June 2, 2023

QUICK - A Five Minute Friday post


It has, yet again, accidentally been a while!  But I found myself with an unexpected day off today - on a Friday, no less... so I'm back, joining in with the community of writers who write for five minutes flat, using a One Word prompt --a Flashmob of writers all leaning in and seeing what spills out as the timer ticks away! This is a Five Minute Friday post...and our Word Prompt is: QUICK!


It happens so quickly... Life passing by... Days turning into years... we Blink and milestones have come and gone.

We want to slow. down. time.  

Just take a breath and give us a minute... 

Honestly, I can't wait until we are no longer bound to it --- this clock and this system that keeps us busy and distracted and pulls us down like Gravity when what our souls were made for -- what they long for is an escape into Eternity... longing for all the time in heaven, for all the good things (read: NOT 'things'!) that await us!

My Honey got a text the other night to help lead worship at a 55+ Small Group event at church and he grabbed his guitar and thought out loud, "Hmm... what is the playlist for that set?" and I literally laughed out loud!  

"Don't forget, Honey, --that is us!  WE are 55+!"
(Well - He is... not me! Not yet anyway... but I'm getting closer!)

It's true though... we DO forget. Time marches on - and so often it feels cruel - either because we forgot to notice, or because we feel robbed of enough of it!

Our Girlie is now in her late 20s and our Grand will be in school full-time next Fall.  We blinked!? 

(And I even know better!)

Here is the truth that we can sometimes lose sight of: 

Time is a gift.  

Yes - it goes by quickly... but only if we let it!  Only if we let ourselves get too busy, too overwhelmed, too rushed!  If we stay fully present, we can slow time. That is what Ann Voskamp taught us, right? 

Weigh it down... stay in the moment... drink it in! *


May we remind ourselves to stay present, to intentionally slow, and to open our eyes and ears, hearts and hands to all the gifts God is placing in our path!

May we see them, receive them, put them on, and put them to use! 

I was reading a devotional by John Mark Comer the other day and he wrote,
"All we have is the present. The here and now. This moment, this pain, this joy, this gratitude, this surrender.  And the more moments we slowly and gratefully turn over to God, the more we tap into his joy."
And couldn't we all use a little more Joy?


Holy Spirit, we're so grateful for the gift of You!
Remind us to slow and to savor...
to be fully present in the moment
& ever thankful for the gift of Time. 
We long for Heaven & for freedom from
the slavery of the ticking clocks & ticking bombs
& all the rush & rambling that fills up the space
& crowds out the quiet!  

May we breathe You in, & hold You close,
& hear your Love singing over us.  

Help us to slow time,
to be mindful & protective of it. 
And to give it away...
knowing how Quickly
it slips through our fingers! 
Knowing that You alone are
the One who gives it out...
until You call us Home!

In Jesus' Name,

Friends, until next time (whenever that may be!), let's remember to:

* - This marks my Five Minutes. Grace, please, as I finished my thought!


  1. I am so glad you finished your thoughts :) Time surely is a gift and passes oh, so quickly. May we take the time to see and experience the goodness of God in every day, for it is surely there. The quote by John Mark Comer is one I have now written down, so thank you for sharing it. And I hope it won't be so long until I read your words again! Blessings to you, Karrilee!

    1. John Mark Comer is a keeper! He is FULL of worthy written down quotes! I'm so glad you stopped by and thank you for sharing! I hope it won't be so long, too! ;)

  2. I once sat in English class,
    watched dust motes languid on the air
    and the teach did pass his gas
    'bout books 'bout which I did not care,
    and I pondered time's conundrum;
    sometimes it races down the hill,
    and other times stays where it come from,
    which means it is just standing still.
    And then, the teach, he called on me,
    and lo!, he had me dead to rights
    with the sneaky cruel query,
    'What's the theme of Wuthering Heights?'
    And I said, 'The dude's got game,
    but Heathcliff's a real stupid name.'

  3. Yes, time definitely is a gift, and sadly one I have too often squandered.
    Love this post.
    Thanks for shaing.


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