February 20, 2007

Your New Name is On the Way!

God is about to hand out some new names!
If you want one, wait & listen...
He is about to start calling them out!
As we began to enter into prayer today,
our leader reminded us of a vision that
someone had given her about climbing stairs
to see an open heaven,
& the Lord told her that whatever she
asked for in prayer, she would receive.
She encouraged us to see that stairway
to the open heavens as we worshiped.
As soon as the music started, I could see myself
climbing up these enormous stairs.
Pearly white... Steep... beautiful!
Before I crested the top,
I heard a Voice behind me speak,
"There is Power in My Name!
...and there is power in your name as well!
I have called you BY NAME!
For many, your anointing lies in the name
which you were given at birth,
and for many, I am giving you a new name.
Listen & hear Me, for I will call you by name!"
"Whenever your name is spoken out loud,
it stirs up the anointing & gift & character
that I have placed within you.
Just as in the Spiritual Realm,
when My Name is spoken,
there is a stirring & a shifting
in the unseen world,
so this happens when your name is spoken
& you step into all that I have called you to be!"
"First, & Foremost, don't ever forget,
I have called you to be MINE!
Listen for My Voice,
My Daughter, My Bride,
for I am about to speak your name!
Learn & Research it,
Seek out the meaning of it
& know that when I see you,
when I call you by name,
I am calling forth
all that I have put inside of you
for such a time as this!"
I then looked over into the open heavens
and saw the most colorful, vivid landscape
spread out before me.
As I tried to drink in the colors
& music & hugeness of it all,
I noticed a beautiful old tree,
with it's branches all stretched out
& curved by the wind;
it provided shade beside
a gorgeous, flowing stream.
Underneath the shaded tree,
was a blanket spread out
& Someone laying down,
seemingly looking right at me,
...waiting for me.
On the blanket
I noticed a Royal Crown laying
in the empty space of the blanket...
God reminded me then that in November,
He had spoken a 'new name' over me...
(it was "Sarah" which is Hebrew & means "Princess")
I also saw several of my journals, my Bible,
a picnic basket with food & cool water...
& as I drew closer, Psalm 1 was written out
on the grass that led to my blanket.
"Blessed is the man
Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,
Nor stands in the path of sinners,
Nor sits in the seat of the scornful;
But his delight is in the law of the LORD,
And in His law he meditates day and night.
He shall be like a tree
Planted by the rivers of water,
That brings forth its fruit in its season
Whose leaf also shall not wither;
And whatever he does shall prosper. "
(Psalm 1:1-3)
I then remembered that last month,
God set me in contact with a stranger from Australia.
She shares my same name...
& had never found anyone
with the same name & spelling before.
She was wondering if I was from Australia
because the name is an Aboriginal name,
& it means:
"A Resting Place, near the water"
That so blessed me!
As worship lingered a bit more,
I was reminded also of Isaiah 62!
The Lord has spoken to us quite a bit
from this passage in the past year...
I encourage you to read
the entire chapter this week!
Pray over it & through it
& listen & hear Him call out your name!
As many in my circle of friends
prepare to go away & "Flourish"
at a Women's Retreat,
the Lord has called me to stay behind.
I have to be honest & say that
I have struggled with this.
Going back forth with being sure & fine with it,
& then questioning & wanting to go.
However, when I quiet myself,
I know that I know.
It makes little sense to me,
& I will admit to throwing
a bit of a fit with Him about it.
Even today,
after such an awesome time with Him,
I came home feeling rather left out
& dealing with a bit of rejection.
Not that the ladies at all have done that,
but it was worse - it was feeling that, once again,
HE is not allowing me to 'connect' with others.
He is the One who called me to stay behind.
My hearts' desire is to see women
connect & commune with Him together!
To grow in Him & experience more of Him!
To walk in greater intimacy with their Bridegroom!
But, I am crucified with Christ,
I no longer live, but Christ lives in me...
So, despite what my flesh wants to do,
I will be praying for them from afar
& I will pray that I will be
able to rejoice with them
when they return & fill me in
on all that happened.
(I almost wrote all that I missed,
however I know I will not miss out
even when my emotions are not
allowing my mind to come in line just yet!)
I am so excited to see what He has planned
for me - in staying behind,
and for them - in going!
I know that many will come
home with a New Name!
I pray you get one as well!

February 14, 2007

The Dance of the Bride

Happy Valentine's Day!

Don't you just love this 'holiday'? OK... I know not everyone does! But what an opportunity to love on people... to let the Love of God shower over you and flow out of you! Isn't that what we are to be about this year, anyway?! I just love it! I love all the romance and roses, the love letters and love songs, ...but I am just 'that way!' Last year, the Lord put it on my heart to include our daughter in our Valentine's celebration. He wanted me to assure her that it is not just a holiday for Couples Only. He wanted me to remind her that she is loved... always - whether she is single or not... He wanted me to teach her that in the years ahead, some of her friends will pine away for a boyfriend and desire to have a special Valentine at any cost - but that He loves her the most hands down... He gave His very Best because of His great Love for her... for all of us! It was such a nice evening, we are doing it again this year... including another friend who is single as well. We will take Communion before we eat dinner by candlelight at a table with a view... we will invite in the Lover of our souls to dine with us and fill us up!

I pray whether you are single or married, whether you are a fan of this day or an avid naysayer of the whole thing - I pray that He will romance you today and knock your socks off! Oh yes - and I pray that you will hear His call to join Him in the Dance! Below is a vision & a word from the Lord that I had that came about yesterday during our prayer meeting! Enjoy...


As we entered in to our worship time, the music had barely began when I heard His familiar voice whisper to me... "It's time to dance again!" I hear Him calling & see Him standing in front of me, arms open, ready to dance with me. As I step into His arms, we begin to sway.

"I have called you by name! My eyes look to and fro, but YOU are called to focus your eyes steadfast & true on Me! When you do that - you will be assured that wherever you are... I AM! I will take the lead! As a little child, I called you to dance with me, & I placed your feet on top of Mine, and I showed you the Way! But, now, I am releasing you! You are no longer a child. I am releasing you to add your own moves, your own steps to the dance, but all the while, keep your eyes focused on Me!"

As we focus on Him, & become one with 'single-vision' - all else faces away & we begin to look deeper into all that He has for us, all that He desires for us, & from us. We fall deeper & He always, ALWAYS catches us in His strong arms, and Dances with us! There is something supernatural that happens when we hold the eyes of God! When we are focused and sure, and catch His eyes, and hold them. It is favor & grace, love & mercy, It is power & direction, faith & vision imparted all at once. There is a transference in the Spirit realm & just one taste leaves us hungering for more!

Then I heard Him say:

"Oh my Daughters, My Bride, I'm calling you to step out & step into the Dance! Many I have called before, and you did not hear, or you did not heed. Fear & Hesitation won out. But I am kind, & patient, & forgiving. ...and I am not so easily discouraged! I am calling to you again! Step out and step into my arms. For some - this will be your first dance with the Father... I will place your feet upon my own and teach you the dance! You are Daddy's Girl! Still others, you have danced awhile... many of you have drawn near and danced with Me for many seasons. Others have observed and been in awe and jealous for the dance you have with Me, but let me assure you - there's more! Oh so much more! Step out and step in. I desire to teach you the Dance of the Bride! They ain't seen nothin' yet! Oh My Daughters, My Bride! I desire to dance with you and pour out My Love and My Glory. I have created you to be who you are... and the dance I have for you is for you and I alone! Step Out, Step In... Dance with Me, My Daughters, My Bride!"


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