May 22, 2015

The Tough Love of Rise Up and Walk - A Five Minute Friday post...

I missed y'all last night over on Twitter! We had our first official Board Meeting last night, which gloriously included dinner al fresca at our favorite Greek Restaurant, getting caught in a literal Flash Flood Warning rain storm (featuring serious Thunder and Lightning!), and a great time of worship... because, you guys, we are the boss of us (--only not really! Really, HE is the boss of us... but still - we run these meetings however we want to!) Still - I missed the #fmfparty!

{I can't say it enough, really - I love my tribe! The Gathering that happens on Twitter on Thursday nights and then  we write out our hearts and hits publish all over the interwebs on Thursday and Friday (and sometimes on Tuesdays!) W
e encourage and uplift... where we share prayer requests and praise reports... where we talk food and friends and we find support and kindred hearts and we are reminded that life is good and God is good and we are not alone... and then we all write for five minutes flat, a flash mob of wordsmiths letting our hearts and our fingers do the talking tapping and we hit publish before we can second guess... we just let Him flow!}

- This indicates my Five Minute Mark... but I had to finish my thought! ALSO - please know that I am NOT talking about actual physical healing, as much as I am talking about how we get stuck with ideas or issues or excuses that hold us back emotionally or spiritually when we have been given the tools from God and from others and now it is simply up to us!  #GiveMeGrace  

This is Five Minute Friday and our Word Prompt for the day is: RISE


It's not a surprise that with all the thinking about and talking of and living out Identity lately, that God has also been speaking about how to best Love and Speak Life into those around us. As we are building a foundation in this new Thing that we are doing - our desire is to, for real, Speak Life, Be Love, and Shine On.

I read a great post earlier this week by Donald Miller and it made me really stop to ponder how many of us are stuck, wanting someone else to fix us, to come and do the hard work of raising us up, when really - what we need most, is a little tough love, and a reminder to just get up and walk?

May 20, 2015

On Friendships... How They Hold Us and How They Can Heal...

I woke up this morning praying for y'all! 

Not that this is an unusual thing, but if you are reading this right now, you can rest assured that you were prayed for this morning!

I asked God what He wanted me to write about today and He answered softly, but quickly.
I want you to write about Friendship... how it holds and how it can heal... 

And so clearly, I did the dishes and started a load of laundry and took some Buzzfeed quizzes and a personality test* or two and did all kinds of things instead of writing because, of course. *I'm an ISFJ, for the record!

Here's the deal: I am blessed.

My 'normal' is not everyones' 'normal'...
I get that. Honestly, I do.

I am hard-wired for friendship. (I suspect that we are all, really!) And yet... 

May 18, 2015

Counting Gifts, Talking Worship and Identity, and Reflecting on How He is a Good, Good Father...

This Counting #1000Gifts (and beyond) has been happening around here for quite some time now.  

I admit to going hot and cold in the actual writing of them down, but I encourage you to count - to take note of the small wonders and the ways that God is active in your every day life.  

Once you train your ears and your eyes and your heart to seek them out... well, you know how He is! 
He promises that if we seek,
we will find.

I downloaded the 1000 Gifts app for my phone and I use my camera to capture the ways I see Him... I also go old school from time to time because there is something tangible in the putting pen to paper and counting them off, one by one.

There is a gift that He keeps on giving and it's one that we are to turn right around and give back... it's the gift of Worship. He gives us so many reasons to worship... and in turn, we pour out our worship to Him because of all of those reasons, sure, but also simply because of Who He is.

May 16, 2015

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 96

Happy Weekend, sweet friends!

How are you all doing? Do you have any fun weekend plans? Anything out of the ordinary or exciting? I'd love to hear what you are doing in your little corner of the world!

Featured today are posts by Shelly Miller, Deidra Riggs, Lori Harris, Emily Freeman, Allison Vesterfelt, Amber Cadenas, Scott Sauls, Tonya Salomon, Colleen Mitchell, a post from right here... and - of course - a video to wrap it all up! 

Happy Reading! (Ya'll know to click on the authors' names below to read the entire post, yes?)

May 14, 2015

How God is Improving My Follow-Through - A Five Minute Friday post

I showed up early to the party tonight... I just couldn't wait! I love this Community oh so much and honestly - some of my best friends have been gathered from Five Minute Friday! I wasn't so sure I was going to write, but I can't help myself!

{I can't say it enough, really - I love my tribe! The Gathering that happens on Twitter on Thursday nights and then flashmob writes out their hearts and hits publish all over the interwebs on Thursday and Friday (and sometimes on Tuesdays!) But, I know... I'm like a broken record here, stuck on repeat!

This is Five Minute Friday and our Word Prompt for the day is: FOLLOW


For years, I fell behind... I got lost... I gave up. 

That was my mountain... I would circle and circle and never figure out how to get over it... how to get beyond it.

So I would camp out... Settle in... I'd settle period.

May 13, 2015

I Often Wonder...

I often wonder why I'd fallen for lies,
for half-truths, for easy-ways-out,
instead of just simply believing You.

I often wonder why it took so long
to pay little attention to what others think,
and instead see me from Your point of view.

...why I put so much value
on words that cut deep, tear down and wound,
while ignoring the ones
that reach up, give life and bloom.

May 11, 2015

#SmallWonders... How They Add Up Fast! (A Mini Recap of How We Got Here!)

Here we are... the day after. 
{And honestly - after all the excitement and hype of our first Sunday, we crawled into bed last night happy but exhausted and were all, "Wait? We have to do this all again next week... like, for the 2nd Sunday... and so on...? ...AND SO ON!!!?  This is like a JOB?"  LOL! Yeah... seriously... we're slow like that sometimes!}

I know, I know.  I said this would not turn into the Church Plant Blog... and it won't, I promise. But this has all happened so quickly and our heads are still spinning a bit and there have just been all sorts of big and small wonders unfolding all around us and many of them were all leading up to yesterday.

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