March 6, 2007

The Mountain of Greatness!

Climbing Mount Greatness
As we entered worship today in Prayer,
I saw in my mind's eye a woman,
dressed for success, strong & anointed,
loaded down with every good gift.
She was attempting to climb up a mountain.
On her way up the steep mountainside,
she passed by several people on their way back down.
She wondered how they ever made it to the top
unprepared, & apparently without the needed equipment.
They would look her in the eye, & she would say,
"I'm headed for Greatness! I am on the path that leads to the top of the mountain!"
They would simply nod, & smile, & keep on moving downward.
She wondered why they were headed back down, instead of camping out at the top.
Maybe without their gifts, they were unable to make it all the way,
or possibly they made it, but their Greatness was short lived.
She was glad that she had thought ahead to pack up all her gifts.
Hiking the trail was difficult in her attire - but she was dressed for success
& she would be ready for Greatness when she reached the top!
Several times, someone would stop her & ask,
"Why are you taking all of those things with you!? Isn't it slowing you down?"
She would seemingly ponder the question & answer,
"Oh, these things!? These are the gifts that God has blessed me with!
These will be used on the top of Mount Greatness!
They are vital to my success!"
With that answer, the person would smile & continue on the pathway.
After several times, the Climber was able to see Jesus in each person who would stop her.
It was revealed to her that these people were each Jesus Himself.
The next time He stopped her, He approached her without a disguise
& He asked again,
"Why are you taking all of those gifts?"
She answered again,
"Because You have called me to Greatness
& given me these gifts!"
"This is true! But I desire to use these gifts in you as a SURPRISE!
They are IN YOU! You do not need to put them on on the outside!
Do not wear them & use them to bring attention & draw a crowd.
The temptation for Self Promotion will be greater
when you hike this mountain carrying your gifts for all to see!
They are yours to use...
(For My gifts & My call are irrevocable.
I never withdraw them from you once they are given,
& I don't change My mind about those
to whom I give Grace or to whom I send My call.)
but I desire that you will use them only when I ask you to.
You will notice that many have passed you on your way up the Mountain!
They have been to the top.
They too were called & destined for Greatness.
In reaching the Top,
many have found that the gifts they packed up the mountain,
would not be brought back down.
They are not, however, coming down empty handed or in defeat.
They are being SENT to Greatness.
There is Blessing on the Top,
but Greatness on the Bottom!
We are all destined for Greatness!
He has gifted each of us with Giftings & Callings
that He will not take away.
However, often times we can get puffed up in our anointings
& carry our gifts on the outside!
We desire to do great things for God
& that is a good thing!
He desires to work through us to do great things as well
so we are in agreement with Him.
Our flesh often will rise up & want to share in the recognition
& gain promotion & acknowledgement
when we move in what He has called us to do.
There is such a balance between Pride & Humility...
it is our hearts' desire to bring Him Praise & Honor...
We want to step out of the way & let Him move,
but so often our fleshly desire for Greatness
can lead to Pride or an unwillingness to wait on God.
We think we know the way...
after all - it is a Mountain & the way is Up!
But in the Kingdom of God,
the way up - is down!
I pray He calls you to Greatness & uses your gifts
to Surprise those around you!
Walk in Humility, Bring Him Honor,
Stand Amazed at the View from the Top,
AND the View from the Bottom!

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