October 9, 2012

31 Reasons to Fall for Autumn... Day 9

Day ...well,
Reason #9 is simple...

With every new season,
nature sings His praises...
but there is something
Majestic about Autumn...
with Glory Dripping
from every tree!

 The whole earth is
filled with His Glory
& for me -
it's in the Fall that
this is most apparent!

How can one take
a walk to the mailbox,
drive to the store,
or simply get lost in thought
staring out a window
& NOT have your thoughts
turn towards God
when evidence of Change
is softly falling all around!

For me it is in the Autumn
that I learn again
to embrace Change 
by trusting the Change Maker!
I am reminded that even
as things seemingly
change randomly
with no order,
no rhyme or reason...
there is in fact
One in charge of Change
who is able to hold
my whole world
in the palm of His Hands.

I find as I lean in
to whatever it is that
He has in store for me,
not only do I reach out
in joy & expectation
for the unknown, the unseen,
the yet unrevealed...
but I find myself
being reached out to
by the One who
knows all things,
who has plans and a future
mapped out for me,
& loves me completely!

Embrace Change... 
& let Him embrace you!

Happy Fall!

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