October 1, 2012

31 Reasons to Fall for Autumn

Here we are... October 1st.
Summer is officially over.
Fall has begun.
As much as I love the
freedom & unplanned days of summer,
the sunshine & flip flops, the iced tea
& the stays-light-'til-late nights,
Fall is my favorite!
The return of routine & day planners,
the crisp mornings & glory in trees,
the boots & scarves needed.
I love the return of burning candles
& sipping (hot) caffeinated goodness.
I have come to realize my
long rooted love for Autumn
was a tricky way that the Lord has brought
to an awareness & shifting to really love Change.
After all - that is what I really love about Fall!
Fall is chocked FULL of changes!

So that is the underlying overall theme...
embrace Change.
Run towards it... don't be afraid!
When Jesus said He came to give us life,
& life more abundantly
- I think He meant what He said!
We are to be living a great adventure!
Yes - one that comes with daily lives,
laundry, & heavy responsibilities...
but LIFE nonetheless! 

On this - Day One - of 31 Reasons
to Fall for Autumn...
look to the cooler crisp mornings...
a refreshing that awakens & energizes.
I love the Autumn mornings...
not cold enough to see your breath,
but chilly enough for rosy cheeks
& maybe an extra layer!

  Breathe in His goodness in the Autumn morning...
embrace what He's doing on the inside of you,
as you see what He's doing on the outside - all around you!


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