Fall TV and a Giveaway! 

This is the week, y'all!  

We have been busy celebrating a Lil' someones' first birthday and life has been a bit crazy, but we are so happy to be back with you today... just sitting across the table talking about --what else? -- the Fall TV line up (and finally following through with that whole Launch Giveaway we've been talking about!)

In this episode, we talk about shows that we are excited to watch... some returning, and some brand new offerings! We also kick off the Giveaway... (hint: You need to head on over to our Facebook page to enter to win!) 

We hope you will grab a cup of something yummy and join us for a bit of Coffee & TV Talk!


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Now... let's talk TV (and "This Is Us" - of course!) 

This is Episode Seven:

Show Notes: 

The Popcast Podcast
(Also - the same hosts do The Bible Binge Podcast! Both are highly entertaining, and not religious - although they are Christians and the Bible Binge accurately retells Bible stories in a fresh way!)

The following are YouTube links to the show's trailers for this Fall:

This Is Us 
The Voice 
A Million Little Things
The Good Doctor
New Amsterdam
The Good Place
God Friended Me
I Feel Bad

Also talked about:

Makin' It (Casting for a new season!)

Designated Survivor (canceled -but picked up by Netflix!)

Worst Week DVD
Joan of Arcadia 

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Until next time... let's all purpose to:

Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On. 
~K & K~


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"Sleep is Priority" T-shirt (Just kidding... but wouldn't that be funny?)
(And also: Uh oh... Proverbs 20:13)

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Episode 2 - Changing Our Minds:

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