April 16, 2014

Easter... Before, During, and After the Little years.

I wrote last year a bit about my Upbringing and Easter... if you want a bit of my background, well - there ya go. Otherwise - let's jump right in.

I became a Christian at 21, a wife at 22, and a Mama at 25.  I fell in love with my life as it was unfolding and that has ever since then been the case.

We have an Only... she is hands down the best thing I have ever done and coming at Easter from the perspective of a parent undoes me every. single. year.

Gah... how much the Father loves us!

Every year we meet up at my In-Laws -Loves house and have Easter lunch after church.  This tradition began long before I entered the family and it was cemented early on, even in our Before Season of having a Little.

We gather together, eat lunch, and share what stood out about Easter, really letting the Gospel saturate us.  Eventually our Only came along and she has one older cousin and for a couple of years, we'd hide eggs all over yard and they would go on the hunt... just the two of them.  After Steph moved away, for many more years our Girlie searched on her own. 

Can you even?                    

Since then, well - Littles have been added... and added...

(...and added some more - even since this photo was taken a couple of years ago!)

In the midst of her growing up years - our During Season - Easter has always meant church and family and Egg Hunts with the cousins, - and let's not forget that crazy over-filled, (now seriously sad) hand crafted Easter Basket made for her First Easter Ever.  It went from a little candy and a dress with some sidewalk chalk, plastic toys and bubbles squeezed in, to a little candy and a dress with designer heels, room decor, and an itunes cards tucked in.

Seriously, ya'll - this is falling apart and she won't let me get rid of it!

When she was still a Tiny and could barely climb the stairs, she would ask to watch "Jesus on da Toss!"  She loved her Easter cartoons, but what she requested more than anything was to watch The Matthew Movie - a word for word rendition of the Gospel of Matthew; the one with the happy Jesus and she would be glued to the screen, downloading Scripture without even knowing it.  Oh, we'd let her but we'd always skip the Crucifixion.  Still, that is the scene that got her, every. time. Even going fast forward. (...So that completely dates me. Whatever.)

For all of her life, our Girlie has known Easter and what it means - how it is all about Jesus and what He did and what He does still... how He is still going about the business of saving and redeeming... 

But in this (nearly) After Season some things have changed.  Our college girlie works now and so getting a holiday off is not a given and we are still waiting to see if she gets to join us on Sunday and sit down for lunch, share Gospel and mashed potatoes, and talk a little about life and death and resurrection.  All the cousins are getting older... we still have Littles so the excitement of searching for eggs and candy is still high, but it has a different feeling to it now.  

Honestly, at this point, this isn't how I envisioned things. But I am old enough now to know that God is never caught off guard or surprised by anything.  The little details that I would like to change don't really concern Him. But He and I both agree that what we want the most this Easter - for my family and for yours, no matter the stage or age, is that there will be heart-hunger stirred up and Gospel-truth soaked in deep!

I pray that at some point over the next several days, whether at church, in quiet time, with family, or searching for treasures hidden, you will reflect on Easter as a parent.  That you will see your Littles - no matter how little they are or aren't anymore - and remember that the Father gave up His one and only Son so that we might have life... and have it more abundantly!

No matter your wishes or dreams, your disappointments or concerns as a parent... He's got your Littles and your not so Littles and He knows... as a Father, He knows!  He desires the best for them too and He loves them with a heart that beats FIERCE for them.  Whether they are joyfully serving Him, going through the motions with little shown emotion, or searching on their own for truth... He is after them!  

I remember having a conversation once where we were discussing if God really forsook Jesus on the Cross or if the enemy of His soul simply made Him believe He was forsaken.  It was not an argument and it can't be proven, but it made me ponder  ...how often have I fallen for the lies of the enemy and felt like I was abandoned, beyond help... forsaken, beyond hope?  Too many than I'd like to admit to, honestly.

But He has given us a Promise to never leave us or forsake us and I believe that - always - there is hope, because where ever you go, He is there!

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April 14, 2014

Counting Gifts Beyond Two Thousand

Happy Monday!  On some Mondays, that comes out just a little sarcastic, but on this day? Not so much... it is GORGEOUS out and I had a restful, creative weekend and I am ready for our super crazy, super busy bossy week ahead!

I am collecting gifts by the handful... and you can too! Look around you... ask God to show you how He is speaking to you... how He just keeps right on sending you gifts hand over fist when you are unaware!  We all get caught up in our Bossy and in our Busy... but when we slow down and really look... we see Blessings pouring out like Spring Showers! (Yeah - ya see what I did there? I can't help singing praises for Spring!  Our God - He is so lavish in His love for us in the Spring time!)

Counting On...

#2006 -  Getting back to a healthy routine of Juicing AND Green Smoothie-ing (?)  You know what I mean!

#2007 -  Meeting our Goal early... my Girlie and I have been walking together in the afternoons and we decided that we'd tackled this hill next week... but the top and the Orchards and these views kept beckoning us to climb higher... 

#2008 -  Finishing up my (in)RL crafts using up all the Vintage books! (Paper Bird Ornaments, Book Boxes, Bookmarks, Pinwheels and 'nests'... so fun!)

 #2009 -  So - I won this book by Holley Gerth (who is always always amazing!) from my friend Amy Tilson and got such a wonderful surprise when I opened the box from DaySpring and 'Santa Saul' included this amazing set of cards by Holley, too! (Seriously - ya'll - the only complaint about these cards is that they are all awesome!) Oh - non-affiliate link.  You're just gonna want them even though I get no money for you buying them! 

#2010 -  I was hired to create a prophetic art piece out of the blue and I had so much fun praying and worshipping and waiting and then, taking that deep breath, and putting brush to canvas!  Since it is for a client and it is a gift... I will just give a tiny preview:

...and then the painting just couldn't stop, so I prayed and worshipped and waited some more and moved on to this one:

#2011 -  So - this was a tough fought gift... I battled a low grade migraine all weekend, which resulted in lots of tea and laying down, no computer time whatsoever, and hours and hours of watching "Poetry Slam" on YouTube!  In between naps and tears, (because  ...well - you type that in and see what happens) I picked up a new journal and put pen to paper, writing a bit of poetry myself.  This hasn't happened since probably before I was married... which, if we're doing the math, we'll know was a long time ago!

#2012 -  I was feeling better on Sunday afternoon and had pictured in my mind something that I wanted to paint to place above my new desk where I write.  It was mixed media and I had never tried that... but I am not giving in to Self-Doubt because, well - Lent and laying down my #LoveIdol and all... so I just jumped right in and went for it...


#2013 -  I'm just gonna help you out here... my week this week is S-U-P-E-R full, so Monday's crazy bossy Day Planner at first glance may make me want to cry, or at least wimper while brewing an entire pot of coffee for just me... but look closer.  Go ahead... Lookie:

Yeah - all fun things! A walk with a friend.  Meeting with a client.  Lunch with my Mama.  Calling on tickets to see Tim Hawkins.  My Photo-A-Day prompt.  Yep - this is how you plan you a busy Monday, folks!  Now - I know - not all days are this kind of glorious busy, but make yourself a priority and refill in various ways.  This is how you can keep a crazy schedule and not burn out! (Oh yes - full disclosure - my Girlie is in college... so you younger Mama's out there, rest assured your Day Planner will one day look like this too! What is not pictured is the parts that say laundry, dishes, get gas, wash car, etc... but most of that got done today too! You can guess which parts are still waiting for my attention!)

#2014 -  Is this not just a little bit of perfection?  This little bench area is along my walking path on Mondays and each week, I am blessed by it!  Something about being a Bench and falling in love with Daffodils... something about it screams friendship and Spring to me and that White Picket Fence just puts it seriously over. the. top.

#2015 -  Monday mornings... after a walk, before a meeting: Time for a cup of coffee, counting blessings, and digging in to the Word with If:Equip!

 #2016 -  Today is my Mama's 72nd Birthday! I live next door to her and sadly, I really honestly take that for granted! I realize this from time to time but never more so than while reading Surprised by Motherhood.  Yeah. That.  So instead of buying her a trinket or something that she really doesn't need... I took her out to one of my favorite restaurants out of town.  This promised us at least 3 hours together, visiting and laughing and eating some seriously amazing food too!

and for dessert: 
Salted Caramel Cheesecake AND Chocolate Lovers Spoon Cake...
#2017 -  Drive through Car Washes (and clean windshields!) after a road trip!

#2018 - An Afternoon walk with my girlie (even though I already walked in the morning, because - well - did you see that food?) Racked up nearly 8 miles today!

I am so thankful for this weekly reminder to write things down.  I do it on most days - but this link up helps keep me in the practice of jotting them down on a regular basis (if not a daily one!)

Linking up with Ann Voskamp in Counting (beyond) one thousand gifts...

Linking up with Holly Barrett as well, for Testimony Tuesday:

It's so easy in our world to see what is wrong... what is lacking... and what is not working... it's amazing what a little practicing looking for what is right... what is abundant... and what IS working can do for you!  Join us and count on!

If you want some daily prompts to help get you started, you can go HERE for Ann's daily Gifts!

What Gifts did YOU discover today? I'd love to hear!

April 12, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 39

Happy Weekend, Everyone!  I don't want to rub it in, but as I began this post (on a Monday night... because the Awesome just never stops getting published around the WWW...) I had my doors AND my windows open... at 9pm... in April? What the what?  Yeah... it was all glorious and WARM-like... as if Spring had been hanging around these parts for aWhile already! Anyway - all that gorgeous weather didn't keep me away from this screen and I have yet another Gathering of Awesome to share with you here... 

Happy Reading!

* This one by Cara over at Little Did She Know with a post on finding a Bright Spot... "I was hoping that my daffodils would help me to slow down, if only because they sit still and beckon me with their flirty yellow presence." 

This post by Winn Collier on our humanity and being a Good, Good Human...  "Given that Christian faith rests on the fact that God thought so much of humanity that he insisted on it for himself, I cannot for the life of me understand why we Christians are often the ones most afraid of our humanity..."

* This post by the always amazing Shauna Niequist over on Storyline about being present... "I want to be where I am, and be fully there, instead of missing the things I’ve been looking forward to for so long, caught up in my fears and anxieties."

* This one by Scott Slayton on the power of sharing a meal, in which he shares about reading A Meal with Jesus by Tim Chester, and how it is changing him - how it can change us.  "When I finished this book, I sat back in my chair and thought, “how on earth have I missed this all these years?” The church has been trying for decades to come up with effective strategies to help Christians understand how to share their faith, and we have forgotten one that is simple, biblical, and effective- eat with people."

* This post by Kristen Welch over at We Are THAT Family on her new book, Rhinestone Jesus (#Squee!) and saying what can happen when we say Yes in our mess.  "After years of wondering if I was enough, I decided to say yes in my mess.  You just never know where your yes might lead."

* This from my friend Lisa-Jo Baker, our Five Minute Friday hostess with the mostess, with this post on story and our one word prompt, Paint"But she pulls me in – her gravity irresistible. How she needs to feel the colors. The purple under her nails. How she needs two full palms of pink before she lets go the little sigh that’s been bottled up inside her.
She’s all magenta and I’m all caught in the storm of creativity..."

* This post right HERE from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace where I talk about my love of testimonies, and open up the comments for you to share!  "I know my pentecostal roots are showing here, but I love me some testimony time!  We love to hear OTHER people's testimonies of how God showed up in their mess and came through and stretched them out and showed up big. We want all of that in our own lives too - but maybe without the mess, without the stretching and the desperate neediness. Yeah - we want God - but who wants to be broken and begging for mercy?"

Lastly... A video! Because that is how we do...
And Samuel Jackson matched up with Boy Meets World - in a Slam Poem? Um - yes, please?

Did you find anything in the Interwebs this week that was incredible that I somehow missed? As usual, link it in the comments and share the love!  

April 11, 2014

Paint & Make Art - Five Minute Friday

Ironic... that for the first time in a LONG time, I knew I would have to skip out early on the Twitter Party (#fmfparty) on Thursday night... and the reason was because, for the first time in a long time, I had work to do. As in: paid, commissioned work - that just so happened to involve our One Word Prompt. So I cut the party short in order to finish up a couple of projects and even though I missed all the chatter, I felt His Presence as I painted.

Oh but - first - the fine print: if you don't know what FMF is!  Five Minute Fridays are hosted by Lisa Jo Baker.  It is open to anyone, so to learn more about it - and to jump in yourself (the more the merrier!) or just to find a linky to see what everyone is writing about today - click HERE!  The idea is to simply write... for Five Minutes flat... no editing, no deep thinking - or at least REthinking, no spell check - just write! Let it flow! We all write using a prompt that Lisa posts at 10pm Thursday night (EST.)  I'm loving the community of amazing bloggers and the creativity that flows from these magical Five Minutes!

So - here goes: Five Minute Friday - The Word Prompt is: PAINT


Yeah... it says it right there on my business cards. Writer (which I wrote about last week!) Photographer. Artist.

Still... even after forcing myself to S-L-O-W-L-Y read through Emily Freemans' A Million Little Ways, I still have a hard time stepping up fully into the title of Artist.  

Oh - I know that I am.  I know that we are created by the Creator and we make Art with our lives everyday, from putting together an outfit, cooking a meal, telling a joke, loving well... all of it is glorious art.

Now Writer... as I said last week, I stand tall in that!  I paint pictures with words that I pray are pretty or funny and before you know it, they sink soul deep and settle in.  

But a paintbrush in hand... with confidence... silencing Self-Doubt (it is still the Lenten season, right?)... I paint because He gives me pictures and tells me to pour my heart and prayers into and onto each piece and it is prophetic and I believe it holds within it the power to impart... yeah, that. 

So - I paint on... I learn as I go.  In the beginning I would be so frustrated because what I would 'see' in my minds eye would be a picture, a photograph, a real life snapshot.  But I am not trained or skilled in knowing how to paint like that.  So what would come out would look different, but the message was all Him.  He would still speak through whatever attempt I made with acrylic and canvas.  

Yeah - that.  He is not limited to my skill set.  He desires to work with us - right where we are... so whether you are painting a picture with words or brushes, with ingredients or stories, with laughter or love... it is grace that flows through and brings beauty in the art that you make.

So I have learned...

Pray.  Worship.  Wait.

Seek His thoughts and His words and what He wants to impart... and then obey (and pray some more... and worship... and wait...)

The above sneak peak is the commissioned piece I was working on yesterday that just needed a few finishing touches.  The piece below is what overflowed...


I am learning to give myself Grace... I am reminding myself time and time again that it is a process and with everything, the more you practice and just do it - the better you get!

So, can I encourage you today to go make art!  Whatever form of 'paint' you choose to use: pray, worship, wait... listen for Him to give you words and pictures and make art with your life.  Invite Him in to paint a picture

Five Minute Fridays gives us the chance to dive right in and share what He puts on our hearts! Click here to read what others have to say about "PAINT"  

Simply because - well... simply because:

How do you make art? What do YOU use to paint with?

April 9, 2014

The Power of Testimony... like His Train Filling the Temple

I am waiting... waiting... waiting still.  I can't wait to wrap my hands and heart around this new book by Kristen Welch and even as I wait, I know... I know "Rhinestone Jesus" will spur us forward into whatever it is that is 'next' and we will once again find ourselves saying "Yes and Amen" ...saying "Yes, I will go" ...bending low and laying it all out for Him to see, to shape and mold, to mend and break all over again.

We don't like that, do we? The breaking?  The mess?  The less than perfect, can't catch up, not knowing chaos of feeling like He is calling us to be real... not later, but right where we are, at right this moment?  

No. I can say I'm good with you seeing the real me, but if the doorbell rings too early - I panic real quick-like and try to decide what is most urgent - my house or me! I love a drop in - but call first, ya'll! (Does that even make it a drop in anymore? Probably not!) I love impromptu visits, and try to keep all my Bossy Lists of Things To Do loose enough that I can shift my day around because honestly - in all the coffee and connecting, what I love the most is when we move from small talk, and beyond the prayer request/what's going wrong mode, right in to the praise reports/look what God is doing mode!  

Yeah... that one! That one is my jam! (My girlie is begging me to stop saying that... but I like to think I am cool like Jen Hatmaker, soooo....)

I know my pentecostal roots are showing here, but I love me some testimony time!  We love to hear OTHER people's testimonies of how God showed up in their mess and came through and stretched them out and showed up big. We want all of that in our own lives too - but maybe without the mess, without the stretching and the desperate neediness. Yeah - we want God - but who wants to be broken and begging for mercy?  We want the High... but not the Low. We want the Testimony, but not the Test.

Here is the thing that we forget in the midst of a battle:
We serve the king of Kings and lord of Lords and He is Victorious... and really, that is all we need to know!  

He wins. 

Hands down... in the end, He wins - and we are on His side!  

One of my favorite visuals from Scripture when it comes to our King who wears the Victor's Crown is found in the Book of Isaiah...
"In the year of King Uzziah’s death I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, lofty and exalted, with the train of His robe filling the temple."  Isaiah 6:1 NASB
Oh my stars - how I LOVE that verse! Isaiah LOVED his king and he was in deep mourning and despair over such a loss... and all of a sudden, he is reminded of the One True King.  He has a vision and THAT King?  Well, that King (Jesus) - His train FILLED the temple!  

In those times, whenever an army would overtake a region (kingdom) - they would take the defeated king's robe off of him, and they would then sew it onto the hem of their victorious kings' garment.  So - the longer the train, the more victorious the king.

Our God? Yeah - hands down... His train is longest... it FILLS the temple. 

Every victory He paid for... every testimony you have, it is sewn on to His train... it brings Honor and Glory to His name.

So I am coming to realize that the saying is true: To have a testimony, there will first be a test.  

But there is also this:
"And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death." Rev 12:11 NASB
Can I encourage you today to say Yes in your Mess... to begin to testify - even before the answer has come; even if it still looks dark, like on Good Friday, when it's all black and stormy, all broken and bleeding... for we know... we know that Sunday is coming, right? He wins!  

Let's pull a Mark 11 right in the middle of our messes and remind ourselves that our King? His train fills the temple!

Now... who wants to testify?

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and with Holley Gerth for #CoffeeforYourHeart

(Seriously - ya'll... who has a testimony?
Big or Small...
Let's praise Him together
in the comments below!) 

April 8, 2014

When God Says You Don't Have To –My Messy Beautiful

"I'll pray about it!" I would answer with sincerity, but we all knew.  This was my new "No." I had intentions of praying about it, but really - if we're being honest here - I was praying that He'd say to say no!

I had battled years of saying yes before the question was fully asked... years of striving and being nice and people-pleasing... years of scrambling for just one more "You like me! You really like me!"  It's not that I was faking it necessarily - but after I would say yes, complete a task, or do my part, I would walk away feeling drained and still not enough.

We'll never feel like we are enough if we are stuck in all the Doing in order to be Getting... Getting acceptance, Getting love, Getting promoted, Getting somewhere -anywhere- different.

Eventually, I had found freedom in one glorious tiny little word.

I would joyfully say my "No" to anyone who would ask, relishing in the freedom of finally - (finally!) a little Me Time and a good book... or a coffee date, or writing time. Motherhood and marriage and life in general can be bossy and busy and who doesn't want a little down time to just be?

My "No" came out all sing-songy and melodic at first.  Slowly, however, it began to feel defiant and rebellious and you know my people-pleasing heart didn't like the way that was received. At first, I justified it... after all... I am free (implying, 'they' are not!) and it felt so freeing to sing that song. That fit okay for a little while, but over time I realized that I was tired of going by my feelings.  I wanted to go on His word... which meant I would have to go back to actually praying about whether to say Yes or No.

Yes or No to good things... helping out at my girlies' school, volunteering at church, hosting a party, getting involved in a ministry.  

Yes or No to fun things... weekends away, date nights, (an empty calendar!), conferences and retreats.

Yes or No to not fun things... hard things... things and people who would take up a lot of my time and resources and would oh most definitely cut in to all that 'freedom' (me time) I had grown accustomed to!

But here is the Messy Truth of my Messy Beautiful... His Grace found me.  Whether saying "Yes" or "No" - I had settled into a rhythm of feeling like the Mess was well-hidden if not gone, and just the Beautiful was showing.  But when I thought I was nailing it, it turns out I was so notHis Grace swooped in and picked me up.  He set me free (anyway) and reached in and held me close.  He wrapped me safely in His arms of Love and gave me a glorious season of practicing saying "No" and resting in Him. And then, He gently woke me up to the opportunity to say "Yes" again with my whole heart... with a healed, whole heart.  He bridged the gap between my "Yes" and my "No" and He brought me back to life again.

There is glory and trust that can take my breath away when I ask Him now and He says, "You don't have to."  I don't have to, but I can.  It seems as if He will be with me either way!

I am in a season now where I am finding balance and am quite surprised to find that I am saying "Yes" more than "No"... I am leaning in, opened up, and bowed down.  I am realizing that this one life that I am given is short and it is flying by and while I love (LOVE, I tell you!) my free Me time, I am once again oh so aware that really, ALL of the time that I am given is His.  He graciously still lets me hide away with a great book, or schedule some grown-up playdates from time to time, but He is always just as graciously calling me out into the beautiful messy world of Yes... of opening hands and heart and just saying Yes. There is a lot of adventure out there... and the first step to jumping into it is always, always "Yes!"

By His grace, I am waking up and I see now that I have a lot of living left to do.  As much as I realized that I'd never feel enough by all my doing, I am stepping into a confident being.  In Him, we are enough... which frees us up to Be and Do great things!

This essay and I are part of the Messy, Beautiful Warrior Project — To learn more and join us, CLICK HERE! And to learn about the New York Times Bestselling Memoir Carry On Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life, just released in paperback, CLICK HERE!

April 7, 2014

Counting One Thousand Gifts is easier in the Spring

In my little corner of the world, Spring has sprung and she is LOVELY, ya'll!  (She knows that Fall is my favorite, but we agree to not discuss it, because we so enjoy our morning walks and coffee and devotion time on the patio together!)

I am finding it easier to count one thousand gifts in the Spring! I'm not sure why... maybe it's Springs' flirty ways and romantic breezes that whisper warmer days ahead, but I am finding my eyes wide open, and my heart is scribbling down one thing after another!

Sometimes, they make it in my journal... some times they just roll around my heart, bouncing around a bit before they sink in soul deep in thanksgiving. 

Counting On...

#1975 - A Friday Night Out with great friends... Good food, good friends... we have lived life with these people for over 20 years now!
 That Pizza? Sweet & Savory = Bacon, Pear, & Aged White Cheddar

 #1976 - A Warm House, shelter in the midst of the roaring wind!

#1977 - Talking things out, in the dark, laying on backs side by side, slowly closing the cold empty space in between (instead of going to bed angry!)

#1978 - An Open Saturday when it was needed... a day trip to Seattle to visit Dad in the hospital... (and finding him looking much better than we expected, praise the Lord!)

#1979 - Our Gorgeous State... left nothin' but blue skies, and headed straight into this wall of fog, up and over the Pass to find rain and snow... and once again, blue skies!

#1980 - Discovering Rock Bottom Brewery downtown Seattle for lunch! Delicious!

#1981 - (Re)Discovering that a Day Trip to Seattle is totally doable and must happen more often!

#1982 - ComicCon was in Seattle - so THAT was fun! (The first 6 or 8 people we passed who were all dressed up I didn't even think anything because - well, Seattle! - but then it started to dawn on us... I only snapped a couple of pix!)

 #1983 - Great HUGE Praise with Dad's test results coming back with no cancer! (Not what the doctors predicted... but God!)

#1984 - Spring Flowers - every where! For the love...

 #1985 - A Sunday afternoon Family Walk

#1986 - A walk with a friend... catching up and talking real.

#1987 - Writing cards to friends and family... sending them out Old School!

#1988 - A Lunch Date with my Girlie!

 #1989 - A new Commissioned Art piece from a woman who attended a workshop that I taught at a retreat last year! 

#1990 - Encouraging Comments left on my blog! #Swoon

#1991 - Finishing a Great Book (written by a friend) only to get the next Amazing book (written by a friend)... and the NEXT Great book (...) is on its' way! (Non-affiliate links... simply Must Read books! You're welcome!)

#1992 - First Iced Latte of the year!

#1993 - My (free) Instagrammed Vaca- book from Shutterfly

#1994 - #1996 A Box FULL of old Vintage books - just ready for crafting! (Making Vintage Book Spine Bookmarks and Vintage paper Bird Ornaments for #inrl) 

 #1997 - Dove Chocolates... for when you need a little breaky!

#1999 - Corporate Worship that flows and waits and invites His Presence to come right on in! Worship that lingers... 

#2000 - A Sunny Sunday Afternoon... My Honey on the patio BBQing, listening to Baseball, and Gardening a bit in between.

#2001 - Finally (yes, finally!) sitting down to watch Frozen! Our Sunday night Family movie pick... with my Honey, and my Girlie(s) = Perfection! (A little less than perfection? My girlies singing "Do you wanna build a snowman..." over and over after midnight... and they are 18!) 

#2002 - A sunny walk with a friend on a warm Monday morning.
 That is Sun Tea brewing on someone's porch, ya'll!

#2005 - After my walk? This is my next 'appointment' on my Bossy List of Things To Do:
A little If:Equip time with Deidra Riggs and Angie Smith, some #RestlessProject homework, Coffee and Jesus to start the week off right!

Now, it's your turn... Grab a pen, or just open your eyes and watch and see how He shows up and pours out blessings all over your day!

Linking up with Ann Voskamp in Counting (beyond) one thousand gifts...

Is it Spring yet where you live? Are you finding it easier to find signs of Him as well?  Join us in counting on... listing the ways He blesses us in our every day lives!

If you want some daily prompts to help get you started, you can go HERE for Ann's daily Gifts!

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