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Let's look Monday right in the eyes and be the boss of it!

Today we are finally on Day 5 of our 5 Days of Launch Week! If you have stuck with us for each of these five days in a row... wow! Thanks so much!  "They" told us it was important to launch several episodes during the first week, but even WE are borderline sick of us! 

So after today's' episode on Summertime Plans and Goals, we will just back off a little and take a little breaky!

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We are working on getting hooked up on Spotify and other listening options for our non-apple user friends.

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This is Episode Five:

Show Notes: 
SparkPeople.com (The free website I used to lose weight awhile back.)
"Sleep is Priority" T-shirt (Just kidding... but wouldn't that be funny?)
(And also: Uh oh... Proverbs 20:13)

My Stack of Summer Books:
    *You guys... obviously I need help with a good Summer FICTION read!
Art by Karrilee (...still feels a little self-promote-y!)   

All (--okay, only SOME) Things Enneagram: 
  A free Enneagram test (one of many available online!)

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Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On. 


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  "You Say" by Lauren Diagle (Official Video)
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  *Background Noise brought to you by Mr. Bentley and Lil Miss!


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