October 11, 2012

Day 11 - For the Love of SCARVES!!!

Day 11... well - 'Reason' 11...
OK - by now, you get it!
It's 31 days - but really - 31 Reasons
"...to Fall for Autumn!"

So... here it is...
Reason #11:

I'm not sure how it is
that I have
of Scarves
- but can't find many
pictures of them...
or me, IN them...
surely I wear them...

I do... I really do!
I have Fall Scarves,
Winter Scarves,
Even Spring
(& sometimes Summer)

They add a splash of color...
accessorize while being
(usually) practical.
It can dress up
or down an outfit,
but I think one of the
main reasons,
if I am honest,
behind why
I LOVE Scarves
is, ...well, it is something
to 'hide' behind!
It helps to cover...
to protect...
to keep warm...
They tie things together
& make a statement,
boldly, yet softly... gently...
like an old friend
who knows your intent,
even if your heart is
not speaking clearly.

You know how I am by now
& know that I love to take every day things
& tie them to a deeper meaning...
As I stated yesterday,
Fall can come at us quickly,
& wrapping up in a scarf
reminds me that I am safe...
that whatever is around the corner,
He's got me covered
& even when it feels like the
Wind of Change
is cutting deep with frozen intent,
He's got my back...
He will keep me safe & warm...

One of my new (yes... new?!)
favorite scarves was purchased from
it's not only an amazing scarf,
but it helps to support
a worthy cause!

Scarves make a GREAT gift...
Click HERE to purchase
a gorgeous scarf from DaySpring
On sale today...
(I am not affiliated...
just trying to share
my love of scarves!)

Happy Fall!

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