July 19, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 53 (+ Winners announced!)

I can't believe we had over 400 entries to win the Giveaways in celebration last week of our One Year Anniversary! (...turns out EVERYONE loves Books and Coffee, I guess!) 

Technically, I am still on a Summer/Semi-Bloggy Break but mostly that means I get to be the boss of me and I decide when I want to write and when I don't!  Well - that is sort of how it goes... mostly, really, I stop deciding and get back to letting God decide! We are still (re)learning this balance and most days I love the freedom and unplugged-ness of it all! But then there are the other days when I long for routine and the tapping out of words, forming thoughts, and bringing clarity and preaching to my own self here, in this space.  But I force myself to not sit in this chair on those days and I am remembering how He loves to just spend time with me... just to spend time! Not always with an agenda or something that needs to be shared and typed out!  

Still... you know I love to read All The Things... so here is a Gathering of Awesome, in case you too have been sitting in front of a screen a little less lately! (Oh how I hope you have!)

Happy Reading!
Enjoy! (Ya'll know to click on the authors' names to read their whole posts, yes?)

* This one by Barbie Swihart over at My Freshly Brewed Life on Journey To The High Places: The Invitation*...
"Going from the known to the unknown is often very frightening.  The idea of being changed though difficulty and danger can make us tremble. However, God promises that He will help us and that His Word will make the necessary provisions in our hearts so we can walk the way He chooses for us."

*Barbie is leading her readers through a book study of  Hinds Feet on High Places over at her place and so you are invited to re-read along or discover for the first time... she will be sharing what speaks to her as well as opening up some conversations! I highly (ahem) recommend this! 

* This one by Kelli Woodford over at Chronicles of Grace on Being Prayer...
"I believe I will sit here until the light becomes the dark. A little longer, maybe. And watch it all go by. Because is it ever okay to just practice the art of being? Not remembering, not focusing. No solving or communicating. Without decisions and free of plans. Words hushed, silent before the invitation

just to be."

This post by Logan Wolfram on the Dog Days of Summer...
"Mostly, I have had a zillion things to write about, but have given myself the freedom to just not.  Sometimes our “no’s” make way for more “yesses.”  And when I’m old and gray, I feel sure that the things I’ll remember most, are the yesses that I say to the people around me…" 

* This post by Jennie Allen on No More Dismissing Your Power...

It’s not about you. Whether it is feelings of inadequacy or a power trip- both shut down the building.

Take Initiative. Because we have been given much. Use your voice, resources, freedom, grace.

For Others. What are the needs you see? We are given power for the good of others."

* This post by Jen Hatmaker answers the question "Are You Taking My Message?" - A post from Rwanda...
"The correlation between poverty and lack of justice is astronomical – it shakes the foundations of human security, fostering abuse, fear, victimization, and despair.

But like the IJM team explained, no community need convict every crime to affect change. Engineer one, then four, then ten convictions, and you If predators begin to fear prosecution from their legal system as well abegin changing the equation of fear: Who will be afraid? The abused child? Or the perpetrator? If predators begin to fear prosecution from their legal system as well as outrage from their community (IJM educates churches, local leaders, healthcare workers, and parents toward this end), then justice for the oppressed is absolutely within our reach.

These victims will rise up to tell a better story."

* This post by Jennifer Dukes Lee At the End of a Long Week, A Bit of Encouragement For Brave Souls...
"Brave isn’t always about adrenaline rushes, or power trips, or life-defying leaps into the unknown.

Bravery isn’t about being fearless. It’s about being less controlled by your fear.

* This one right HERE where I join in with Lisa-Jo Baker and the Five Minute Friday crew, writing on "Bloom"...
"I loved how a simple change in perspective made us see these flowers differently. I had to prove to My Honey that there were from our garden.  They look so big... and so amazing, wrapped up in glorious morning light... standing up tall and giving praise.  It's a reminder that this is how He sees me... us... wild and free, and yet planted and in full bloom!   Let it be so, Lord!"

And of course... the video... because that's how we roll... now... now you can not hate it when this tune gets stuck in your head! (You're welcome!)

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

Our Giveaway Winners:

(1) $25.00 Amazon Gift Card:
Fruit Bearer

(1) $25.00 Amazon Gift Card:
Laurie Byrne

(1) $10.00 Starbucks Gift Card:
Kaitlyn Bouchillon

(1) $10.00 Starbucks Gift Card:
Jennifer Westrom Peterson

Congratulations to all of our Winners!
So did you find any Awesome posts or articles that you read this week? Please share in the comments below!


  1. Good stuff! Thank you for sharing my book study. Congratulations to the winners!

  2. Thank you!! And I am so glad you do this-- I missed some of these post this week!!

  3. Congratulations to the winners. Thanks for sharing these favorites! Thanks for coming by my FMF Bloom post. My daughters quilt was a Blessing to make. I love to quilt!
    Have a great week. And enjoy writing 'when you want to'


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