October 6, 2012

31 Reasons to Fall for Autumn... (Day 6)

OK... I know... but honestly, a big part of WHY I love Fall
is wrapped around all the coziness of layers & warmth
& (finally) actually wanting to bundle up & stay warm
vs. trying to stay cool & who doesn't LOVE
a new pair of boots, anyway?

I actually thought of Fall & Boots
& my love of them together yesterday,
while out on a photo shoot - where I got chilled
& found myself wishing for a jacket & some socks!
"Socks would be GREAT right about now!" I thought.
"Socks, and a  cozy sturdy pair of boots!"
I made the poor decision to just slip on the shoes
that were closest to the door on my way out
& paid for it by cold toes & slipping around
as I positioned myself for the photo's.

Boots help to keep you warm...
they cover & protect & support!
Shoes are a vital piece of our Full Armor:
"...having shod your feet with the
preparation of the gospel of peace..."
(Ephesians 6:15)
Does this not sound like a
nice pair of boots to you?  

Yesterday as I was carefully maneuvering
around rocks & gravel & dirt...
I realized Boots would have been the way to go!
How much bolder are we,
when we know that we are covered?
How much more confident is our walk
when we remember that He protects us?
When we walk in the way &
 direction that He opens up for us,
we DO walk in Peace...
we walk in & we give it away!
Sometimes, boots take a bit more
time & effort to put on,
but once in place,
it frees us to follow His lead
- wherever it takes us!

So the next time your feet get chilled,
or you are pulling on a pair of boots,
think of how He calls us to walk boldly...
knowing that He is our covering
& our Comforter...
He is our Guide...
all things are in His hands...
so walk in Peace,
& follow His lead!


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