October 20, 2012

Reason 20 to Fall for Autumn: Orchards!

Here we are, already on Day Reason 20
in our 31 Days series and I can't believe
I have yet to talk about Apples!
I live in Washington State, after all,
and Apples are everywhere!
But - more specifically,
Apple Orchards!
Oh... I love them!

I love the way they look,
and smell when the trees
are heavy with fruit,
and I love what they represent...
a Harvest of Goodness
arriving Fresh
in the Fall!

In my town,
we are surrounded
with Orchards.
All kinds really... 
but it's driving through
the outskirts of town,
around the curves,
and up and down
the hills,
where I stumble
upon such
as this:

How can you look at this,
and not Fall for Autumn?
At least just a tiny bit...
It's such a picture
of God's Provision...
the trees twist and turn
with the winds
and the leaves are turning
from green to Glory,
and the Fruit makes them
Heavy with Blessing!

Is that not like our God?

Happy Fall!

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