July 5, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 51

VOLUME 51, ya'll!  Can you even believe it?

That means that next week will mark one year of hooking you up with all kinds of Awesome!  Each week I tend to read a crazy incredible amount of inspiring blog posts and articles online and it occurred to me one day (about a year ago) that not everyone has the time or desire to scour the interwebs for all kinds of Awesome.  I hated the thought of some of these words not being inhaled down deep and fully consumed... sure, some of the people listed here have their own following and are 'big name' bloggers, but many have a smaller gathering, and either way, their words have touched my heart!

So... because I am all about celebrations and Anniversaries and All. the. Bloggers (and Books.) I am thinking we better come up with some sort of fun way to commemorate our One Year Anniversary together! Don't you agree?

My Semi-Bloggy Break continues, but this thing we have here has been going on every week for nearly a year and you know how I just can't quit you!  So... come back next week and I will have come up with something super fun to help us celebrate! Until then... here are the finds that touched my heart this week!

Happy Reading!
Enjoy! (Ya'll know to click on the authors' names to read their whole posts, yes?)

* This one by Jennifer Lee on What Your Heart Needs to Know About Your Feet... and Your Fishing...
"But at some point, you’ve got to find what home is — a place where you can live in the present, without fear of tomorrow or regret of yesterday."

This post by Nancy W. Carroll over at Inspero on Re-Thinking Calling and Creativity...
"A calling has more to do with identity and belonging than with productivity and duty, being more than doing." (This one was posted in May, but I just now stumbled upon it and it is gold!)

* This post by my friend Emily Wierenga over at Lisa-Jo Bakers blog with 7 Reasons Every Woman Should Love Her Body (plus a Giveaway!)
"...having kids who squeal when I enter a room and a husband who begs me to walk in the garden with him when the kids are in bed—this has taught me something about what it is to be loved.

But it’s still hard to look in the mirror.

Isn’t this most of us, mothers? We don’t look at ourselves, do we? And when we do, we cringe—our daughters seeing it all."

* This post by Laura Tremaine over at Hollywood Housewife about how facebook posts are the new bumper stickers...
"People are mean online. If you don’t know every nuance of every issue, you’re dismissed, often in a condescending and demeaning way. Crazy people attack strangers on twitter and their family members on facebook. Most rational people are somewhat gun shy (pardon the pun) about expressing their controversial opinion online, and now even that respectful hesitation is judged."

* This post by Robin Dance over at A Deeper Story with The Church of a Southern Front Porch...
"I might have stumbled over my words like a drunk floundering for his next step, but I couldn’t resist the God in this moment.  Even as I prayed, I begged for my words to be the “right” ones, mostly for God to reveal himself undeniably in and through these circumstances.  I wondered if Stu thought it odd that I prayed for his healing last.

* This one by Emily Freeman over at A Holy Experience on What You Have to Do to Come to Peace with This Season of Your Life...
"While half of the world was lit up for the longest day, the other half settled in shadow for the shortest.

If God had made the world straight up and down, we would have no seasons or change; just the sun shining straight at the equator all year around.

Instead, He chose to tilt it on His axis, making a way for strawberries, red leaves, quiet snow, raging hurricanes, spring showers, and sunflowers standing high in salute.

The tilt made a way for long light as well as long darkness.

The tilt made a way for change."

* This one by Jon Acuff with What if you don't fit in a box? ... 
"Sometimes, I feel the pressure to be funny all the time.

If social media is a dance, then humor is the lady who brought me through the door.

But I want to write business books that help people chase their dreams too and classes that dare you to hustle.

And poetry.

And tweets that are about none of the above.

* This one by Glennon Doyle over at Momastery with an updated #tbt post, Begin Again...
"Life is hard. Not because I am doing it wrong, just because it’s hard. But I know, deep down, that it’s all a gift. Every excruciating experience – each is an invitation to walk deeper into truth, into life. And that’s what’s happening to me today. I’m growing – I can feel it. And I am going to be okay – not because of any decisions I make or don’t make, but because of the grace of God."

* This one right HERE where I jump on board a Writers Blog Hop and answer 4 Questions on Writing (as well as introduce you to three of my favorite Bloggy friends!) in Oh, the Irony... 
"I reluctantly admit that I am much more comfortable just sticking with a routine... however, He is calling me to set aside a bit more 'unscheduled' time to simply be with Him... to lean in and not just push through! I am entering uncharted territory and while my comfort zone may be to just keep on keepin' on, He is calling me to slow down and wait!"

And of course... the video... because that's how we do! So - representing All. The. Feels. - I will offer you TWO videos because I fell in love with both of them! One will make you cry... and one will make you cry as you are laughing hysterically - or maybe that's just me? Enjoy!

(and to switch things up drastically... and give you a different sort of cry... and despite the name, it's safe to watch...)

So - what did you think? Had you read these yourself already?  

Had you seen those videos already?  

Don't forget to come back next week for some One Year Anniversary celebrating!


  1. Anonymous7:44 AM

    You picked so many good ones this week! I love Emily Wierenga and of course Emily Freeman. I'm reading her book A Million Little Ways right now. Such blessings all wrapped up in these wonderful words! Happy weekend!

    1. Oh Mary I am so glad that you are reading Emily's book! (Have you read Grace for the Good Girl yet? - also by Emily... I highly recommend that one as well!) Check back here next week... I am interviewing Emily and will post it soon! <3

      And don't forget to come back next Saturday for our One Year Anniversary of That Thing I Do Now... (Hint... there will be books and coffee!) :)

  2. Thank you for sharing the gold you find. Most of these I have not seen. Or perhaps they are in my reader, behind hundred of others. Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Oh that love/hate connection with our beloved readers!!! Always happy to hook you up! There is so much Gold to be found... I enjoy highlighting some of my favorites from the week! Don't forget to come back next week to help celebrate our One Year Anniversary of That Thing I Do Now!

  3. You? Blessed my socks clean off. THANK YOU for including me in this incredible round-up, Karrilee. I've been offline way more than on for a while, so to pop on, see this wonderful company of writers, and catch a broader glimpse of YOU? A precious way to end my evening.


    1. And You? You bless me right back! (and that video you posted on your blog... of you talking about what your Mama taught you... girl... so powerful and true!)


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