October 24, 2012

Reason 24...to Fall for Autumn: The Pumpkin Patch!

OK... I will be honest...
I was holding on to this one Day Reason
in hopes of talking my not-so-lil'-pumpkin
into a trip back in time,
& a Saturday spent
at a Pumpkin Patch!

                                                                                         Circa 1999                           

she is super busy with SATs, college aps,
work schedules, & DECA meetings!
We just haven't managed to get there yet!

But - come on!? - who doesn't love
a Pumpkin Patch in the Fall?
A flashback to petting zoos,  & hay rides,
picking out pumpkins, face painting,
pumpkin donuts, hot chocolate...
We used to make a day of it,
which provided for TONS
of photo op's!

Of course - that was a few computers ago
& I was unable to locate more snapshots of 
our times spent there.

There is something about being out in the dirt,
that helps to reconnect you.
Spending a day -
slower, filled with fun & laughter,
walking around a harvest of seeds
planted, & tended to well,
stirs up our sense of wonder & trust.
It strengthens our ties,
& loosens our stress.
For me, the colors of Fall come alive there,
& the joy & giggles of discovery
stir me up to
once again

If you are able -
I highly encourage you
to make the drive
- however long or short -
& spend an Autumn Day outside
with family & friends,
in a Pumpkin Patch.

Even as I write this out,
I realize - I must simply make the time!
Surely the little nieces & nephews
will want to go...
& that will help to talk my girlie
into carving out a little time!

P.S. - See? Not so little anymore?

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