October 18, 2012

#18 Reason to Fall for Autumn: Passing Away of the Old

Yesterday I posted about
keeping the home fires burning...
remembering the past while focusing on the good
and expecting the best in the future.
Choosing to speak Life, speak Love, speak Hope.

Some days that is easier said than done!
Some days - it is EASY to see the good;
the bright and cheery; the life and love and hope.

But other days, it is a challenge. It seems no matter what you look at,
there is something hanging overhead, interrupting your thoughts,
and getting in the way of your vision.

Some days it is a challenge to look past
that which is weighing heaviest on your heart.

Some days - some minute-by-minute days - make it seem impossible
to see pass the hurt, the disappointment, the sickness,
the dying of a dream, or loss of a friendship...

But it is THOSE days when we simply must remember,
there is Freedom in the Letting Go;

in the Laying it all Down;
in the Choosing to Move on.

Day Reason #18 to Fall for Autumn
is that Autumn gives us CONSTANT REMINDERS
of the Passing Away of the Old.

I mentioned yesterday that in Fall,
it can appear that things all around us are dead and dry.
Summer has gone... leaves fall to the ground...
Change comes at us whether we are ready for it...
wanting for it... or not.

Change comes.

It is so much easier to embrace the New
when we willingly lay down the Old.

Clenched fists vs. Open Hands.

It is in the midst of broken hearts,
gasping-for-air sobs,
and desperate loss-of-sight confusion,
that if we will but listen closely,
we can hear Him beckon us.
"Lay it down..."
"Let me trade you..."
"My yoke is easy..."

Praise comes more naturally
with open hands and open hearts!

The Passing Away of the Old
helps to make room for the Around the Corner New.
If it is holding you back... If it is keeping you down...
If it is eating away at you and causing you to feel
dead and dry... lay it down!
Just as the leaves fall from the branches
and flutter to the ground,
let it fall.

For when you come to Him with empty hands,
you can fully reach out to Him with an open heart!
Let the Wind of the Spirit
breathe in across your barren land,
and exhale a Release that stirs up in you
an excitement for adventure
and a hope for what is to come!
There is a certain rush
in Free Falling!

Falling with you,



  1. Richard Campbell8:17 AM

    This was on my memories from five years ago on Fb this morning...I needed to read it again today. It was what I needed to hear.

    1. God is so smart, isn't He? So glad it came up again --for you and me, both!


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