May 21, 2018

When It's Time to Tell a Secret. A Five Minute Friday post.

I have been silent around these parts yet again, but the Lord has been calling me back to this seat, to write this post... even before Kate gave us the prompt! Our One Word this week is SECRETThis is Five Minute Friday!


Maybe you haven't really noticed, but it feels like I've been keeping a little secret lately.

I've hinted at it... and maybe let a few things slip here and there. I've been quieter over the past year or so when it comes to writing or posting about a specific topic, but that was not how we started out. Oh no... we started out bringing y'all along with us on a new adventure and we now unexpectedly find ourselves in yet another new season. 

But let me back up.

This is the post where it's time to tell a little secret. This is the post where I talk about church. Not necessarily the church in general, but our church specifically.

The same church that we were extremely honored to help plant three years ago.  The same church that we prayed into and over and poured into and helped to grow.  The same church that we stepped down from a few months ago... the same one we have slowly been stepping away from. 
The same one we still madly love...

We are leaning on and trusting in Peace Himself and we are following His lead... --even when His leading takes away from places that we're not sure we want to leave!

May 10, 2018

These Are the Days Of... (Spring 2018)


A few years ago, Emily Freeman shared a tool that she uses to help herself stay present!  She makes lists titled, "These are the Days..." and she scribbles down what her days in that season hold.

Well --I'm a list lover and so I grabbed hold of this idea right away!  I'm also a poet from time to time, so I tend to blend the two!  

It's been a long while since I sat down and made a 'list' but it felt like it was time for an updated version! 

So, here we go!

These Are The Days Of...
(Spring 2018 edition)

These are the days of...
Letting Things Go, and Giving Things Up.
Seasons Ending, Jobs Winding Down.
Hard, Honest talks and Grace doled out.
So Unsure, yet Peace abounds.

May 4, 2018

The Pull to Adapt... and How To Fight It! A Five Minute Friday post.

It's been two weeks now that I have somehow managed to forget what Thursday nights are made for: Twitter parties, of course!  But I had a date for dinner out with some girlfriends who I haven't seen in awhile so since I tend to preach to myself as much or more than I preach to you, I choose face to face connections, over the screen kind. (Which are still so fantastic and real, but obviously... not as good!)

Our One Word prompt: ADAPT !  This is Five Minute Friday!


My first thought is of how it is good to adapt. 

I mean... it is pretty much required for survival! And it's not a bad thing, necessarily! We all adapt in one way or another (or fifty thousand.) 

There is such a strong pull to adapt to our surroundings... to adapt to the culture around us or the expectations put on us... to follow the rules and follow the crowd.

Then my mind switches and the slightly rebellious me speaks up a little louder and I began to think of all the ways the pull to adapt should be battled and how we should fight against it! At least sometimes! 

The pull to adapt to life around us oftentimes requires us to give up the life within us... to adjust, to blend in, to conform and be quiet. (And the rebellious me says, "No thanks, man.")

April 27, 2018

When You Fall for the Lie that You Are Stuck... A Five Minute Friday post.

I completely forgot that last night was Thursday night which means a party over on Twitter with the #fmfparty crew. Sure, I missed Y'all, but let's be honest: yesterday was the first day that reached the 80-degree mark and that #patiolife was calling my name! You know how I roll!

It's also nearing 80-degrees already this morning however here I sit... letting this One Word prompt: STUCK have its' way with me!  This is Five Minute Friday!


Come on, Kate! 
  Why you gotta do me this way?  

Every week, it's as if God is giving you the word and using it to stir me up to preach to myself Truths that I know, but sometimes forget!

I see the word Stuck and man, oh how I feel it! 
How I have felt it... 
the force of it, and the helplessness
of how it fits. (read: too tight)

And then He reminds me of what to do when you fall for the lie that you are stuck!

April 25, 2018

Everybody Always... (A Book Review & Giveaway post.)


Here's the thing... 
I love Bob Goff.

Well - I love him, and I hate dislike him... and here is why:

Both in reading his first book, Love Does, and in reading this second offering, Everybody Always, He points out the call to Love.  To, you know, be love.

Hello, tagline! Y'all know I love this. This is the same thing that God whispered to my heart years and years ago.  We are all, I believe, called to BE Love! 

In his newest book, Bob uses this language often. He uses the phrase "People who are becoming love..." and goes on to give examples of what they do or how they act.

The reason I struggle with Bob? It's this:
It's because he seems to actually DO it!

He actually puts into practice loving everybody always. 
Or at least that is his intention... on every day (...always.) 

April 20, 2018

No Shadow of Turning... Thank God! (A Five Minute Friday post.)

In hopes that you read my last post and then promptly, like me, unplugged and stepped away from screens, you will not be surprised that I didn't make it to the Twitter party for long last night! 

This is Five Minute Friday... and our One Word Prompt is: TURN


I see the Word... and immediately think of how there is just really no shadow of turning with God. 

Like, ever.

God is ever faithful... ever true.  
He is our plumb line... our Cornerstone...
our sure and firm foundation... 

And if when everything else in life may be shifting and shaking... if it feels as though the sun is hiding and darkness is fast approaching... when it seems as though a straight path is not anywhere to be found and all you see before you are twists and turns... 

Rest assured... 
He holds steady and true...
and He holds you... 
right smack in the palm
of His nail-scarred hands!

April 17, 2018

The Real Value of Old-Fashioned FaceTime... aka Being Present.


Over the last few years, I have learned to love Mondays!  

Now I must be intentional about doing that earlier before the rest of my day unfolds. Mondays now start off with quiet time, but have expanded to include snuggles and stories and diapers and nap time with lots of pouring out love, too!

This simply meant that looking back made me tired, and looking ahead made me wish the days away sooner so the week would fly by.  

However, I know the value and necessity of staying present in the present! 

How I spend my Mondays now has changed with the arrival of Lil Miss, but for a season, Mondays were spent gloriously alone, just me and the Lord! 

One particular Monday not too long ago found me even more exhausted and depleted than normal. That was because the weekend was filled to the brim with good extroverty things and my week ahead was also filled with good somewhat extroverty/family things (which should read introverts gathering to introvert together!) 

Sometimes it is work to remain, yes?

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