October 26, 2012

Reason (Day) #26 to fall for Autumn... (of #31Days)

It's the calm before the storm...
the quiet before the chaos.
It's the Take-a-Breath
before you're Breathless!

I LOVE October...
because of all the Fall yumminess, yes - 
but also because I see the changes outside,
& reflect to see how I have changed on the inside.
I can see the changing colors
& I pull out the Autumn decorations, knowing
- just KNOWING -
what lies around the corner!

My very favorite holiday
- hands down - is Thanksgiving!
Hands. Down.
I love that even in our over-stimulated, rush around,
multi-tasking, too-busy-to-breathe life,
we still take a day to slow down, to spend time together
- really T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R,
& think about things & circumstances & people
for whom we are truly thankful!

It doesn't matter if your tradition is HUGE & over the top,
or quiet & laid back...
if it is crowded-around-tables,
or cuddled-up-in-a-corner-seat...
it may only last for a second
- but it's part of the tradition to stop
- and give thanks!

I love all of that!  
I attempt to live all of that!
I try to maintain a spirit of Thanksgiving year round
& I was counting blessings long before 
I began to call them Gifts... 
(thanks Ann!)

I love that before the
rush of Christmas,
we take time to
hush in giving thanks...

& I love that even before Thanksgiving,
Autumn captures our attention 
& our hearts (if we'll let it)
where we can reflect, slow down,
drink in all that Glory-Falling-in-Trees

& remember that He is good...

that He is God...

& that everything changes!

Day Reason 26 to fall for Autumn:
The calmness that comes
before the chaos of the holidays...
the call to quiet yourself,
stop - look - listen...
Reflect on where you are,
where you've been,
and where He is taking you!

Sip something cozy...
sit back... 
give thanks with me
early this year!



  1. I love, love, LOVE how you captured autumn here. It's my favorite season, and I so relate when you said, "Hands down" Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday - mine, too :-) Only in the last several years, though, as I'm learning to be more aware of the gifts I have on a daily basis. Thank you for sharing this beauty with us.

  2. Beautiful! I'm ready for those pretty fall leaves to hit our state.


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