January 24, 2007

A Treasure to Behold

"We receive You, Lord" was spoken in our opening prayer & immediately
I see a little girl, buzzing with excitement & joy & anticipation
as she gazed around her chair to admire
all the gifts set before her feet.
They were all so pretty! fancy, & wrapped in glitter & glitz,
with shiny ribbons & velvety bows!
She could have almost missed it...
that one small gift in the center of the floor...
It didn't exactly blend in, it was more the opposite.
Her eyes focused in on the gift - one small present, wrapped in plain brown paper.
No ribbons, no bows...
nothing flashy to grab hold of her attention,
& yet, that is what it did!
She couldn't seem to make sense of it,
- it stood out from all the others in it's simplicity.
It should!
The Giver of this gift knew it needed no hoopla.
He knew this was the perfect gift for her.
He didn't need to add Ribbons & Bows.
As I saw this little girl pondering the seemingly
plainness of this package,
I became her & heard a Voice behind me say,
"Yes, that is the One True Gift... that is all you will need!"
I reached out to grab this basic brown paper box,
& all the other gifts vied for my attention.
The began to shift & move & try to jump into my hand.
I could almost hear them crying out my name.
I pressed through & picked up this present
& set if on my lap.
As I held it, the other gifts began to disappear
& disintegrate before me.
As I felt the weight of this box on my lap,
it was light - almost too light,
& for a brief moment, I feared it was empty.
But, as I put my hands on it to open it up.
I felt an energy rush through me
& I knew this was literally a treasure to behold!
As I began to untie the twine,
just like a Jack-in-the-Box pops up wanting to break free,
my Jesus emerged from my box,
smiling & ready to present me with gifts!
He began to pull gifts our of the box
& place them not in my HANDS,
but in my HEART!
As He would gently reach in for more,
I realized He was not in the box with all the gifts,
but He was taking things from within Himself
& placing them in me!
As He was pulling things out of Himself
& placing them into my heart,
He would pause & show me what was written on each one!
He pulled out 'Compassion', 'Mercy', 'Love', 'Intercession',
'Faith', 'Forgiveness/Die to Self', 'Prophecy', etc.
Some stirred excitement & some stirred fear.
'Suffering' was among the last.
"Yes, Lord, even Your Suffering
- for I know the Resurrection & the Life!
Though I would rather skip this one,
I know if it is my portion,
You will breathe life & purpose into even the Suffering!"
"You see," He said,
"when you receive Me, you get it all!
It can be a little at a time,
or I can overwhelm you & fill you up with all of Me!
My desire is to get out of the box & fill you with every good & perfect gift.
I AM the Giver of all things - I don't need the Robbins & Bows!
What I have to offer is simple & true.
I don't need glitz & glamour to draw attention to Myself.
My desire is to Overwhelm you!
Receive Me, and I will overwhelm you!"
I prayed, "I receive You... & I give You me, Lord!"
He replied, "...& I give you to them!
Speak Life to them... all who cross your path!
Speak Life & Love & Exhortations to one another!
What you 'see' in others that if Life & Light,
SPEAK it out & into them,
just as Christ poured gifts into you!"
He is sending us...
He is OUR Treasure to Behold...
& in our receiving Him,
He fills us up & sends us out!
I pray you will find boldness & discernment
to Speak Life & Let Love Flow...
Make a difference in some one's day... in their life...
stir up the gift that is inside of them,
release their destiny,
Step Out & Step Up!

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