January 14, 2021

The Book of James... An Introduction to our Study

Hello, Sweet Readers!

It's time!  

As I mentioned in an earlier post (which you can read HERE) I hinted at the possibility of doing a Bible Study through the Book of James this year!  

I'm not sure how many of you joined in a couple of years ago, but we went through the Book of Colossians, verse by verse... ever so slowly, over the course of a year! It was doable (new posts twice a month!) and so powerful! So this year, we will be following the same format and digging into James. This is the book of the Bible the Lord highlighted to me on New Years Day saying it will be a vital book for the Body in 2021! (I mean - in ANY year, right? But it feels like
especially this year!) 

We will read a few verses at a time from James together and ponder the Truth and Wisdom that he lays out for us. The goal is to go slow again... to encourage some Community in the Comment section for you all to participate in as well, and to get through the entire book, a few verses at a time, by the end of the year!

In full disclosure, I am no Bible Scholar.  I mean --I love the Word and I have known Him for all of my adult life. I love to study and dig and read in many different translations... but I don't speak Greek or Arabic or Latin and, while I have studied the Bible for years and have been both a Pastor and a preacher, I don't have letters behind my name or a Bible College Degree tucked away anywhere! 

However, the goal of this series is to
simply read a couple of verses at a time, maybe dig a little into the language, and let the Lord speak to us through it. 

Each post will include the text in one or more translations, as well as my thoughts on it and maybe a few deeper truths or meanings found there. We will close with a little prayer where I encourage you, the reader, to pray along too and lean in and listen for what God may be highlighting for you in the verses!

See? Easy Peasy!

So whether or not you are a tried and true Bible Study goer or new to reading the Word and haven't gone through a book in the Bible verse by verse before, I think we are in for a real treat!

As we meet each other here, we'll encounter God through this series! At least, that is my prayer!  Also - because I've read this letter by James a time or twenty, I know we will all be challenged, too! (I know? Fun! Yay! ...and yet, we really do need the Wisdom he pours out!)


Today was simply the announcement of the series and a super short Introduction to the letter written by James. 

So, let's get started:

When I leaned into the Lord and asked for the book of the Bible He wanted to highlight to me this year... I was hoping for a New Testament book.  Last year, we focused on Ezra but I didn't feel nudged to lead a Bible study here for that. I was already feeling like He was going to get a bit Bossy with me about it.  So I was hoping for a book with some meat and verses we could really meditate on and marinate in... 

Welp. Enter James! 
(Something about being careful what you wish for...?)

I love James!  It's been said that James is the New Testament version of the Book of Proverbs.  That feels about right! It's full of Wisdom and imagery and hard Truths!

There are a few 'James' mentioned in the Bible. The James who penned this book is believed to be Jesus' brother James.  He was thought to not be a believer until AFTER Jesus' Resurrection. He grew up with Jesus and wasn't so sure about all the hype... or maybe He had a lot of memories of Jesus being - well, not God, and he was too familiar and James just couldn't even with that thought! 

But God... 
  But then... 
    He died and rose again.  

Just imagine all the things that clicked into place in his head and then fell down smack into his heart! Poor James... we can't be too hard on him, however --because who among us hasn't doubted or questioned and felt a tad too familiar with the idea of Jesus and forgot that it's true.  It's All True! Everything He said and everything He did... and everything He has promised to do still... it's all true!

There are a few major themes we'll dig into while going through this book, as pointed out by Brian Simmons in The Passion Translation. They are:
Theme 1: Riches and Poverty
Theme 2: Wisdom and Speech and
Theme 3: Trials and Temptation 
So there you have it!

As I read over the above themes in order, I can picture the Life of Christ unfolding... from Riches (heaven) and Poverty (earth) to Wisdom and Speech (His ministry) to Trials and Temptation (--uh, trial and temptation) and how all of those things led up to His Death and Resurrection.  And that, of course, reminds me of the prophetic phrase that God whispered to me on New Years' Day. He told me He chooses 'Resurrection over Restoration'. 

Is He all about restoration? Of course! He's the best at restoring... but sometimes, things have gone so far off course, He actually knows there is a need to let the whole thing die --and then He'll breathe New Life into it... into us!

I am convinced that as we read through these verses and allow the Word to teach and correct us, we will walk in more wisdom and grace and we will be prepared to live a life that more purely and clearly reflects Jesus to the world around us!

I'm not going to lie to you, though! We are going to be challenged! 
But we will also find ourselves well-equipped for the days ahead!

Also, remember, we're not in a hurry! I hope you'll join in with me throughout this series and feel free to chime in in the comment section of each post!

We will be back at the end of the month and we'll begin with James 1:1-4. So grab your Bible or open your App and read through these first four verses ahead of time, then come on back and dive in with me as we open His Word and invite God in to teach us what we need to know this year!


Until next time, friends, let's all purpose to:

As we did in our Colossians series, we will also make this Introduction our Landing Page and we'll link each entry here below as we go!

Today was The Introduction of the Book of James. James 1:1-4 will be next! Stop by in a couple of weeks to check it out! As always, I invite you to subscribe to the blog! It's Free and it ensures that you won't miss a post! Each Sunday, we drop any posts from the week into a single email in your inbox! Plus a BONUS: A Newsletter hitting your inbox around the first of each month!

Landing Page to our Study of the Book of James:

The Introduction


  1. I remember the Colossians study! I am looking forward to reading James with you this year. I need the wisdom from James as I move forward into 2021. I hope you have a beautiful day Karrilee!

    1. I'm so thrilled you are joining me again as we go through the Word, verse by verse! Amen - we ALL need the wisdom from James, my friend!


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