July 10, 2014

A Work in Progress...Summer Wind

I know...

It's like I keep saying I am on a Bloggy break, but I just can't stay away!

This is an unusual offering... a work in progress... a(n eventual) Spoken Word...

Summer Wind

Wind Chimes Dance & Curtains Flutter
with a cool morning Summer Breeze
And it's crisp & refreshing
And it awakens me to a
Ripple effect of Thanksgiving.

Counting Gifts
As I stretch & turn
And list them off
One by one
Before I even open my eyes.

I'm thankful for the 
Whispered Caress of Thin Air
before the Sun Heats it,
making it Thick and Heavy.

I'm thankful for the Birds chirping,
the Cat purring,
and even the low hum of traffic,
down the road.

It's all keeping time,
like a metronome of blessings,
waking me to the
Rhythm of an
Summer Day. 

With all her lack of routine
And non-bossy ways,
Laid back & relaxed
In this Nest that is Emptiest
in these Weekday Waking hours. 

I open my eyes
& continue giving thanks
As my Bible is open
& the coffee is brewed,
Letting this Summer Wind
do it's work in me,
Blowing away
what's Dried Up
And Swirling around
all the Seeds of Possibility!

I haven't always
Leaned in to the Wind...
The thought of Change
And Wind-Blown hair
hasn't always offered Freedom,
But, oh, on these
Wide Open, Unplanned
Summer Days...

(See? I'm still enjoying a slower pace, more grace, and a non-bossy schedule!)

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  1. Karrilee I'm so thankful that you can't stay away and shared this beautiful post with us!! Love you!

    1. LOL! Thanks Jennifer! You know me... I may have intentions of staying away... but some days I can't go on to anything else until I sit here and tap out my heart! Love you right back!

  2. This is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!! Love you!

  3. So glad you shared this!

    1. Thanks Barbie! Hope you are having an amazing weekend! Praying for you!

  4. Beautiful! I love how your heart flows so eloquently onto the "page"

  5. Just beautiful Karrilee! Thank you for brightening my Saturday.

  6. ...a metronome of blessings. I'm married to a musician and those words painted so clearly the counting of blessings. These words are so beautiful--my soul was refreshed. ~Pamela

    1. My Honey is a musician too... when that phrase came out, I loved it for all the same reasons! So glad you were refreshed! Thanks for stopping by Pamela!

  7. I love this! I begin talking to God before I open my eyes but it's usually to ask for His strength to get me through the day...perhaps I should change my attitude and begin with thanksgiving! Thank you for this reminder to have a grateful heart!

    1. Oh Carrie - believe me - I have those days too! But I am finding the whole day goes better when I remember to start and end (and all the in between time too) with giving thanks! #1000gifts

  8. Anonymous8:46 AM

    It's beautiful Karrilee! Thanks for breaking your blogging break and sharing it with us at Testimony Tuesday! I think I need to take a break too after last week being so crazy! Experiencing some summer breezes might be just the refreshing I need! :-)

    1. Thanks so much Holly! It really does sound like you need a little summer breeze blowing in! Good busy is still busy! Breathe deep, my friend! xoxo

  9. Reallly beautiful Karrilee! Reading it is like the whisking in of fresh summer air.

    1. Well that is just one of the best compliments ever! I feel that way whenever I go to Emily Freemans' space so I just love that! (And who doesn't need a whisking in of frresh summer air from time to time, right?) Thanks so much for stopping by!


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