October 20, 2014

DAY TWENTY - "Easier Ways" Part 2

So, last week we dove in to Part 1 where we touched on a few of the "Easier Ways" to enter in to His Rest... you can re-read that HERE...

Today, let's go beyond the counting gifts, being thankful, and just breathing Him in... 

I am sure - at least I pray, that each of us have experienced a season with the Lord where things just fell into place and you knew that you knew that you knew that He loved you.  A time when prayers were answered quickly, and His Presence was thick around you.  It may have just been one service, conference or meeting, or - if you are lucky blessed - it was a longer, fuller season... 

It's in those times when we KNOW that He is close and that there is no distance between us, no gap, no sin, nothing hidden or in the way... it's in those times that entering in to His Rest is easy.

October 19, 2014

DAY NINETEEN - Counting On... Join me!

Welcome back to a Sunday post... a rare thing around these parts, but it is October and that means #Write31Days and we are continuing on with our new tradition... 

Counting Gifts... Slowing Down Time!

October 18, 2014

DAY EIGHTEEN - Sabbath Rest - Be Still!

Here we are - gathered again, on the Sabbath.

I have written about Listening Prayer a few times here on this blog and today, I invite you to do a little of it with me! 

You will be amazed at how little time it actually takes... how, when we are still and we ask Him a question and truly listen and wait... He is right there, by our side... ready to answer!

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 66

Happy Weekend, everyone! My Honey and I are celebrating twenty-two years of wedded bliss this weekend! Yes, we got married in glorious October! (#Swoon!)  I hope you are enjoying some Fall celebrating of your own... even if it is just something yummy to drink while enjoying something good to read... oh wait, I can help with that! 

Featured today are posts by Sarah Bessey, Robin Dance, Jennifer Dukes Lee, Lisa Gungor, and the #Write31Days blogger who is somewhat new to me: Renee Ratcliffe... and - of course - a video!

Happy Reading! 

(Ya'll know to click on the authors' names to read their whole posts, yes?)

October 16, 2014

DAY SEVENTEEN - LONG (A Five Minute Friday post)

It is Friday again... (or technically, Thursday night!)  This simply means that I have been partyin' it up over on Twitter (#fmfparty) and we are all writing for Five Minutes flat, all using the same one word... let's see how we can write this in to the series of Resting in Him...

Our Word Prompt is: LONG


I've said it over and over, how it doesn't take Long... how all we must do is turn our attention to Him, and He is there. (He is always there!)  

After over a decade, the Lord asked me to lay down my Prayer group and join a new Bible Study.  I have loved on and lived with these women for years... I raised my girlie with them at my side, praying me through, and we were tight.  

Still, when He asks you to give something up, you can trust Him that He knows what He is doing and that, in the end, it will be worth it!  I still love those women... but I am meeting new friends and excited at the opportunities to pour into new people.

We are studying the Lord's prayer.  So powerful, and yet - so familiar!  This week, we got stuck on "Hallowed by Thy Name..." (Not a bad place to get 'stuck'!)

The leader of our study asked us to do something unusual.  She asked us all to actually speak out loud... to actually SAY "Hallowed be Thy Name"... "Holy is Your Name"... 

We spoke it over and over and all of the sudden, I could tangibly feel His Presence... I could feel Him getting bigger in me.

When I asked Him what He was doing, this is what He said:

"When you Hallow My Name,

I hollow out more room for Me,
for My Presence... I swell in you!"

DAY SIXTEEN - Some "Easier Ways" - Part 1

If we are honest, really honest - don't we actually want Him to just make it easyAt least, that is what we think we want!

I try to be transparent around here and I remember a few years back coming to a revelation that, in raising our Girlie, I had fallen for the lie that we were doing everything right. (Thus - you know, assuring things would be... easy.  Or at least easier!)  Yeah... no

That just set us up for some rude awakenings. Our Girlie is, was, and always has been amazing... but she, like us, is also amazingly human. Human with free choice and that means some stellar choices, and some less than brilliant ones! I know, right? Join the club! So why were we so surprised?

When we allowed God to help us get over ourselves and all of our own hopes and expectations of her, and love her like He does... well, the way I began praying shocked me.  I have always prayed for her, over her, with her... I always thought I wanted to protect my girlie and to do all I could to give her a safe and easy life. 

But I don't pray that way anymore!
(#SorryNotSorry, Girlie!)

October 15, 2014

DAY FIFTEEN - A Modern Day Sabbath

So this is the part where I get honest and reiterate, once again, that this whole idea of Sabbath Rest is somewhat new to me.  There are others who are far more qualified to be writing about this issue.  There are others who HAVE BEEN writing about this practice, and I highly recommend them! (People like Tim Keller, Mark Buchanan, Shelly Miller, Kris Camealy...the list goes on!)  There is no shortage of modern day people talking about, writing about, and living out the practice of Sabbath keeping.

I said from the beginning that I didn't feel qualified, and yet - here we are... fifteen days in, and (hopefully) learning together!  I pray you can feel Rest seeping in as you read through these posts and see that it's still available to us today... that all we need is to give ourselves permission to accept the gift that Christ holds out for us.  

Something about "rest your weary heads..."- no wait, that's Kansas... 

October 14, 2014

DAY FOURTEEN - Are You Serious? You are SLEEPING? Part Two

Yesterday we read in the Gospel of Mark of when Jesus and the disciples got in to a boat to cross 'to the other side'.  You know the story... the winds blow hard and the waves come crashing in and the guys are looking for Jesus, because clearly this is an emergency and they are sort of freaking out and they find him sleeping!

Sleeping, ya'll?

In the midst of a storm that just may be the end of them all and the God of the Universe, who they are lucky enough to have with them in the boat, is sleeping! 

Wait, what? Is this OK? 

I love how they ask Him, accusingly (been there, done that! Am I right?), "Master, do you not care that we are perishing?"

I love this because they are so human.  
So... us.

October 13, 2014

DAY THIRTEEN - Are You Serious? You are SLEEPING!? Part One

This is one of my favorite stories from the Bible because, well - I love sleep... 

And because, also - the audacity, ya'll!
I mean, come on!

Let's dive right in!

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