June 8, 2011

I am expecting Overwhelming Encounters!

"Overwhelming encounters with the extravagant love of our heavenly Father will do much to dismantle unbelief." (~Bill Johnson, Secrets to Imitating God)

We all have our moments of doubt and unbelief... of wanting a sign to prove truth... of frustration because it seems in the span between uttering prayers and rejoicing over answers - time can appear to stand still and it appears that nothing is happening! I don't know about you - but phrases from days of old like "praying through" and "standing on the promises", while they are true, bring little to no comfort in the moment! However, as I stumbled upon this gem of a quote by Bill Johnson, my spirit jumped and my heart sang out! What a great reminder... what we ALL need; what we all must have - is an encounter with His love... that is what changes atmospheres, brings freedom, pulls us up, and releases answers! Once again - whatever we face, after encountering His amazing love - we can say, "You are enough, Lord! You are all I need." When our perspective is changed, and our hearts are overflowing with His great love - there is no longer room for unbelief or doubt to abide with the adoration and faith we have for Him. When we allow His love to overwhelm us... His Kingdom comes, and His will is done... on earth - AS IT IS in heaven!

I am praying for and expecting overwhelming encounters with the Father's extravagant love... for me, and for you!


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