Faith in the Waiting...

Listen... we know! We know we fell a bit behind last month but here we are - March 1st... ready to go! In this episode we attempt to keep it brief! (You're welcome!) We talk about my oral surgery fiasco, as well as the Oscars (and that Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper deal!) then we dive into the topic of the day --how to hold on to your faith in the midst of those waiting seasons!  And we wrap it all up with our favorite 3-2-1's: Three Things We're Into, 2 Things We're Over, and 1 Thing We're Looking Forward To... So grab a cup of something yummy, pull up a chair and join us at the table!

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Here we go: 
Faith in the Waiting... Episode 015

Show Notes:

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper at the Oscars

(in case somehow you haven't seen it!?)

Mike Rowe:

So, how do YOU hold on to your faith in the midst of Waiting seasons... in the midst of traveling through the wilderness? We'd love to hear! Come on over to our Changing Our Minds Podcast Facebook Page and let us know!

Until next time, let's purpose to:

Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On. 

~K & K~


Episode 14 - All Things Valentine:

Show Notes:

Again... Considering some Podcast Merch like, "Bad Feminists" or "We're Not Very Needy!" This may turn into a thing! Stay Tuned!

  As Kayelyn referred to him, the 'face tattoo guy' - Shayne Smith
Ted Bundy / Zac Efron Movie Trailer (Creepy... not necessarily endorsing this one, of course!)

Episode 13 - Goals, Resolutions, etc.:

Show Notes:

The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living by Meik Wiking

Episode 12 - New Year, New You (& Other Conspiracy Theories...)

Show Notes:
Estee Lauder Foundation
Prophetic New Year post
Colossians Series post
Microblading Eyebrows
💩 🍰 Merch... (Just kidding!)
Relevant Podcast
Bethel Music VICTORY Album
West Wing TV Series
Plum Organics Pouches
Gerber Pouches

And just for fun... and in case Y'all are NOT as lazy as we are:
Flat Earthers
Australian Conspiracy
Mt. Adams & UFO's
UFO's as Time Travel


Episode 11 - The Christmas Story - Gospel Edition..

Show Notes:
The Passion Translation Bible
The Star
Wonder & Joy Blog post
The Bible Binge Podcast (Specifically the current season on Advent!)
The Changing Our Minds Podcast Facebook Page


Episode 10 - All Things Christmas...

Show Notes:
Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran
Fisher Price Nativity
Video of Lil Miss finding her gift:

French Breakfast Puff Recipe
Erin Condren Day Planners

  Mary Did You Know (Clay Aiken)
  Mistletoe (Justin Bieber)
  O Holy Night (Lauren Daigle)

  Justin Bieber  
  Crystal Lewis
  Harry Connick Jr.
  Jesus Culture/Kim Walker Smith
  Nicole C. Mullen
  Michael Buble
  Lauren Daigle

  The Grinch
  The Santa Clause 
  The Holiday
  While You Were Sleeping

The Bible Binge Podcast (Specifically the current season on Advent!)

The Changing Our Minds Podcast Facebook Page


Episode 9 - Attitude of Gratitude...

Show Notes:
one thousand gifts by Ann Voskamp
Christmas Presents - YouTube video 
The Ministry of Ordinary Places by Shannan Martin
Bryan & Katie Torwalt's new cd Praise Before My Breakthrough
Voxer App
The 49th Mystic by Ted Dekker

Reimagining the Examen 

Episode 8 - All Things Fall...

Show Notes: 
Imagined Life Podcast
The Popcast Podcast
(Again, Knox and Jamie also host The Bible Binge Podcast! Both are highly entertaining, and not religious - although they are Christians and the Bible Binge accurately retells Bible stories in a fresh way!)
Counting Blessings by Debby Boone
Sarah Scrunchies on Instagram... check out her handmade Hair Scrunchies!


Episode 7 - Fall TV and a Giveaway:


Episode 6 - And We're Back!

Show Notes: 
Oregon Coast Starfish Rebound
Be Held Lullabies for the Beloved CD by Christy Nockels
After All These Years CD by Brian and Jenn Johnson
Surprised by Motherhood (book) by Lisa Jo Baker
Changing Our Minds Podcast Facebook Page 

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Episode 5 - Summertime

Show Notes: 
SparkPeople.com (The free website I used to lose weight awhile back.)
"Sleep is Priority" T-shirt (Just kidding... but wouldn't that be funny?)
(And also: Uh oh... Proverbs 20:13)

My Stack of Summer Books:
    *You guys... obviously I need help with a good Summer FICTION read!
Art by Karrilee (...still feels a little self-promote-y!)   

All (--okay, only SOME) Things Enneagram: 
  A free Enneagram test (one of many available online!)

Episode 4 - What We Know For Sure

Show Notes: 
Day Planners:

Books on Self-Care & Sabbath


Episode 3 - Buzzfeed Quizzes:

Show Notes: 
  Hey, Joe!
  Buzzfeed Quizzes 

      *Listen... not all of these quizzes are recommended... proceed at your own discretion!


Episode 2 - Changing Our Minds:

Show Notes: 
  "You Say" by Lauren Diagle (Official Video)
  The Changing Our Minds Podcast Facebook Page
  *Background Noise brought to you by Mr. Bentley and Lil Miss!


Episode 1 - Meet the Hosts: 

Show Notes:
  The Five Love Languages Quiz

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