November 9, 2018

When You Need a Break from all the Heavy Burdens... A Five Minute Friday post.

When You Need a Break
from all the Heavy Burdens... 
You head for the sea! 
(Well, if you are like us, anyway!)

This is a Five Minute Friday post, which simply means I set a timer and free write for five minutes flat on the one word prompt: BURDEN


As I am tapping these words out, I am ever so thankful that I don't really need my eyes to see where the keys are... I've been at this long enough to be able to type with my eyes closed - which is basically what I am doing right now.

I haven't been super quiet about this long(er than we thought, hoped for, or desired) In Between season and I've hinted at some of the Heavy and Hard that we have endured over the last few years.  

My natural bent towards counting gifts and focusing on the blessings... on the positive and not the negative... on the abundance and not the lack... can make it seem like our life is charmed (it is) and that everything goes our way (it doesn't... but we trust that somehow it goes HIS way and we know He tells us again and again that His ways are higher and better anyway, right?)

But you guys... 

This is a hard season packed full with heavy burdens and if we are not careful, we can forget that those --well, those are not ours to carry!

October 31, 2018

DAY THIRTY ONE of 31 Days of Becoming Queen of Giving the Benefit of the Doubt

The Wrap-Up & Release...
I can't believe we made it! 

I hate to tell you this... but
now is when the hard work truly begins.  

Now, the call is to take what we have been learning here,
and be intentional in putting it into practice out there!  

Sidenote: You know that after all of these words, for all these days in a row... Imma take a little break for a few days! However, I wanted to let you know that I'm oh so honored that you have joined me on this journey toward Becoming a (King* or) Queen of Giving the Benefit of the Doubt! (*I see you male readers!)

It's counter-cultural... and it doesn't come naturally to us, I know! But if the world is going to know us by our Love... man, you guys, ...we've got to get better at majoring on the positives and what we DO have in common, rather than pointing out the negatives and focusing on all the ways we are different!

I will never tell you this will be easy. 

It is always a choice... and not one that our fleshly heart
pushes us towards. But the more we choose it... 

October 30, 2018

DAY THIRTY of 31 Days of Becoming Queen... Links & Inspiration

Links & Inspiration... 

Yesterday on the blog, I posted a ton of ideas and tips on how to be kind... We separated it out in categories, but really... a lot of it should easily overlap!

Ermergherd... Berks!!! Yes, today we are talking BOOKS, people! (Well, books, and a few blog posts and songs) because, of course!  

Y'all know I love books and I have quite the collection so this, as I stated for yesterdays' post, this is in no way an exhaustive list, and I would love your input in the comments below if I left off an obvious Must Read when it comes to learning how to put this series into action in our real, actual lives! 

So... here goes! But I am counting on you, sweet readers, to add to this list! 

October 29, 2018

TWENTY NINE of 31 Days of Becoming Queen of Giving the Benefit of the Doubt

Tips on Being Kind...

I know?!  It doesn't seem like we should need this, right?

I mean... Kindness is always a good idea and it seems like we should have a running list of ideas on how to show kindness to family and friends and strangers alike! 

We have been talking all month long on how to become queens and kings of giving the benefit of the doubt and a huge part of this journey is simply remembering to be kind.  Some of the best ways have already been covered here! However, I thought maybe I could get us started on some fun ideas and then, my hope is, you can add to the list in the comments below!

Kindness simply means: 
"the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate."
See? This should be easy... Being friendly, generous, and considerate should be a no-brainer! 

It's the following through and actually DOING it that can be slow to start! 

October 28, 2018

DAY TWENTY EIGHT of 31 Days of Becoming Queen...


Sunday: Our Sacred Gathering to Pray!

By now, you know how this works! 

I hope you are enjoying these times of prayer together!  

October 27, 2018

DAY TWENTY SEVEN of 31 Days of Becoming Queen... Scriptures & Pictures


Happy Saturday, Sweet Readers...

We made it to another weekend and I hope you are enjoying our time together as much as I am! 

These Saturday posts have been intentionally written to slow you down and give you the opportunity to ponder on a scripture and a quote and to drink in some beauty!

Hunters of Grace... Finders of Beauty...

October 25, 2018

DAY TWENTY SIX of 31 Days of Becoming Queen... a Five Minute Friday post.


This is Day Twenty Six of the #Write31Days series, 31 Days of Becoming Queen of Giving the Benefit of the Doubt. Let's see where this goes! 

This is a Five Minute Friday post, which simply means I set a timer and free write for five minutes flat on the one word prompt: MOMENT


This week we have dealt with some of the heavier and harder aspects of Becoming Queens (and Kings) of Giving the Benefit of the Doubt... topics like Forgiveness, Making Amends, and Letting Go... all necessary parts to work through if we are going to Be Kind and be less offended.

As we reflected back over these issues, it's quite possible that there were Moments that rose up to the surface! Snapshots frozen in time and somehow they seem to carry with them all the pain and sadness and a sense of loss in some sort of amplified way! But they're not real.

Like a mirage that is not really there, with the passing of time and the offering of the benefit of the doubt, those old wounds should no longer be bothersome. They may still be there... but they are no longer gaping open or bleeding out.  

They are scarred over... faded... healed. You can see them and remember the whole reason why they are there but you don't have to relive the pain of the moment every time you look down!

DAY TWENTY FIVE of 31 Days of Becoming Queen of Giving the Benefit of the Doubt

Letting Go...

We wrapped up yesterdays' post on Making Amends saying that sometimes, after forgiveness and after attempting to repair the brokenness of a relationship or situation, we are called to simply let it go!  

This can be regarding a person or simply an offense...
and if we are doing it right, letting go of the offense should be the easier choice!

I mean, right?

We've all been in the flesh and it felt easier to just write off the person rather than the problem! But if we're letting Love lead us and if we're putting into practice all that we have covered so far (like not jumping to conclusions, not making up stories or ascribing intent, not being unwilling to listen and hear...) then we are acting on the high value that God puts on relationships.

The best solution is to release the Hurt,
not the Human... 

But there are times when you have done all you can do and in order for you to move on
--you have to let go!

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