October 27, 2012

Reason 27 to fall for Autumn (31 Days): School Supplies!

I had to look back over
what I have counted already,
& was surprised that I had not yet discussed this...
maybe because I didn't want to get nostalgic,
seeing that this was (possibly?) the last Fall for us
to buy Back to School supplies!

I love that in the midst of all the Changes of Autumn,
comes that lovely excitement of NEW...
New Backpacks...
New Crayons...
(ok - that one has been awhile?)
New Notebook Paper & Pencils,
New note cards, New Pee Chees & Binders...

Just the mere mention of the scent
of a newly opened Crayola box
takes me back & brings tears to my eyes...
It reassures me!
Even with the slowing-down-hesitancy of the unknown...
the not knowing what the changes bring,
there is the nostalgia of years past,
the it-turned-out-great's...
the I-met-my-best-friend-in-that-class memories
that give us - no, that GIFT us -
a chance to let loose of the grip of worry,
& instead lean in to a bit of Excitement!

Autumn, if we allow it, is choked FULL of Anticipation...
of NEW Adventures, & NEW Possibilities!

There is promise of future days to come
in a stack of still-stuck-together ruled notebook paper.
Creativity awaits in boxes of
watercolor pencils, crayons, & new erasers...
Yes - Creativity in New Erasers...
it's a call to jump in... give it a try...
It's OK if you need a Do Over...

This life - this Fall - this season of Gifts & Blessings,
I believe, is truly meant... truly sent -
to stir up in us a sense of Expectation & Glory!

Just as we are called to venture out into the unknown,
we can rest assured that He truly DOES supply
all of our needs, according to HIS riches in glory.
And when He gives us Supplies...
we are well equipped!
YOU are well equipped, my friend!

Let go... & Lean in!

(Now you KNOW I am fighting the urge to photograph piles of school supplies
but by now - they are all opened and are being put to good use - which simply means
that adventures are well on their way!)

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  1. You are too cute. I'm soaking in your joyful anticipation...


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