December 15, 2011

Creating & Living in a Culture of Honor!

We have been loving - LOVING, I tell you - attending Soar - School of Spiritual Transformation. This is the first year and we are in on the ground level... Soar is a satellite school of Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry out of Redding, CA.

My family and circle of friends have immersed ourselves into the Bethel culture via books,, attending conferences, buying teaching and worship products for several years. But to be in a school with 60 students - all together representing 16 churches around our valley - pressing in to the supernatural and desiring to release the Kingdom has been AMAZING!

Below is my latest book report - turned in last night. Sure - it's sort of cheating as far as counting it as a post here - but it is such a great book - a MUST READ If you are really wanting to live out a life of honor and if you are relational at all... I highly encourage you to read Culture of Honor by Danny Silk and feel free to share your thoughts below!

Here is where you can purchase this book:


I can’t recall the first time I ever heard Danny Silk, but I am pretty sure it was on a road trip to Redding to attend a Writer’s conference at Bethel in 2009. I was literally sent to this conference not only by the Lord, but with the help of many great friends who believe in the call and are open to sowing into the destinies of others. It was a joy and a privilege to have a week to soak in the open heavens and learn from some of my favorite authors. It was on the 10 hour drive that I popped in a weekend conference set of CDs featuring Shawn Boltz as well as Danny and Sheri Silk. Danny and Sheri were teaching on parenting and I was blown away! These people are a power couple for the Kingdom of God and they both minister with such love and wisdom. Being at Bethel, it took me a few days to pinpoint what was different at their church... it was the tangible Father's heart that you could FEEL and SEE... it was a Culture of Honor, in place and at work!

So, I was excited to see Culture of Honor by Danny Silk on our SOAR reading list! I had read through it once with my small yet powerful group of Happy Intercessors – going through the book chapter by chapter. I thought I would simply browse through the book this month to remind myself of what I had read, however the Lord had other intentions! Instead of paging through the book, we found ourselves in the midst of some big family issues that forced us to actually LIVE OUT the book on a daily basis… actually activating this teaching and reminding ourselves to cultivate and sow into a culture of honor. While reading the material you know it is life changing and powerful, but that does not compare to the grace and supernatural uplifting of the Lord that comes when you literally choose to honor and love in the midst of circumstances, instead of turning to fear and punishment.

Danny has the incredible ability to put into words the feelings and thoughts that you secretly dare to hope can be true, but he does it with authority and assurance because simply put - he lives it! He has helped to cultivate and govern a culture of honor not only in his marriage and home, not only in his church, but also in his community and the Body at large! He stirs up excitement and hope and backs it up with testimony and experience. This CAN be done!

The first time I read through (and underlined) each chapter - I thought, "This is great... how in the WORLD can we implement this?" The second time I paged through the book, I realized that every day – it is a choice! We can CHOOSE to live in a culture of honor, or not. Some days – the choice is easy, and on others, it will take determination and drive – but it IS possible!

I am blessed to have many of the things discussed in this book already in play in my own home, and in smaller groups of fellowship... I desire to see it on a larger scale and I desire to see my community change and experience freedom. I loved the section on developing a Kingdom mindset and how Danny taught on the different points of view from the lower, middle, and upper class. I thought it tied in nicely to Kris’ message and book on being a Prince and not a pauper. Every chapter in Culture of Honor is powerful and full of revelation - but there is one chapter that pulled all the others together for me... it is a chapter that, if activated in your own life and your own relationships, will help all the other chapters fall into place. The chapter entitled Kingdom Confrontation is filled with life application ways to impart honor into your home, your family, your circle of friends. In spelling out the goals of confrontation, Danny shows us that it’s not only possible but good to confront in a healthy way and in doing it correctly, the confrontation will bring empowerment, not domination! It’s all about love, freedom, respect, and responsibility.

This book will challenge you to operate in greater grace, deeper love, and more glory. It will cause you to hunger for Kingdom government, for Heaven on earth, and it will stir up faith to know and believe that it can be done! It is not easy… but it is so worth it! Cultivate a Culture of Honor in your home, your church, your city... it can start with you!



  1. I came across your blog when I was researching the false teachings of Bill Johnson and his church, Bethel. Sister, this man and his teachings are dangerous!! You would do well to heed what you are listening to. He does not teach sound doctrine! He and the others he hangs out with take all of the control of God and presume to weild it themselves! And they teach you to do the same. He is a manipulator, elitist, and practices spiritual abuse. Please think through and pray for discernment! My ex-husband is really wrapped up in this and it caused great division in our marriage. It is very sadd. It's not about 'bringing the kingdom'or whatever it is that you call it -- the only thing it's about is spreading 'the gospel' and telling others of Christ!!

  2. Mountain Girl - I am sorry for your experience and feelings regarding Bethel, Bill Johnson personally, and the teachings in general.

    I have been a Christian for all of my adult life, am a student of the Word, and I've been to Redding myself. I have several friends either attending there or on staff... I love and respect each of them and they assure me that my impressions from afar are very much spot on. I have an extremely hard time associating any of the words you used to describe Bill with him or any of the people I know who are in ministry with him. I have found no spirit of control but only freedom and releasing at Bethel. They focus on the Lord and allow Him to show up and move. I think we will have to agree to disagree but I do so thank you for your heart and speaking out what you feel. I know you did it out of concern and I appreciate that.

    I pray that the Lord continue to lead and guide you in all things!


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