May 9, 2008

Do you Dance ?

I know, I know... if you have read this blog much, or have spent any amount of time with me, you are not surprised by this question! The Lord often speaks to me through dancing - whether it be dancing with Him in the Spirit, a vision, or song, etc. Some of my favorite places of worship often have dancers in the congregation... I am not really one of them - although - in my alone time with the Lord - we definitely dance! There is freedom in dancing with the Lord and I am learning new 'steps' all the time!

I actually wrote about a vision I had back in October of last year... and while at Prayer this week, the Lord reminded me of it... so I will simply cut and paste a portion of that entry and then share what the Lord was saying on Tuesday...

The Post was title The Father's Heart (dated October 9th in the Archives) and here is the vision I had back then: "...during our prayer time, I saw myself dancing with Jesus... as in Dancing with the Stars... and at the Judges table was God the Father. We were dancing and I could tell that I was very focused, counting off steps and keeping in position. I could feel that Jesus wanted me to look Him in the eye - but I resisted and kept perfect form... elbow up, neck stiff, head turned away from Him... and then I heard in my spirit, "The Father's Heart does not judge you on technicalities!" Sometimes, we strive for perfection and our focus is on all the technical points and hitting the mark that we can often miss the heart of the dance!" (Oct 2007)

So - this week at my prayer meeting, it seemed there was such unity and such a free flowing of the Spirit... immediately as we entered into worship - the Lord reminded me of this vision - bringing it back into my spiritual focus... I could, once again, see us dancing... He spoke to me and said, "I see you all trying so hard to make every mark and to hold every position. I assure you that no one else will judge you. I desire to dance with you and to maintain eye-contact, even if this is not the 'correct form'! I judge with mercy and out of Love... I desire to dance the dance of the Bridegroom and Bride - a dance of intimacy." A bit later in the meeting, our leader began talking about how He desires to dance with us and He will lead us in the dance. Later still, another gal shared how she felt that there was a Face to Face anointing there and that the Lord wanted to see us face to face with Him.

Oh Lord - in all our drive and desire to learn the dance - help us to not miss the very HEART of it all! Help us to hear your still small voice and be bold enough to look you in the eye and hold your gaze... Dance with us, Lord! Teach us the Dance of the Bridegroom and His Bride... Give us boldness and assurance that we will not be harshly judged... that Your opinion is what matters MOST Lord!

Dance with your Father...
Happy Mother's Day!

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