November 18, 2017

When Excuses Fade Away and Truth Takes Over... a Five Minute Friday post.

Just a few more weeks before I can officially rejoin the Five Minute Friday Community of Flash Mob Writers who love to party it up over on the Twitter on Thursday nights! Until then, I'll just play along here and over at the Link Up!  Let's go: This is a Five Minute Friday post, which simply means I set a timer and free write for five minutes flat on the one word prompt of: EXCUSE


I see the word, and I know what it means...
but I hope I can uncover something different
because, know, ...excuses!

Gah! My mind goes immediately to exactly where I do not want it to go.

Avoidance and excuses are not Kingdom ways... 
And I want my life to reveal Kingdom in every area. 

Conflict is not my favorite and as I wrote last week,
we are a people of Peace.  

Peace will not reside in the midst
of denial and excuses.  

...Oh but the enemy will.  

The enemy will reside right in the midst of those things
and make himself super cozy and at home there.

November 10, 2017

When Silence is Adding to the Noise in Your Head... a Five Minute Friday post

I have not been able to make it to the party on Twitter for a LONG time... (I accidentally started a Thursday night Bible Study - ironically going through Lisa-Jo's We Saved You A Seat.) . Still - it will wrap up in a few more weeks and I can't wait to get back to the Tribe!

But until then, I will still play along in this little corner and over at the Link Up!  Here we go: This is a Five Minute Friday post, which simply means I set a timer and free write for five minutes flat on the one word prompt of: SILENCE


I know... with all my talking about and putting into practice  REST, and with the season of life as an Empty Nester, and with the fact that I am an introvert, one would assume that Silence is my jam. (I know... but I can't stop saying it.)

And it IS!
Normally... I love me some Silence...

A little slow and quiet space to soak and to unwind... 
to think and to pray... 
to recenter and refocus and 
to re-calibrate my heart to the rhythm of His.

It is my jam...

But then there are the times when the Silence is simply adding to the Noise in your head and for the love, Peace is elusive and the quiet can feel maddening, right?

November 8, 2017

The Wrap-Up for 31 Days of Going From Mama to Mimi

And here we are... the official Wrap Up Post for this years' October series, 31 Days of Going From Mama to Mimi.

Thank you for grace and a bit of quiet space...
I think maybe we all needed it, right? 
I know I did!

Also my calendar got real bossy and I had traveling and conferences and of course overdue Cuddle time to catch up on, too!

I hope you enjoyed reading this series as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

I hope you learned some tips and tricks and began to consider some deeper truths that will help cultivate a deeper connection with both your Adulting Kids, and your Lil' Grands - whether you are in that season now, or it is still in the distant future!

October 31, 2017

31 Days of Going From Mama to Mimi - DAY THIRTY ONE

This is Day Thirty One in our 31 Days series: Going from Mama to Mimi - Stories of Hope, Joy, & Transition...

Something about JOY UNSPEAKABLE and FULL OF GLORY... 

(I mean... right?)

So here we are... the very last day in this series and while I will come back in a week or so to do an official wrap-up post covering the whole thing, how could we not end with the very truth that we started with? 

From Day One:
"I became a Mimi for the first time on September 18th... What that means is, first of all: I am head over heels in love..."
I've said it a few times in this series, but when people find out that you are going to become a grandparent, they all say it! 

They say, "Oh it's the BEST!" or "You're going to LOVE it!" or "I wish I could have just gone straight to being a Grandparent! It's so much better than being the parent!" 

They allude to an overflow of Love and you can think you know what they mean, but you can't really grasp it until it happens to you! 

(It's familiar though, because people said similar things to you way back when as you were nearing becoming a parent. You thought you got it... and then it happened, and you realized you had no clue!) 

Head over heels in love doesn't quite capture it... it's more like Joy Unspeakable and full of Glory!

October 30, 2017

Healthy Boundaries - 31 Days of Going From Mama to Mimi - DAY THIRTY

This is Day Thirty in our 31 Days series: Going from Mama to Mimi - Stories of Hope, Joy, & Transition...

Oh, Healthy Boundaries...

I thought for SURE I had written about Boundaries all over this blog and my end-of-the-month, I'm-so-exhausted brain thought I would simply link to some older posts and reference some great resources and just call it in -- call it a day and move on! (Y'all know God won't let me play like that, right?)

Surely, in numerous posts, I have written about boundaries because I am an outspoken advocate for them! 

I am Boundaries' biggest fan! 

I have lived a bit of life without them,
and a lot of life with them
and let me assure you:
With them goes so much better!
(--for everyone, honestly!)

We all need Boundaries in our lives... 
and we all need to remember to set them and honor them (and sometimes adjust them... and reset them again!)  

When it comes to this transitional season of becoming a Mimi, we also need to remember to let others (read:our kids and their spouses/significant others!) set boundaries and then honor THEM by honoring the lines they have drawn. 

(Read:not easy, I know!)

October 29, 2017

31 Days of Going From Mama to Mimi - DAY TWENTY NINE

Stories of Hope, Joy and Transition!


No Fear In Love...

I love this song... and if there is any anthem I want to sing over Lil' Miss, it is this one!
"Stir in me a love that's deep
A love that's wide, a love that's sweet
And help me Lord to never keep it to myself
And if my heart should dimly burn
And if my feet should fail to run
Call my name and I will come right back to You
Cause there's no fear in love
There's no fear in love..."
Go ahead... turn up the volume and let this song wash over you! 

(I encourage you to listen to the song before we pray!)

Let's pray:

Father God... 
We thank You that there is no fear in love. 
We thank You that even when worry and doubt
and unbelief and confusion begin to
whisper lies to our hearts,
we know Your Truth whispers
louder and sinks in deeper. 

We thank You that You call our name...

As we transition to Mama's and Mimi's,
the enemy throws all kinds of unknowns
that attempt to sow fear
--sometimes out in the open, 
and sometimes quietly,
almost undetected.

The cry of our heart is that
Love will chase away fear,
and faith will rise up
and take root in our hearts... 
and in the heart of this
precious new Little One, too!

We pray for peace...
and we pray for boldness and brave.

We believe they can go hand in hand!

We pray that we will not keep
Your Name or Your Love a secret
but we will shout it out from the rooftops
and whisper it soft as we are
rocking this gift (back!) to sleep!

Lord, we really DO just want
to stay close to You!
Help us to keep it
that simple!

We thank You, Jesus
for how you cast out all fear, 
for You are Perfect Love!
(1 John 4:18)

Holy Spirit, we thank You
that You are constantly interceding on our behalf
and that You reveal all truth.
When fear sneaks in,
he tells us lies that are easy to believe.
But You rush in...
You sing over us.

Help us to lean in and listen closely!
May we hear the sounds of Heaven
and the Voice of our Beloved,
as the answers to our prayers are released!


"I wanna stay close to You
It's really that simple
I wanna stay close to You
Just as simple as this song
I wanna stay close to You
It's really that simple
I wanna stay close to You
My whole life long."

THAT is my prayer... for myself, for my Girlie and Lil' Miss... and for you too, sweet reader!

And lastly, a picture just for fun:

Can you EVEN with her adorableness?  
#Gah! #Swoon #TotesAdorbs #Preshie

Can you believe we are already almost DONE?  Tomorrow we will dig in to the topic of Healthy Boundaries a little further! No matter WHAT season you are in or what role you have... we ALL need to remember the vital importance of setting and respecting boundaries! I hope you'll join in on the conversation!

Today is Day Twenty Nine of 31 Days of Going From Mama to Mimi! If you click over to the official 'Home page' for this series HERE, you can catch up! You will find links for each days' postings, added daily throughout the month. If you'd prefer to have them delivered right to you, I invite you to enter your email address to the right ('Subscribe Here') and subscribe to the blog. That way, once a week, each post is delivered to your inbox in a single email over the weekend and you'll be sure not to miss a thing!

October 28, 2017

31 Days of Going From Mama to Mimi - DAY TWENTY EIGHT

Stories of Hope, Joy and Transition!


Scriptures & Pictures...
Because it is Saturday...

I hope wherever you are, Autumn is being as flirty with you and he is with us! 

Oh my... 
(Teaser -- more PUMPKIN PATCH PICTURES below!)

So a friend knitted this super over-the-top adorable little pumpkin hat for Lil' Miss... and clearly, we HAD to go to a pumpkin patch! 

I mean, right?

So of course, today we have Scriptures on Fruitfulness...
"For there shall the seed produce peace and prosperity; the vine shall yield her fruit and the ground shall give its increase and the heavens shall give their dew; and I will cause the remnant of this people to inherit and possess all these things." Zechariah 8:12 Amplified

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