January 16, 2007

A Light Shines in the Darkness...

As Prayer began today,
I felt like I was immediately walking with Him along a shoreline.
In my mind's eye, I could see us hand in hand,
strolling along the beach, talking.
In the beginning, I could see the other people all around us.
Kids playing, kites flying, dogs chasing sticks...
I could see the beachfront homes, businesses, & scenery.
However, as we continued walking,
I would get so caught up in our conversation
that everything else began to pale in comparison!
I have had those walks in the natural!
Strolling along the shoreline with my husband, or a good friend...
walking & talking & laughing together...
I can remember those walks & looking around as we meandered down by the water.
however, my focus was on the conversation at hand!
Just as in the natural, when I stopped walking with the Lord -
& we looked back behind us, I could see just how far we had come!

When we stay connected & tuned in to the Lord,
we will travel with Him & follow His lead,
& who can know how much our surroundings will change!
When we put Him first, & give Him our focus & attention,
we draw closer to Him in intimacy,
& learn to walk side by side with our Lord!
As I continued on walking with the Lord today,
I saw a large Cloud or Mist come in & wash over me.
It transported me to a different place
- just for a time - for a Purpose!
It could be in the Spirit, or in the natural...
it could be inside or outside of time.
This made me think of this great book I am (re)reading right now.
It is called "The Secret Place" by Dr. Dale Fife.
In it he talks about a time when angels came to him during
a prayer meeting & he traveled with them to many different places
& prayed for healing for several people.
He doesn't really go into if it is in the natural or Spirit
- but it is clear that it happened & that it seemed real at the time.
I believe Jesus is the same yesterday, today, & forever...
He transported people in Bible times...
& I believe He will do it today, if we are willing & have the faith for it!
Now, don't worry - I do know how crazy that may sound!
Honestly, I do!
...& yet, I believe with my whole heart
that He is calling those to hear His voice & have a willing heart.
I believe that there is coming a time that, if we are willing,
He will take us to places where intercessors are needed,
& healing must take place.
Whether it happens physically or in the spirit,
it WILL happen!
The other thing I heard the Lord say this morning was this:
"This year is the year of Isaiah 60...
However, Isaiah 59 must come first!"
Isaiah 59 starts out rather dark & depressing,
then comes the call to intercession & a Promise!
(Then comes Isaiah 60!!!)
I believe that - due to the events that are coming in the natural,
(which match up with Isa 59, by the way!)
we will be given PLENTY of opportunities to live out Isa 60!
So, while some of the Words that are coming forth
may seem overwhelming, & even a bit scary...
let me say, as we press in to Him, trust in His Shield & Covering,
& learn to hear His voice more clearly...
We will see the Lord not only be our Protection, Our Healer & Deliverer,
but we will see Him be that for others...
Press In & Press On
In His Name, & In His Arms,

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