February 12, 2016

There is no Limit to His Love... a Five Minute Friday post

A couple of days ago it was Ash Wednesday...

Can I be honest with you and tell you that I really don't know for sure what this means. I am a newcomer to Lent (and Advent and the liturgical things.) but not a newcomer to Christ.

I tried on religion as a young Christian and thankfully shook free from that bondage years ago.  Now I am clothed in His righteousness (not my own) --I am clothed in relationship and while Lent has become popular and trendy, I don't do it as a ritualistic practice. 

However, I know full well how it can quickly turn into that so I was praying earlier this week about what to give up.  I read THIS POST by Eugene Cho and THIS ONE by Osheta Moore and their words confirmed what the Lord had already whispered to my heart...

God oh so clearly spoke softly to me that it wasn't so much what He wanted me to give up this year, but it was more what He wanted me to add back in! 

--Like those blessed 5 minutes of silence at the beginning of each day... walks outside... lectio davina... simple easy (slower!) things that can so subtly get pushed aside.  

Things that give way to all our Doing, but steal so much from any of our Being!

So instead of joining in on the Twitter party last night for #fmfparty... I stopped all my doing, and I allowed myself to simply BE.  And then, this prompt... 

February 8, 2016

What IF... a Post If:Gathering post.

After all that adulting, I am introverting a bit today because, well, ...If:Gathering was last weekend!

But it was SO GOOD, y'all!

This is the third year of If:Gathering and this is the third year that I have participated.

The first year, I threw together a quick small gathering in my home with some of my people.  Ladies who came to my home for book studies or prayer meetings or just to hang out or go for a walk... there were maybe 10 of us and we loved it!  I loved sharing some of my favorite people/writers/bloggers/world changers with some of my inrl friends who had no idea who these women were!

The second year, --well, to host they really wanted you to be plugged in to a local church, which I love - but I was not so much plugged in to one.  It was not for lack of trying or wanting, but we just couldn't squeeze ourself in and so I watched it from home on my own in my pjs, Voxing with a handful of bloggy friends through out the conference.  That Voxer thread is STILL active, now over a year later, and we talk every week and pray together and love each other and it was a real thing.  We weren't sure in the beginning because, in real life is so vital and important... but the more we connected and opened up and prayed for each other and checked in, the more we realized our "If-Voxer" was an actual thing!

I had been looking forward to 'watching' with my Voxer girlies again this year when the Lord tapped me on the shoulder and whispered, "But we STARTED a local church, remember?" Oh Yeah... that, we did!

So, it turns out, He had plans for me to host an If:Local this year and we joined up with another local church and we filled a house (or two) and oh my goodness, did we meet with God together!

February 2, 2016

What I Learned in January... A Link Up with Emily P. Freeman

I am like a broken record (does anyone even know what that is anymore?) when it comes to this monthly Link Up over at Emily Freeman's place! Y'all know how much I love it! It is fun and quirky and filled with tips and tricks and great lessons learned... and again,if you don't play along yet, I think you should!


12 Random Things That I Have Learned...

January 29, 2016

Five Minutes of Quiet... (Ya see what I did there?) - A Five Minute Friday post

I missed out on the party last night yet again.  It feels like it has been too long. I even had it on my calendar on my phone and had blocked out a chunk of time to visit, even if not to write. But then, you know... life, man!  I meant to scarf down a bite 'real quick' and sit right back in this chair to visit and write, but I got distracted!

This is Five Minute Friday (- a five minute timed free write) and our One Word Prompt for the day is: QUIET



...and everyone says, "Yes, please!"

Am I right? Or is that just me my Introverted self?

Seriously... you would think I would be nailing this, right?

I mean - I 'work' from home, I'm an empty nester, I screen my calls... you know the introvert ways!

I thrive in Quiet.  

I have written a LOT about the practice of just Five Minutes of Quiet... of purposely, intentionally setting aside a few minutes a day to relax, breath deep, to slow the crazy and the chaos, and simply find your center yet again!

I write about it... it's just sometimes I forget to actually DO it!

January 27, 2016

What Does an Evening with Bob Goff Look Like?

An evening with Bob Goff looks EXACTLY like how you'd hope and expect it would look like!


It Looks A Lot Like Joy!

If you are not new around here, then you already know that I love Bob Goff!  I read through Love Does a couple of years ago and it seemed to break off layers of lies that I didn't even realize I had been believing... Lies that caused me to live safe and quiet... small and relatively risk-free.

Yeah... Bob changed all of that.  
Well, you know --Bob and Jesus! 

They make a pretty good team!

January 22, 2016

How To Take Back Time: Be Present! - A Five Minute Friday post

I missed out on the party last night because we had a dinner date with our friends... the very ones who we met about a year ago and nearly 10months ago had this crazy thought that we should start a church together... yeah - so, no church stuff or agenda or plans to discuss - just a casual (delicious!) dinner with friends - Hawaiian style... so how could I say no?

This is Five Minute Friday (- a five minute timed free write) and our One Word Prompt for the day is: PRESENT


Ah yes... Present - as in: to stay that way! 

That is so key!

Last week I wrote about Time and how it was bossing me around and while I love me a bossy to-do list, I am not so much a fan of feeling busy or hectic.

Monday I decided to take back Time and be the boss of it myself (along with God!)

I decided that together, God and I would tackle whatever He had planned for me in each day.

I had forgotten that I could trust Him to include little breaks and moments of glorious down time... even a surprise coffee date or a score of chocolate. 

 I forgot somehow that He has plans for my day that can and should trump my own, and that when I hand Him my days... He makes something beautiful out of each and every one of them!

I wrote a post on Monday, about counting gifts and taking note of small wonders.  

For we know this... how being thankful shifts our heart and focus and how we will find what we seek. Ann with no 'e' taught us well to count one thousand gifts and then just start right over again.

It's just that sometimes we forget, right?

So Monday - as I was enjoying some quiet time before my chaotic week began to unfold, I prayed and asked the Lord what He had in store for me this week...

January 18, 2016

Sometimes Simplicity Takes Your Breath Away... a Small Wonders post.

Well Hello there, my friends!
Remember me?

It feels like I haven't been around as much (which is on purpose, btw) but don't think for a moment that I haven't missed you and that I am not still thinking about you and praying for y'all! 

Last week I wrote about how God is doing a New Thing... and I wrote about Time (or feeling a lack of it)... and all week, I felt like I was being bossed around!

By the end of that last post, I reminded myself of some truth... I reminded myself of how I get to fill my days... I get to decide what I will do... but I give my days all over to Him first and I give Him the right to order them!

I give Him to right to prioritize my days!  

Here's the deal: that only feels scary when our priorities are all mixed up!

And this is why: Because when we are rushing around, crossing things off our bossy lists and doing things for the sake of getting them done, we forget that we are precious in His sight and that WE are a priority to Him!

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