I'm feeling a bit RESTED, as well! So it turns out the little breaky was needed, but it's so great to be back with the tribe!

This is Five Minute Friday (- a five minute timed free write) and our One Word Prompt for the day is: CONNECT


Of course, with this word!  

Connect... or more specifically, RE-connect.

This is what I have been doing... what I needed that I hadn't really been paying attention to for a couple of months!

I see the word prompt and immediately I think of this quote by Eugene Peterson:

“We stop, whether by choice or through circumstance, so that we can be alert and attentive and receptive to what God is doing in and for us, in and for others, on the way. We wait for our souls to catch up with our bodies.” -Eugene Peterson, The Jesus Way

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