October 21, 2012

Ahh - the return of Fall recipes - warm & comforting!

So... if you don't count the posts
surrounding coffee, or foodie SCENTS
- it's pretty amazing that we are already
on Day Reason 21 and I am just now
getting to Fall food!?

Now I know that a LOT of
Fall Food is also known as
Comfort Food
but I have been trying to
eat healthier and have also
come to really love and crave
other Fall foods...
not just the Pot Roast or Lasagna,
but the endless choices of
Homemade Soups and Chili...
not just the Mashed Potatoes,
but the roasted fall veggies
that are fresh and in season!

What is it about the weather turning colder
that stirs up the need for comfort and something 
that warms us and stirs up a sense of home?

When it is hot and breathless outside,
we long for something
cool and refreshing...
but when it is frosty and frozen,
we desire something that
will cut through the cold
and thaw us from the inside out!

You know I could turn this into a post
about how God is our great Comforter,
and HE feeds and nourishes us...
how we tend to look everywhere else first,
 to satisfy our cravings,
when He is really the only One
who ever really could!
But - I am not going to do that...
do you know why?
Because it is quite literally
dinnertime here
and it is simmering on the stove
as I click away at this keyboard...
the family is circling the table,
awaiting full plates, and full hearts.
It IS, afterall
Sunday night!
(ANOTHER reason I love Fall...
after the busyness of summer
and everyone out and about,
Autumn brings the return of routine,
and homework and dinnertime,
and yes - even bedtime!)

For Dessert?

Oh yes.. Pumpkin...
that may just warrant it's OWN post!


P.S. As a somewhat Foodie
- you KNOW I have pictures of meals,
but I thought I would have mercy
and NOT try to entice you!
(Your welcome!)

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