June 13, 2011

A Feast of Silence

After a FULL weekend of family & friends... loud (great) music, lots of chatting, and tons of laughter - I had the unexpected pleasure today of enjoying a Feast of Silence. I had planned on having a living room filled with powerful, wonderful women of God - however, the Lord had other plans. Not one of my Happy Intercessors showed up today! Not a one... so I had to fight the urge to 'go on' with my day and tackle that bossy list of Things To Do! Instead, however, I sat in silence... listening. After such a busy and blessed weekend, I felt filled up and refreshed already... however just sitting with my favorite Guys (The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) - I felt washed in Peace. His Presence was a gift to me... and the Silence was a Feast!

I don't know about you - but in my daily world, there is a LOT of noise! Whether it be literal: traffic, talking, cell phones ringing, appliances running, TV or music on in the background... or more like the 'noise' in my head... thoughts, regrets, worries, hopes, more bossy lists... Whatever the source - the noise grabs for our attention and causes us (or at least me) to be short sighted! In our world of multi-tasking, it is often hard to remember the value of sitting and doing just ONE thing, especially when that one thing is listening to nothing, but expecting something!

As I sat in my chair - drinking in the quietness of the day and feeling warmed by His Peace, I was led to read through a few Scriptures. Psalm 67 was one of them and while I have loved that psalm for many years - reading it in The Message today caused me to grab on to a new phrase. This now is my goal:

"God, mark us with grace and blessing! Smile!" (Psalm 67:1 The Message)

My desire is to be marked with Grace and Blessing... in other translations this reads to be merciful to us and bless us and to have His face shine upon us! My desire is not to be blessed and have the favor of God simply so that I can succeed and be prosperous (although that happens, of course!) I love the 'marked with grace' part... that to me says that in His blessing and pouring out favor on me... His Grace & Mercy are evident as well. It's the mercy of God that leads to repentance. He is a good God... in a good mood and He desires to bless us... to love on us... to smile with us... and in the silence of just being with Him, I felt His smile and basked in His shining... I want to be one that so carries the Presence and Power of God - that my countenance is shining as well. I have gone the route of the religious - and people could see - well, not Grace - on me... but my goal is to let the Love of God flow through me and shine on to others who so need a glimpse of His light!

My prayer is that you too will be marked with grace and blessing!
Shine On!


  1. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Thanks Karrilee. You write what I feel in my heart and sometimes don't have the words to express.

    I'll take your lead with a hour of time I have and sit in silence. May I join in your feast?

    Love ya sister...

  2. @Vi - ANYTIME Sister... any time!!! (I'd love to hear what He says to you in your listening!)

  3. I love your writings...Right On and Write On! :)

  4. @Carrie - Right back atchya... and - um - Write back atchya!!!


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