January 30, 2007

Amazing Love... He'd do it again!

I have to share that for the past several weeks, or months,
the Lord has requested that I do not share
much during these Prayer meetings.
At first I was sort of relieved.
I tend to be a bit hesitant to share,
feeling like I do not want any undue attention.
I am careful (usually) to point to the Lord.
Obviously, whatever He reveals or shares,
is from Him & has little to do with me anyway.
So, when He first asked me to be silent,
I gladly agreed - not wanting to be known
as the 'Vision Girl' or whatever?!
You all know what I am talking about...
we tend to relate to people in the Body
according to the gift or anointing that we see them moving in.
Of course - we must know on a deeper level,
that there is more to them than what we see
- but time restraints & other issues often keep us
from going deeper with each other!
I was, at first, glad to find He was still showing me things,
but asking me to keep quiet.
I did feel that He was happy I was writing
things down here for some reason.
I came to realize it was some sort of a test for me,
at least on one level.
I came to search my heart & wonder if
I, myself, was getting my identity mixed up in the gifting.
I also went through a short period where I felt like I didn't belong.
I wasn't sure if it was really an attack from the enemy,
or an unsettling from God.
But I realized that it was because
I was not able to share or pour out,
& I began to question if God was moving me
on to a new place & a new season.
To be honest, I was a bit surprised at the feeling
of discontent in that thought!
It seems for nearly 7 years,
we have been planted & moved in shorter seasons.
I think much of what the Lord was doing in me
was to show me that He truly has planted me here.
I can know that He is in control,
that I will Go when He says Go,
but until then - I am planted!
I felt a release of responsibility
as others began to share & step out as well!
It is exciting to see that others are hearing
the same message in a different way.
Each week it seems that the Lord shows me something
- & others as well - the message is the same,
however the way we see or receive it is different!
Isn't God good to speak to us in a way
that we can each relate & accept!?
Anyway - it has been harder for me
to remain silent as the weeks go on,
but I also know that God, in His faithfulness
is still pouring out truth to me,
He is still revealing more of what He wants me to know & see,
& there is coming a day where He will release me again.
This silence has been a time to ponder & consider
& test my own heart as to what & why I share things...
Do I want the fame or glory?
Do I like the 'in' & acceptance it can open up to me?
Sometimes... yes!?
Is it so closely tied with who I am that I feel cast aside if I don't get to move in it?
Again... sometimes, yes!?
Do I know that it is not about me, & all about Him?
Yes... I do... however, in the spirit of transparency,
the lines can tend to get blurry if I am not watchful!
I believe there is coming a releasing
& in order to flow with it,
I will need to have these things settled in my heart!
(...And you will too!)
So - for that, I am thankful for this time of holding my tongue!
The most amazing thing to me is that even while
He is searching my heart & my motivations,
He continues to pour out Himself & reveal His plans!
So - today during Prayer,
we began worship by singing "Amazing Love".
This is one of my all-time favorite songs...
as we entered in to worship, I was singing along,
"Amazing Love, how can it be?
...that You my King would die for me..."
As I sang out, I heard Him say,
"I would do it again! ...I would do it again for you!
Some days I feel like I am - like I have...
My Love is poured out freely over all
- & so often, it goes unnoticed & unappreciated.
Oh how your heart would break with Mine...
You say you feel unnoticed & unappreciated
- know that in this, I can relate!
Oh that your heart would break with mine
& allow Me to flow freely through you.
You are My hands & feet...
my very heartbeat to the world.
My desire is that you would follow My lead
& allow My Love to flow freely.
Do not worry about what others would say or think;
Do not worry about how they will react
or what they will DO with this Love.
Just pour it out!
If we work & move together as One
- as we were made to be - they will not withstand us!
The Father & I are One... & we should be One as well!
My Love will go unnoticed & unappreciated no more!
There is coming a wave of Glory!
There is coming a move of Divine Love
- & it is coming through YOU!
Each of you, who are willing,
...allow Me to love on you!
...spend time with Me,
& then go forth - drenched in My Love, & Mercy, & Grace,
& reach out - pour out that which I have given you!
Freely you have received, now freely give!"
Wow?! Sounds like a Mandate to Love...
We must Love Him first...
Receive His Love...
& then Go Forth to Love others!
Last week,
He encouraged me/us to pay attention to what
He shows us in others & speak it forth!
I pray you had an opportunity or two to do that!
I was able to hear His call to send out a few cards,
& while preparing to do that,
I really asked for His heart for these women...
It amazes me, every time, that when we ask...
He is waiting to answer!
Continue on this week in Love!
Look for opportunities to
Speak Life & Spread Love!
"Amazing Love, How can it be?
That You my King, would die for me?
Amazing Love, I know it's True!
It is my Joy, to honor You!
In all I do, I honor You!"
In Him, & His Amazing Love,
Be Blessed!

January 24, 2007

A Treasure to Behold

"We receive You, Lord" was spoken in our opening prayer & immediately
I see a little girl, buzzing with excitement & joy & anticipation
as she gazed around her chair to admire
all the gifts set before her feet.
They were all so pretty! fancy, & wrapped in glitter & glitz,
with shiny ribbons & velvety bows!
She could have almost missed it...
that one small gift in the center of the floor...
It didn't exactly blend in, it was more the opposite.
Her eyes focused in on the gift - one small present, wrapped in plain brown paper.
No ribbons, no bows...
nothing flashy to grab hold of her attention,
& yet, that is what it did!
She couldn't seem to make sense of it,
- it stood out from all the others in it's simplicity.
It should!
The Giver of this gift knew it needed no hoopla.
He knew this was the perfect gift for her.
He didn't need to add Ribbons & Bows.
As I saw this little girl pondering the seemingly
plainness of this package,
I became her & heard a Voice behind me say,
"Yes, that is the One True Gift... that is all you will need!"
I reached out to grab this basic brown paper box,
& all the other gifts vied for my attention.
The began to shift & move & try to jump into my hand.
I could almost hear them crying out my name.
I pressed through & picked up this present
& set if on my lap.
As I held it, the other gifts began to disappear
& disintegrate before me.
As I felt the weight of this box on my lap,
it was light - almost too light,
& for a brief moment, I feared it was empty.
But, as I put my hands on it to open it up.
I felt an energy rush through me
& I knew this was literally a treasure to behold!
As I began to untie the twine,
just like a Jack-in-the-Box pops up wanting to break free,
my Jesus emerged from my box,
smiling & ready to present me with gifts!
He began to pull gifts our of the box
& place them not in my HANDS,
but in my HEART!
As He would gently reach in for more,
I realized He was not in the box with all the gifts,
but He was taking things from within Himself
& placing them in me!
As He was pulling things out of Himself
& placing them into my heart,
He would pause & show me what was written on each one!
He pulled out 'Compassion', 'Mercy', 'Love', 'Intercession',
'Faith', 'Forgiveness/Die to Self', 'Prophecy', etc.
Some stirred excitement & some stirred fear.
'Suffering' was among the last.
"Yes, Lord, even Your Suffering
- for I know the Resurrection & the Life!
Though I would rather skip this one,
I know if it is my portion,
You will breathe life & purpose into even the Suffering!"
"You see," He said,
"when you receive Me, you get it all!
It can be a little at a time,
or I can overwhelm you & fill you up with all of Me!
My desire is to get out of the box & fill you with every good & perfect gift.
I AM the Giver of all things - I don't need the Robbins & Bows!
What I have to offer is simple & true.
I don't need glitz & glamour to draw attention to Myself.
My desire is to Overwhelm you!
Receive Me, and I will overwhelm you!"
I prayed, "I receive You... & I give You me, Lord!"
He replied, "...& I give you to them!
Speak Life to them... all who cross your path!
Speak Life & Love & Exhortations to one another!
What you 'see' in others that if Life & Light,
SPEAK it out & into them,
just as Christ poured gifts into you!"
He is sending us...
He is OUR Treasure to Behold...
& in our receiving Him,
He fills us up & sends us out!
I pray you will find boldness & discernment
to Speak Life & Let Love Flow...
Make a difference in some one's day... in their life...
stir up the gift that is inside of them,
release their destiny,
Step Out & Step Up!

January 16, 2007

A Light Shines in the Darkness...

As Prayer began today,
I felt like I was immediately walking with Him along a shoreline.
In my mind's eye, I could see us hand in hand,
strolling along the beach, talking.
In the beginning, I could see the other people all around us.
Kids playing, kites flying, dogs chasing sticks...
I could see the beachfront homes, businesses, & scenery.
However, as we continued walking,
I would get so caught up in our conversation
that everything else began to pale in comparison!
I have had those walks in the natural!
Strolling along the shoreline with my husband, or a good friend...
walking & talking & laughing together...
I can remember those walks & looking around as we meandered down by the water.
however, my focus was on the conversation at hand!
Just as in the natural, when I stopped walking with the Lord -
& we looked back behind us, I could see just how far we had come!

When we stay connected & tuned in to the Lord,
we will travel with Him & follow His lead,
& who can know how much our surroundings will change!
When we put Him first, & give Him our focus & attention,
we draw closer to Him in intimacy,
& learn to walk side by side with our Lord!
As I continued on walking with the Lord today,
I saw a large Cloud or Mist come in & wash over me.
It transported me to a different place
- just for a time - for a Purpose!
It could be in the Spirit, or in the natural...
it could be inside or outside of time.
This made me think of this great book I am (re)reading right now.
It is called "The Secret Place" by Dr. Dale Fife.
In it he talks about a time when angels came to him during
a prayer meeting & he traveled with them to many different places
& prayed for healing for several people.
He doesn't really go into if it is in the natural or Spirit
- but it is clear that it happened & that it seemed real at the time.
I believe Jesus is the same yesterday, today, & forever...
He transported people in Bible times...
& I believe He will do it today, if we are willing & have the faith for it!
Now, don't worry - I do know how crazy that may sound!
Honestly, I do!
...& yet, I believe with my whole heart
that He is calling those to hear His voice & have a willing heart.
I believe that there is coming a time that, if we are willing,
He will take us to places where intercessors are needed,
& healing must take place.
Whether it happens physically or in the spirit,
it WILL happen!
The other thing I heard the Lord say this morning was this:
"This year is the year of Isaiah 60...
However, Isaiah 59 must come first!"
Isaiah 59 starts out rather dark & depressing,
then comes the call to intercession & a Promise!
(Then comes Isaiah 60!!!)
I believe that - due to the events that are coming in the natural,
(which match up with Isa 59, by the way!)
we will be given PLENTY of opportunities to live out Isa 60!
So, while some of the Words that are coming forth
may seem overwhelming, & even a bit scary...
let me say, as we press in to Him, trust in His Shield & Covering,
& learn to hear His voice more clearly...
We will see the Lord not only be our Protection, Our Healer & Deliverer,
but we will see Him be that for others...
Press In & Press On
In His Name, & In His Arms,

January 9, 2007

Liquid Gold and the Love of God

Good Evening!

I have had a full day & yet I knew I would not have much time if I didn't just sit down to write tonight! I am still trying to put order to my thoughts & the things the Lord has been showing me over the past week or so. Some things are a bit fuzzy & others seem crystal clear - & yet not everything meshes & not everything that He shows is for broadcasting but for interceding!

Late last week the Lord gave me a dream. I am not a Dreamer - as in, I do not dream... pretty much ever?! I rarely wake up & remember having any kind of dream sequence at all. I have been experiencing an increase in visions during prayer over the past year - which I most often share right here on this blog. But dreams!? No... rarely happens. So - when it DOES - I pay attention. Usually it is meaningful & the Lord is attempting to speak to me.

I remember probably about a decade ago going on vacation with some of our best friends. We were on our way to the beach & stayed overnight in a relatives condo. We put the kids to bed & stayed up all night talking about dreams & visions & we prayed & agreed that we all really wanted to have them. As I was drifting off to sleep that night I remember telling the Lord that I didn't really want any 'heavy' or 'dark' dreams... no warnings or intense, harsh revelations. I wanted a dream where Jesus would come & reveal Truth to me - but just happy, feel-good truth. I remember falling asleep when I heard Him speak to my spirit & say, "Well, then, my love - you are not ready for Dreams!" I remember feeling rather grateful that He could discern this as I fell into slumber. I woke up &, no surprise, I did not dream. No spiritual awakening or prophetic insight whatsoever?! In fact, we all sort of seemed rather disappointed that none of us had any Dream to share. That was years before I had encounters/visions with Jesus & angels & He began to speak through me prophetically. I do believe that that hunger & prayer spoken that evening planted seeds that grew into the harvest of giftings I know am open to & walk in. And yet, still... I rarely get Dreams!

I did last week... it was intense & heavy & harsh & I am sure dark, filled with a warning... but here's the deal: I don't remember much of it!? I know it was important!? In fact, I remember waking up thinking, "Hey - I should write this down!?" But I fell back asleep & when I awoke in the morning - details were already fuzzy & blurry... I did write down what I could remember... & I am praying that He will give me the same Dream again so I can get more clarity & details. That is usually how it works with me & Him. The few times I HAVE had a Dream - I trip on it for a few days & then He gives it to me again. Anyway - when & if I get more clarity - I will share it then! Let me just say that in the midst of it, even with all the chaos & stuff that was going on - I had such an expectant heart of Joy & Excitement... & in the end - I saw the Glory of the Lord break over the mountains that surround our Valley & fill the 'temple' where I was... in other words, it ended well! Which - in all honestly - may have been the message in & of itself!? Whatever it is that we are facing, or will be facing, we can rest assured that the Glory of the Lord is for us & it will end well!

A couple of nights after the original dream - I had another... don't remember a THING about it - but I woke up & said out loud, "17! There is something important about 17!" ??? OK!? Later on that night, I awoke & 'saw' in the Spirit "Jer 33:3" Great... super - wonderful verse! "Call to Me & I will answer you & show you great & mighty things, fenced in & hidden, which you do not know (do not distinguish and recognize, have knowledge of & understand)." The Amplified Bible.
So - Tuesday on my way to Prayer, I found myself just speaking & singing the Name of Jesus over & over... & suddenly, He was there in power. It was so intense & lovely. I found myself praying in the Spirit & then praying that we will move into a season of hearing & moving with boldness & without hesitation! That we would KNOW that we are His sheep & that we DO hear His Voice... I believe we are entering a time & season where we need to know that we hear Him & that we will obey immediately. We must break free from the spirit of Hesitation... (that is oh so closely related, I believe, to the spirit of Fear of Man!) We are coming into a time where He really WILL say, "Here is the way, walk in it!" He will guide us & instruct us on what to do, where to go, & what to say... as we discipline ourselves to hear & follow His lead! Of course, during the time of sharing/teaching - this was all confirmed.
Now - before I share the vision that I had on Tuesday, I want to include a portion of a Word that Bobby Conners shared via The Elijah List. This was a dream that God gave him & the vision that I had sort of evolved from his experience! My vision is an extension of his dream...

(Taken from a Dream that was shared in a Word from Bobby Conners via The Elijah List:)
"It is time to kiss the sword!"
I am standing in a large crowd of people, in a place which appears like a large hallway or passageway, much like a walkway in an airport terminal, but much larger. The people are standing around chatting and visiting. They seemed to be content simply to be standing around, going nowhere. Suddenly, about forty feet away, Christ Jesus appears. The people continue their idle chatter, seemingly unaware and oblivious of the Lord's approach. He is walking with resolve toward me with a big, brilliant, glorious sword in His right hand. His sword is glowing, gleaming, and razor sharp. He continues walking until He stops directly in front of me. Lifting the sword up high above His head, He says in a most compelling tone, "It is time to kiss the sword!" This is a strong directive and command. While speaking these words, He lowers the sword to His face and places it at His lips. He orders, "Kiss the sword!" I extend my face and lips, preparing to kiss the sword--which is placed flat against Christ's lips. As I lean forward to kiss the sword, He turns the sword so that the extremely sharp blades face His lips and mine. I am hesitant to continue to press my face and lips into the edge of the sharp, glistening sword. Knowing my reluctance, He says, "My grace is sufficient for you, and I bore the pain for you!" His Words stir deep within my soul, arousing strong confidence and assurance in my heart, releasing courage for me to continue to press my lips firmly against the razor-sharp sword. In spite of His reassuring promise of no pain, I have to war against my mind--it is not totally convinced that I will not be wounded, but will feel excruciating, unbearable pain.

Nevertheless, as the sword begins to penetrate, making its way into my lips, I felt only pleasure, not pain. So I press even harder, as my deepest longing is for my lips to meet the lips of the Master. My heart is filled with the plea of Song of Songs: "Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth, because His mouth is altogether lovely." I can feel a hot flow pouring forth from my lips. I know for sure that it is blood streaming down my chin and onto my chest: I can feel its warmth, as well as hear its splatter upon my feet and the floor. I am truly amazed and astounded, thinking I must be bleeding extremely badly.

Nevertheless, I feel absolutely no pain, only a deep unexplainable pleasure resulting in transcending peace. As I look down at my chest and feet to see what is flowing from my lips, it is not my blood at all, but rather, it has the appearance of flowing, glowing, liquid gold. The Lord says, "That is My glory--it is released by embracing the Spirit of Truth."

"He who loves purity of heart & has grace on his lips, the king will be his friend." Proverbs 22:11

So, during worship, I began to praise God & I went into an open vision where the Lord was before me, holding this Sword out to me. I knew, having read about this Dream the day before, that I was being called to Kiss the Sword. I hesitated because I was still not so sure that it would not, in the end, be the death of me. But, as I began to press in & kiss the sword, I too felt the moist fluid pour out of my mouth & kept my eyes closed. I pressed in further more, also feeling no pain... wanting to press against the Lord. I began to see this happening from a different perspective & I could see that not only was it Glory & not blood pouring forth, but that the blade of the Sword was actually cutting all the way through me. I was then split in half, & I was expecting to see Christ in me, revealed. However, what I saw was a mini-me if you will. It was smaller version of what was on the outside. At first I was shocked, & not a little disappointed. Then He began to speak to me about how He made me to be. He reminded me that He put gifts in me before I ever drew breath - & I would have walked in those whether or not I came to Him in salvation. He gifted me & called me regardless of whether or not I accepted Him. His love is unconditional & that is hard for us to remember & accept. (Not to mention dish out!) Christ looks in us, & He sees US... the way He intended for us to be! I believe that as we press in to Him, & allow His Glory to spill out of us & flow out to others, we will begin to see & accept the fact that He made us the way we are on purpose, for His great pleasure & delight!
We are not in need of all the STRIVING that has so often bound the Body!
It is not OUR righteousness... it is HIS righteousness in us.
It is not OUR holiness... it is HIS Holiness in us.
It is not OUR love, it is HIS Love in us.
Are we in need of repentance & turning away from sin?
Yes! Of course!
Is there a season to be separated & called away from the world to cut all those ties that bind?! Yes! Of course!
However, we are called to be IN the world, but not OF it.
So often, we like to be OF the world, & not IN it.
As this shaking within intensifies, our fleshly response will most often first be to cling to the Law. To cling to religion. To cling to what is 'safe' & 'right' & 'true'. However, I believe these things, or beliefs, are at the very core of WHY there needs to be a shaking in the first place!? As we experience correction from the Lord, & see the shaking all around us, let us be humbled to know that we are His Sheep & we hear His voice... let us find comfort in knowing that He is a personal God! He is speaking things to me, that He doesn't need to speak to you.
We find Grace because Grace Himself offers Himself for each of us!
And as we receive it & press into Him, "Kiss the Sword" & be willing to die,
His Glory & Love flow out from the depths of all
He has planted within us from the very beginning!!
I pray the Lord blesses you & calls you closer this week!
May He continue to extend His Sword to you, draw you into His Presence.
& allow His Liquid Gold... His Glory, & His Love to flow over & through you
to reach out & drench the world around you!

(You can read the entire Word from Bobby Conners at:

January 2, 2007

"Let Your Love Flow..."

Happy New Year!

I pray that you are all entering 2007 healthy, rested, & ready for all that He has for us in the coming months! I was thrilled... THRILLED I tell you, to get back to our regular routine and take my little one to school, head to the gym, and go on to my weekly Prayer Meeting today! I even saw glimpses of blue sky on my way there! It was wonderful! There was an underlying sense of belonging and excitement to meet not only with the ladies, but with the Lord again - on a regular schedule!

Our holidays were blessed and we enjoyed relaxing times and goofing around with friends and family and I was able to read a bit here and there and spend some time with the Lord - but I have to be real and be honest... I spent more time with my daughter than with Him the past two weeks... we had a grand time together and really enjoyed each others company and I am pretty sure that God is okay with that! But - all that said, I missed Him... and I know He missed me too! So - it was great to walk into that room again and know that He was just as excited to meet us there - and we were to meet Him!

So... first I wanted to define a few Key Words for the day... these are words that the Lord had put on my heart this morning...

Decree: an order usually having the force of law

Declare: to make known formally, officially, or explicitly; obsolete : to make clear; to make evident; to state emphatically, to Affirm

Contend: to strive or vie in contest or rivalry or against difficulties : Struggle; to strive in debate : Argue; to Maintain or Assert; to struggle for : Contest

We know that last year often times the Lord would remind us and call us to a season of Declaring and Decreeing things... we are continually hearing the Spirit of God tell us that we must take our land, stand out ground, and contend for that which the Lord has given or promised us! Now is a season of Contending!

One of the things brought forward this morning at prayer was the fact that God has given us dominion over the Earth! (Gen 1:26; Ps 115:14-18) We are called to rule and to reign in this earth - in this realm... God has given the earth to Man... we have dominion, power, and authority over it! We know that the Word of God is true and that it works... we have been learning to decree and declare things over our own lives... over situations and circumstances that are real to us - but that are personal. It has been good... hard at times... but a good visual and a good reminder that His Word is true and He can be trusted! Now - I believe - we will be entering a season where we will be called to Declare and Decree on a much larger scale. I am reminded of the verse that says, " He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much(Luke 16:10 NKJV) ." What has felt like 'little' - didn't seem little... until we see the 'much'! We were also reminded this morning of Mark 11:22-24. We are called to Declare and Decree out of a place of asking and believing! Faith will play a vital role in the days and months to come... but not in a "I've got it so I will be okay and you should have listened" kind of way... more in a fulfillment of that Nameless/Faceless word of years past! I believe God is raising up a people who will find themselves amazed at the level of Faith that they are able to stand in and point others too thanks to His Abundant Grace and Abiding Love!

As we entered into worship today, I saw this picture of a young Jesus observing Joseph at work in the Carpentry shop. As I watched this scene unfold, I heard the Lord explain it to me... basically, this is what He said:

We were, at one time, called to "Watch & See" - to learn the Family Business by watching God the Father and Jesus His Son at work. It was a learning season that required patience and observation. But now is the season and time for Hands On Training - to "Act & Move!" Just as Jesus watched Joseph, his earthly father, in the carpentry shop - that time was set aside for His benefit. He could observe and learn Joseph's character as well as his trade. But there came a time of maturity when Jesus had to pick up a hammer and learn hands on, how to Build. Just as was that season for Jesus, so are we called now to enter into a time of maturity where God the Father is calling us to build alongside Him and learn His business... to build His Kingdom!

At the end of this experience with the Lord, I heard a familiar tune... it took me a moment to place it and find the words to the song... but here they are... this is - I believe - a part of our call!

"Let Your Love Flow"

There's a reason for the sun shiny sky
And there's a reason why I'm feelin' so high
Must be the season
When that love light shines all around us
So let that feelin' grab you deep inside
And send you reelin' where your love can't hide
And then go stealin'
Through the summer nights with your lover

Just let your love flow
like a mountain stream
And let your love grow
with the smallest of dreams
And let your love show
And you'll know what I mean,
it's the season
Let your love fly
like a bird on the wing
And let your love bind you
to all living things
And let your love shine
And you'll know what I mean,
that's the reason

There's a reason for the warm sweet nights
And there's a reason for the candle lights
Must be the season
When those love rites shine all around us
So let the wonder take you into space
And lay you under its loving embrace
Just feel the thunder as it warms your face
You can't hold back

Just let your love flow
like a mountain stream
And let your love grow
with the smallest of dreams
And let your love show
And you'll know what I mean,
it's the season

Let your love fly
like a bird on the wing
And let your love bind you
to all living things
And let your love shine
And you'll know what I mean,
that's the reason.

I pray this week you will feel the power and Presence while you move from a season of Watching and Seeing - to Acting and Moving! Let your Love Flow...

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