December 23, 2011

He's Here!

This little 'cheater' post has somehow turned into a tradition of it's own! Below is our family letter this year... praying each and every one of you have a very blessed Love-abiding kind of Christmas and an abundantly Grace filled New Year!


Happy Holidays 2011
This year we have pulled out Christmas decorations little by little over time, but yesterday we finally finished. As I sit down to write this letter, I must admit – it’s not ‘feeling’ a lot like Christmas to me! Even with the lights on & the presents wrapped, rereading our letters from years past, & the background music of ‘O Holy Night’… the sun is brightly shining – not the stars so much – & it just hasn’t felt like Christmas. This truth got me to thinking of the reality of the Kingdom that is near… even when we don’t FEEL it! I know by looking at the calendar (& all around me) that Christmas is, in fact, upon us & it will do me no good to pretend otherwise! In the same way – while we may focus on politics, world events, health, relational issues, the economy –the list can go on & on – the reality that the Kingdom of God is at hand does not change – and it does us no good to ignore it! We may not ‘feel’ it or see it – but the fact is, it is there – so thinly veiled from our own world – ready for us to reach through & grab hold of… to pull Heaven to earth & share the Love that truly makes Christmas time feel like Christmas! Now, all of the sudden, I am feeling a little bit Christmassy! The very heart of what we celebrate at Christmas time is the extravagant, abundant, incredible Love of God… a simple shift in our perspective can set our minds at rest & loose our hearts to sing! Jesus walked among man & saw the stress & worries that this life can throw at us. He never once discounted the validity of our emotions – however He constantly lifts our heads & calls us to look up… to see Him, and see things from His perspective. Rest in knowing that He is good & that He is for you. Whether you feel it or not – He loves you & the Kingdom of Heaven is nearer than you think! Reach out… grab hold… & share the Love!

Last year I wrote all about how we were anticipating Change… how we longed for it not even knowing what it was that we wanted to be different… & while many things remain the same – many changes have begun! The New Year brought the comforting return of routine – back to school & work & prayer meetings & our day to day schedules. Kayelyn is involved in DECA at school & took a trip in January & later went on to compete at the State Level. We took a great trip to the Portland area to visit with family, Dave continued to volunteer at The Seasons, & by late March, tennis was in full swing for Kayelyn. She worked really hard & made Varsity despite missing a few days of tryouts for that DECA trip & from late March through May, we were all rallying around her & the team & loved every match! She did great… she got to move around a bit - playing Singles & a few Doubles matches too & even got her first Bagel win (6-2; 6-0). My friend Robbin & I decided to take an impromptu trip to Boise to visit Darcie – a last minute girls weekend. In May, we went to Seattle to see “Stories from The Shack” & a few days later our baby girl turned Sweet 16! She was thrilled to get her license & a taste of freedom! We also traveled to Whidbey to visit my sister & her family. In June we had more family gatherings at home then Dave, myself, & Lorraine attended a meeting to get more information about SOAR – a Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry satellite school being hosted at 1st Pres. here in town. This was one of the changes that we had been hoping for. When I went to Redding a few years ago, I left part of my heart there & while I would LOVE to attend the BSSM there, to find that God was bringing it here was such a gift! It was not even a question if we would apply… & I was pretty sure God would get us in since it seemed like He was bringing it here just for me! I took a fall and sprained my wrist and also went through Sozo training over the summer – an inner healing prayer ministry. In July we enjoyed great music and friends at the Folklife Festival & Jazz in the Valley too!

In August, we had interviews to attend SOAR & were accepted. We kicked off our annual beach trip by stopping in to see the Niles & Matthews in Clackamas – we had SO much fun! Then we met up with the Parsleys & enjoyed an entire week in our beloved Manzanita! It was WONDERFUL! We came home in time for a new school year to start – for our whole household this time! We also had change in our home in transforming our living room with new carpet & furnishings! I LOVE it… it’s a totally different room… so warm & cozy & peaceful! Dave took a fishing trip before school kicked off. We meet once a week in the evening for a few hours & are absolutely LOVING it! Dave helped out at The Seasons enjoying Pat Metheny live among other concerts & we went on a Retreat at the end of September to get to know our fellow students. In October we took a day trip to Leavenworth and then found ourselves in the beginning of the onslaught of all things college! Kayelyn went to a few college fairs on the west side & ever since we have been getting pamphlets & info from various colleges. Reality is hitting that she is almost a senior & from there – who can know what God will do! We had a magical winter wonderland weekend with friends in a cabin outside of Walla Walla (say THAT one fast!) in November & enjoyed about 2 weeks of ongoing Thanksgiving celebrations with all sides of family to kick off the holiday season! We were thrilled to host family for a gathering in December – lots of visiting, laughing, game-playing, shopping, oh yes – & eating!? It was great! Kayelyn & I went with friends to see/worship with Kim Walker Smith – so good! Yesterday, as I mentioned, I finished up our shopping, picked up our Christmas cards, wrapped the gifts, decorated the tree, & fell into bed exhausted but with a sense of accomplishment! You see – even though it hadn’t FELT like Christmas – my goal each year is to be ‘done’ with all the madness of the holidays by Dec 10th. That way I can actually slow down & ENJOY Christmas – drinking in the true meaning, filling up with Him, & pouring out His Love to all those around me! As I wrap this up – Pandora is playing “You’re Here” by Francesca Battistelli… nothing can make it FEEL like Christmas time faster than a shifted point of view! This song is written from Mary’s perspective! Read on:
“You`re here, I`m holding You so near
I`m staring into the face of my Savior, King & Creator
You could`ve left us on our own, but You`re here
I don`t know how long I`m gonna have you for
But I`ll be watching when You change the world
I look at Your hands, they`re still so small
Someday You`re going to stretch them out & save us all
Noel, noel, God with us Emmanuel.
…someday I`m gonna look back on this
The night that God became a baby boy
Someday you're gonna go home again,
But You leave Your Spirit & flood the world with joy “

Christmas is here, & the Kingdom is near…
Reach out, grab hold, share the Love, & be filled with Joy!

~Dave, Karrilee, & Kayelyn ~

(Here is a link to that song - for your enjoyment and reflection:
He's Here!)

December 15, 2011

Creating & Living in a Culture of Honor!

We have been loving - LOVING, I tell you - attending Soar - School of Spiritual Transformation. This is the first year and we are in on the ground level... Soar is a satellite school of Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry out of Redding, CA.

My family and circle of friends have immersed ourselves into the Bethel culture via books,, attending conferences, buying teaching and worship products for several years. But to be in a school with 60 students - all together representing 16 churches around our valley - pressing in to the supernatural and desiring to release the Kingdom has been AMAZING!

Below is my latest book report - turned in last night. Sure - it's sort of cheating as far as counting it as a post here - but it is such a great book - a MUST READ If you are really wanting to live out a life of honor and if you are relational at all... I highly encourage you to read Culture of Honor by Danny Silk and feel free to share your thoughts below!

Here is where you can purchase this book:


I can’t recall the first time I ever heard Danny Silk, but I am pretty sure it was on a road trip to Redding to attend a Writer’s conference at Bethel in 2009. I was literally sent to this conference not only by the Lord, but with the help of many great friends who believe in the call and are open to sowing into the destinies of others. It was a joy and a privilege to have a week to soak in the open heavens and learn from some of my favorite authors. It was on the 10 hour drive that I popped in a weekend conference set of CDs featuring Shawn Boltz as well as Danny and Sheri Silk. Danny and Sheri were teaching on parenting and I was blown away! These people are a power couple for the Kingdom of God and they both minister with such love and wisdom. Being at Bethel, it took me a few days to pinpoint what was different at their church... it was the tangible Father's heart that you could FEEL and SEE... it was a Culture of Honor, in place and at work!

So, I was excited to see Culture of Honor by Danny Silk on our SOAR reading list! I had read through it once with my small yet powerful group of Happy Intercessors – going through the book chapter by chapter. I thought I would simply browse through the book this month to remind myself of what I had read, however the Lord had other intentions! Instead of paging through the book, we found ourselves in the midst of some big family issues that forced us to actually LIVE OUT the book on a daily basis… actually activating this teaching and reminding ourselves to cultivate and sow into a culture of honor. While reading the material you know it is life changing and powerful, but that does not compare to the grace and supernatural uplifting of the Lord that comes when you literally choose to honor and love in the midst of circumstances, instead of turning to fear and punishment.

Danny has the incredible ability to put into words the feelings and thoughts that you secretly dare to hope can be true, but he does it with authority and assurance because simply put - he lives it! He has helped to cultivate and govern a culture of honor not only in his marriage and home, not only in his church, but also in his community and the Body at large! He stirs up excitement and hope and backs it up with testimony and experience. This CAN be done!

The first time I read through (and underlined) each chapter - I thought, "This is great... how in the WORLD can we implement this?" The second time I paged through the book, I realized that every day – it is a choice! We can CHOOSE to live in a culture of honor, or not. Some days – the choice is easy, and on others, it will take determination and drive – but it IS possible!

I am blessed to have many of the things discussed in this book already in play in my own home, and in smaller groups of fellowship... I desire to see it on a larger scale and I desire to see my community change and experience freedom. I loved the section on developing a Kingdom mindset and how Danny taught on the different points of view from the lower, middle, and upper class. I thought it tied in nicely to Kris’ message and book on being a Prince and not a pauper. Every chapter in Culture of Honor is powerful and full of revelation - but there is one chapter that pulled all the others together for me... it is a chapter that, if activated in your own life and your own relationships, will help all the other chapters fall into place. The chapter entitled Kingdom Confrontation is filled with life application ways to impart honor into your home, your family, your circle of friends. In spelling out the goals of confrontation, Danny shows us that it’s not only possible but good to confront in a healthy way and in doing it correctly, the confrontation will bring empowerment, not domination! It’s all about love, freedom, respect, and responsibility.

This book will challenge you to operate in greater grace, deeper love, and more glory. It will cause you to hunger for Kingdom government, for Heaven on earth, and it will stir up faith to know and believe that it can be done! It is not easy… but it is so worth it! Cultivate a Culture of Honor in your home, your church, your city... it can start with you!


November 8, 2011

Are you a Prince or a Pauper?

I have just completed reading "The Supernatural Ways of Royalty" by Kris Vallotton for the third time. It was on the required reading list for the SOAR school that my husband and I attend and so I gladly pulled it off the shelf and read through it once again.

My first introduction to Kris was several years ago via online. I can’t remember exactly what he preached on, however I knew immediately that what he was saying was the same thing that the Lord had been speaking to me regarding identity and worth. When I attended a conference at Bethel in Redding, Kris was one of my favorite speakers. Then he came to Yakima a couple of years ago for Harold Eberle’s Worldcast conference, I loved how real and authentic and honest he was - sharing much of what this book unpacks.

We have probably all heard sermons and read Christian books on how we've been set free and on how important it is to know our identity in Christ - but this book actually shows you what that means, and what it can look like, on any normal day. For years the Lord had been setting me free of old mindsets, of negative self talk, and of 'normal' Christian living... so when I found this book and dug into it - I found confirmation on every page. I found myself standing taller, more secure and convinced of my worth - to Him first, and to others (including myself) next. I found that while I was raised with a pauper mindset - I was already aware of being grafted in to Royalty through Jesus. However implementing it seemed inconsistent at best. I could sense a change deep within my spirit as I turned each page. A new resolve, a deeper trust, a greater love. No longer would I allow my thinking or rationalizing to hold me back or cause me to question my own value. As the author often states in other teachings, I was made to be awesome – and I am! It’s still easier to say this about my daughter, or almost anyone else – but I am starting to grasp the reality that it applies to me as well! We weren’t created to be awesome for the sheer – well – awesomeness of it all, but we were created to be awesome because we are royalty and our job is to help release and increase the Kingdom!

I loved the ‘test’ in the back of the book and have now taken it a few times. I am happy to say that my results have been getting higher and higher on the Prince side and further and further away from the Pauper side! The fact that we can read this book and take the quiz and let it all soak in for a few months, then go back again and revisit it and find that there really HAS been progress is so encouraging! We keep on taking authority over our thoughts, we keep counteracting the negative self talk with the Words He speaks over us, we trade our opinion of ourselves for HIS opinion of us, and we press on into Kingdom living that not only changes how we see ourselves, but how others see and react to us as well!

My book is underlined, highlighted and well-worn... it's been loaned out, re-read, and referenced many, many times! From Kris’ personal stories, his historical Biblical teachings, and the supernatural wisdom - this book, whether you believe you're a Prince(ss) or a Pauper - is WELL worth the cost. For in it - you will be purchasing a greater level of freedom, confidence (in Him and in yourself,) and a healthier worldview that will enable you to join the movement and bring Heaven to earth in greater measure!

You are a King's kid... and were made to be awesome - and you ARE!


October 20, 2011

Grace in Motion

Who among us isn't hoping for, striving toward, and praying through a Breakthrough in one form or another? There is always something beyond where we are now and often it seems that there is something (whether real or perceived) that stands in the way. The keys have been given to us for breakthrough and much of what was handed to us I believe lies in the revelation that Victory is (already) ours... the price has been paid, the battle won, and the Authority transferred over to us to enforce!

I've been pondering on the reality that we live - right now - in two realms; that we have access to (and authority in) the spiritual realm as much as in the natural realm. They are not two worlds - but two realms - intermingling, active on this earth. While spending some time in worship, I had a vision that really impacted me this week.

I saw myself dancing...and at first I thought I was just seeing vivid colors but I realized that I was dancing under water. Gravity was not really holding me back and I could flow and jump, twist, leap and spin without any hindrances. It was so beautiful, graceful, and peaceful. Then I saw myself back up on the waters surface, floating... I appeared to be 'stranded' in the middle of an ocean and in the natural - it seemed dangerous and hopeless. However, if I would just dive own deeper - things looked totally different. It's like the surface of the water is all that separates 2 worlds - the natural (where fear rules and reigns) or the spiritual (where peace and grace embrace you.) From the perspective of the natural - RISK looks like opportunity for failing, but from the perspective of the spiritual, RISK is grace in motion.

The other thing that stood out to me is the surface is SO thin... it's such a small barrier that separates! There is a way to break through that is smooth, and graceful, and calm, or you can dive in, crashing the surface where you feel pain and create a disturbance. Both ways get you below the surface, into a different world - but one is more powerful and it depends on your perspective on which one you think that is! It made me think of watching the Olympic diving competition. So much focus is on form and technique - yet a lot of the score is dependent on the SPLASH created (or lack thereof) when they dive through the surface! The smaller the splash - the better the dive! We can learn from this!

I loved seeing the dive and taking risk... seeing the dance, if you will, below the surface as Grace in motion. I am becoming more and more aware that these 'two realms' that we abide in are so thinly separated... my goal is to go out and make a splash... but bigger (it turns out) is not necessarily better!

Dive in... join the dance!

October 12, 2011

John Mark Pool: A Season to Ascend!

Wow - this is such a great word!!! I am off to Abide with Him and worship in Spirit and Truth in my own secret place for a bit!

October 5, 2011

Heaven Invading Earth, and SOARing to new heights

OK - I am sort of cheating... it has been quite some time since I have blogged here. I am 'cheating' in that I had to write a book report or book review for the school I am now attending and instead of writing a new post - I thought I would just copy and paste for an update. But you know me... I always have plenty of words and I wanted to write a little something first!

For a few years now, my spirit has been bent towards Redding, CA. I fell in love with a movement happening there at Bethel church and saturated myself in books, CDs, teachings, and worship coming out of that place. I had the opportunity to go there for a conference a few years ago and left a part of my heart there! They have a Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry there and I would SO love to go. However, it was really just not an option. Finances, ties here to our city, jobs, kids, etc - all reasons that kept us here. So when we found out that God was bringing BSSM to us since we could not go to it - we knew right away we would be there no matter what. The Lord opened doors and both myself and my hubby applied and are now attending a satellite school to BSSM called SOAR. We are SO excited and honored to be among the first year students digging in and emersing ourselves in a movement that pushes us beyond our comfort zones and opens up opportunity left and right to release the Kingdom.

This brings me to the 'copy and paste' portion of this post! Our first 'book report' is due today... so I just thought I would share it here... if you have not yet read this book, "When Heaven Invades Earth" by Bill Johnson - RUN out and get it! It will challenge and inspire you to play your part is releasing Heaven...



When I was first handed the reading list for SOAR, I browsed it over and quickly found that I had already read through (at least once) over half of the books. However “When Heaven Invades Earth” was a book I kept meaning to read, but hadn’t got to yet. I recall back in 2004, ministering often online through a “The Passion of the Christ” live chat room that was set up in order to minister to and talk with people who had just ‘experienced’ the movie. I was active in that chat room for many months, befriending many new or not yet believers. One of them was slowly coming out of a fog and had gotten a hold of this book by Bill Johnson. At that point, I hadn’t heard of him but she kept saying that his book was saying the same things that I was telling her - and he was actually seeing this stuff happen first hand. I knew I had to check into this man. The rest, as they say, is history! So to read this book now, after years of reading other things written by Bill and the staff at Bethel – to read a bit of the beginning and see and know now that these things are STILL going on is such a blessing.

I have been submerged in the Bethel culture through books, visiting, watching online, and listening to various worship and teaching CDs/DVDs for some time now. The one truth that really hit home in reading this book is that it is not enough to have faith. I have the faith. But we must take RISK and put our faith into action to actually release the Kingdom of God into our city. Bill says, “My faith is not just an abiding faith; it is active. It is aggressive by nature. It has focus and purpose. Faith grabs hold of the reality of the Kingdom and forcefully and violently brings it into a collision with this natural one. An inferior kingdom cannot stand.” pg 51 (Johnson, 2003) The Kingdom of God is near. As near as we will allow it to fill us and flow out of us!

With his humility, hunger, passion, love, and experience (via testimonies), Pastor Bill shouts out ‘take risk!’ There is freedom in failing, in knowing that no one will have 100% success rate in the laying on of hands and seeing healing and other miracles take place. However, we will be 100% successful if we never try - zero for zero! Now is the time to step up and step out; to submit to His leading and hear His heart for the people around us – in our homes, our churches, our parks and coffee shops, grocery stores and malls. Hear Him crying out for them… Be bold. Offer prayer. Offer hope. Create an atmosphere in which He is invited in and released to bring about His will.

I love his emphasis on being Presence-minded. I love his heart for worship and his willingness to wait on God until He speaks. You can see him do this while giving a sermon and you can even ‘hear’ him do it in his writing. I love the Scripture and teaching he unwraps in this book. This man is in love and in line with the Word of God and he is confident in Christ and all that He has purchased for us in His death and Resurrection. I appreciate the back stories and testimonies; they make him ‘real’ – like one of us! I think at the heart of this book is the reality that we simply MUST know who we are in Christ. And once we know that… we simply MUST release Him wherever we go. The responsibility, honor, and privilege is ours and ours alone!

Now is the time to press through our own insecurities and hesitation, our own fears and self-preservation tendencies! Now is the time for the Church to arise and shine! This is the season for pouring out… for stretching beyond ourselves and our own comfort zones! It is our high calling to live as heirs with Christ, and to pray in agreement with Jesus, “Your Kingdom come. Your will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven” (Matt 6:10 NKJV) This book equips and inspires us to go out and do just that!

To order this book from Amazon - click HERE and join the movement!

June 30, 2011

Be the Song!

I was planning on blogging about the first Sozo training class I attended yesterday - however this morning I 'discovered' a video that I want to share instead. I recall the first time we got 'messed up' by Don Potter and the worship CDs from the MorningStar "Heart of David" conference... it stirred us up and caused us to hunger for free worship - extended worship - prophetic worship... even to this day - when we hear a song from that time period - well, wow! Power is released... hunger is stirred up once again! Be blessed as you watch Don talking about that time... and enter in to worship with him! BE the song!

I have Overcome!

June 13, 2011

A Feast of Silence

After a FULL weekend of family & friends... loud (great) music, lots of chatting, and tons of laughter - I had the unexpected pleasure today of enjoying a Feast of Silence. I had planned on having a living room filled with powerful, wonderful women of God - however, the Lord had other plans. Not one of my Happy Intercessors showed up today! Not a one... so I had to fight the urge to 'go on' with my day and tackle that bossy list of Things To Do! Instead, however, I sat in silence... listening. After such a busy and blessed weekend, I felt filled up and refreshed already... however just sitting with my favorite Guys (The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) - I felt washed in Peace. His Presence was a gift to me... and the Silence was a Feast!

I don't know about you - but in my daily world, there is a LOT of noise! Whether it be literal: traffic, talking, cell phones ringing, appliances running, TV or music on in the background... or more like the 'noise' in my head... thoughts, regrets, worries, hopes, more bossy lists... Whatever the source - the noise grabs for our attention and causes us (or at least me) to be short sighted! In our world of multi-tasking, it is often hard to remember the value of sitting and doing just ONE thing, especially when that one thing is listening to nothing, but expecting something!

As I sat in my chair - drinking in the quietness of the day and feeling warmed by His Peace, I was led to read through a few Scriptures. Psalm 67 was one of them and while I have loved that psalm for many years - reading it in The Message today caused me to grab on to a new phrase. This now is my goal:

"God, mark us with grace and blessing! Smile!" (Psalm 67:1 The Message)

My desire is to be marked with Grace and Blessing... in other translations this reads to be merciful to us and bless us and to have His face shine upon us! My desire is not to be blessed and have the favor of God simply so that I can succeed and be prosperous (although that happens, of course!) I love the 'marked with grace' part... that to me says that in His blessing and pouring out favor on me... His Grace & Mercy are evident as well. It's the mercy of God that leads to repentance. He is a good God... in a good mood and He desires to bless us... to love on us... to smile with us... and in the silence of just being with Him, I felt His smile and basked in His shining... I want to be one that so carries the Presence and Power of God - that my countenance is shining as well. I have gone the route of the religious - and people could see - well, not Grace - on me... but my goal is to let the Love of God flow through me and shine on to others who so need a glimpse of His light!

My prayer is that you too will be marked with grace and blessing!
Shine On!

June 8, 2011

I am expecting Overwhelming Encounters!

"Overwhelming encounters with the extravagant love of our heavenly Father will do much to dismantle unbelief." (~Bill Johnson, Secrets to Imitating God)

We all have our moments of doubt and unbelief... of wanting a sign to prove truth... of frustration because it seems in the span between uttering prayers and rejoicing over answers - time can appear to stand still and it appears that nothing is happening! I don't know about you - but phrases from days of old like "praying through" and "standing on the promises", while they are true, bring little to no comfort in the moment! However, as I stumbled upon this gem of a quote by Bill Johnson, my spirit jumped and my heart sang out! What a great reminder... what we ALL need; what we all must have - is an encounter with His love... that is what changes atmospheres, brings freedom, pulls us up, and releases answers! Once again - whatever we face, after encountering His amazing love - we can say, "You are enough, Lord! You are all I need." When our perspective is changed, and our hearts are overflowing with His great love - there is no longer room for unbelief or doubt to abide with the adoration and faith we have for Him. When we allow His love to overwhelm us... His Kingdom comes, and His will is done... on earth - AS IT IS in heaven!

I am praying for and expecting overwhelming encounters with the Father's extravagant love... for me, and for you!


May 9, 2011

Stories from The Shack

Wow... incredible!

If you have read this blog much at all - you will recall the (many) posts about The Shack the book that almost wasn't, written by William Paul Young. I fell in love with this book before I ever read it... I kept hearing how crazy messed up you'd be after reading it and just could not get my hands on it! I heard it was controversial... I heard some loved it and some hated it but very few were on the fence about it... I knew it seemed to stir up the religious spirit in any and all of us and for this reason alone - I wanted to play along! I think it is always a good thing to rile up your religious spirit and seek a deeper level of grace and freedom in Christ. Anyway - I read the book basically in one sitting. Then turned around and made myself read it again... S-L-O-W-E-R. I read it AGAIN to my teenage daughter... then I began buying copies. I finally had to write my name in a copy, and reread it marking it up just so I could actually KEEP one for myself!

So - by mere accident... I saw somewhere that there was a new show/play/theatrical performance based on or around The Shack and that it was coming to Seattle for One Night Only! I had to go! It was on Mother's Day... hmmm... well - I don't normally ASK for anything on Mother's Day - but a day trip to the Emerald City seemed like a valid request and wrapping it up with an evening at the theater sounded divine. Inspired, even! So - I ordered three tickets to see the show and told my family what we were doing for me... luckily they were both excited as well and we were all in agreement and expecting a great time.

Let me say... we headed to Seattle around 10 in the morning and it was grey and cloudy... we let our girlie drive us the first 2 hours to help her get some more highway driving in before she gets her license... other than that first Merge and a few little shoulder weaves she did great! By the time we hit Seattle - it was GORGEOUS!!! We hung out at Green Lake, had lunch at Red Mills, walked around the Lake, chilled out during Happy Hour at Starbucks (cuz that's just how we roll!), met up with my niece for a bit and then headed to the WaMu theater in Seattle to see our show!

Much like how after reading the book - there was a time period required for processing... the show had the same effect. It was a visual FEAST - so much to see and take in. I LOVED that there were so many different creative artistic expressions... there was live music (incredible band playing through out - not to mention the actual performers, including Danny Gokey), interpretive dancers, a great sand artist, aerialists who were AMAZING, as well as Paul Young being interviewed live - where he would share personal stories of readers of The Shack who had contacted him to let him know of the impact the book had on them. Powerful stuff! At one point it seemed they did insert a little infomercial - but the info was good... I am sure they will work on how to better incorporate that soon. I wished that there was more reading excerpts from the book as many in the audience had not yet read it... and those of us who have - never mind or complain about reading it or hearing it again! I could have SWORN in the promo they had filmed portions of the book too but that was not in the show, and now is nowhere to be found... that was a little disappointing. Overall - however - the best part (despite all the color and lights and creative beauty) was just simply Paul - sharing stories...

They have limited dates set already... if this is coming near you, I encourage you to go!

April 25, 2011

Still Around...

Wow... I can't believe it has been over a year since I have logged on and started typing here!

I have been busy and life is good... we've had some ups and some downs and all the while - the Lords Abiding Love and Abounding Grace have covered us and carried us...

I have worked on a children's book that I am just now beginning to shop around. I believe it will be the first in a series... and I also have a few other ideas still rolling around that have not yet taken form. I hope to work on those things with more focus and purpose in this next year.

I think the one thing that the Lord has been saying to me personally lately is quite simply to reach out and receive what He has already given... He is not needing to pave the way anymore - or pay for one more thing - it truly IS finished... and we are entering a season where the favor of God will more and more be evident on those who know - I mean, really really KNOW - who they are!

I believe He is so wanting to meet with us, and to speak to us... if we would but simply quiet ourselves and be still for even a moment or two - He will show up for us and - in line with my life verse (Jer 33:3) - show us great and mighty things which we do not know!

Quiet yourself... set aside even just a few minutes to wait for Him... and be ready to hear Him speak!


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