June 2, 2023

QUICK - A Five Minute Friday post


It has, yet again, accidentally been a while!  But I found myself with an unexpected day off today - on a Friday, no less... so I'm back, joining in with the community of writers who write for five minutes flat, using a One Word prompt --a Flashmob of writers all leaning in and seeing what spills out as the timer ticks away! This is a Five Minute Friday post...and our Word Prompt is: QUICK!


It happens so quickly... Life passing by... Days turning into years... we Blink and milestones have come and gone.

We want to slow. down. time.  

Just take a breath and give us a minute... 

Honestly, I can't wait until we are no longer bound to it --- this clock and this system that keeps us busy and distracted and pulls us down like Gravity when what our souls were made for -- what they long for is an escape into Eternity... longing for all the time in heaven, for all the good things (read: NOT 'things'!) that await us!

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