April 10, 2007

High Places and Pits connected!

(Photo above is of the altar "To the Unknown God" located in Rome)

It's been an interesting couple of weeks...
full of Spring & newness & you can feel Change
in the air! I can feel it in the Spirit as well.

I strongly believe that we are now entering a season
of such rapid growth and advancement,
that we will look back over this year in retrospect
& be astounded at all the God has done
in such a short amount of time!

It is an exciting time... and yet,
I am not one that quickly embraces change.
In fact, as I began to sense Change approaching,
I also felt a bit of uneasiness and reluctance.
To be honest, I am really just tired of feeling
unsettled & uprooted - while having really not
relocated or gone very far (at least in the natural?!)
Also, I was just last week reflecting on my life
and was literally just thanking and praising God
for my life and this season. I love my life.
I am blessed beyond measure... beyond reason...
I love the order of my days, the ministries I am involved in,
the relationship I have with my husband, and my daughter...
I am blessed with close family and great friends.
I have been very aware of these things lately.
I am humbled and in awe that He loves me
so much to let me live this life that some may
look at and consider 'small' or 'middle class'
& wonder why I feel so rich!

So... the other night, when I could not sleep
I tossed & turned for longer than I should have
before realizing that the Lord had an assignment for me.
I got up and began to pray.
I prayed in the Spirit for some time...
then, moved on to other prayers for people
& situations that I could think of.
There was not anything specific that I felt burdened to pray for.

In times past, after praying in the Spirit, God would reveal to me
what I was praying for... however, this was not happening...
so - without feeling a release - I pressed through.
It felt like I was actually covering a number of things in prayer.
There would be times of deep intercession & intensity,
times of joy & victory... times of heaviness & urgency...

In the end, God sent me to 2 Chronicles
where it sums up King Jehoshaphat's' reign.
The verse that stood out to me during prayer was
"He walked in the ways of his father Asa & did not stray from them;
he did what was right in the eyes of the LORD.
The high places, however, were not removed,
& the people still had not set their hearts
on the God of their fathers." 2 Chronicles 20:32-33

I find it interesting that after it goes on to say that his reign
is recorded in the book of the kings of Israel,
it talks about how the king aligns himself up with a wicked ruler
& God tells him that because he did that,
the Lord would destroy the works
& not allow their plans to succeed.
The next chapter tells us that King Jehoshaphat
rested with his fathers... he died?!
Hmmm... so - maybe there was a connection
with the high places that were not destroyed,
& his aligning himself with King Ahaziah.
We can so easily forget that there are
unseen forces at work either for us
or against us all the time!
We must pray through & ask God to reveal to us
our own High Places that need to be destroyed!

Basically - the Lord spoke to me the following morning

& said that often times - our 'pits' & the enemies 'high places'
are one & the same! This is cool because, here at home,
we are just beginning Beth Moore's new book
called "Get out of that Pit!"

I believe that the season that we are just now entering into
will be a season of change... a season of rapid growth...
but in order for us to step into all that God has planned for us,
we'll need to take care of those High Places...
we'll need to go back & deal with the pit that we so often
find ourselves at the bottom of again & again.

When I asked the Lord today at Prayer how we were to go about this,
He reminded me again of the Power of the Blood...
the power of PLEADING the Blood - in faith, not fear!
He reminded me that there is power in our words
& we simply must pay attention to what is coming out of our mouths!
I heard a voice ask, "Where do you go to climb out of your pit?
Where do you go to tear down the enemies high places?"
& immediately I knew... we run to The Cross!

It's when we fall again at the foot of the Cross...
when we realize yet again our need for Him
& the greatness of our God...
when we think of His Love and Sacrifice...
& we look up on the Cross...
His Blood flows down and covers us,
and we know that we know
that we are in His hands.
Whatever Changes may come,
we can rest assured that He is aware & at work...
IN us, THROUGH us, & FOR us!!!

May you find the way out of your Pit...
by tearing down the High Places
that the enemy has set up in your life...
& may the Shadow of the Cross be your guide!

And maybe, just maybe...
"a Change is gonna do (us) good"?!


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