October 28, 2012

Counting Reasons to Fall for Autumn... #28

I can't believe that we are nearing
the end of our 31 Days series here...
I didn't realize really what I was biting off,
especially committing to doing it
on both of my blogs,
but I have loved it!
Well - most days...
but on the days I was not so in love with it,
those are the best days!
On those days, I had to push myself beyond what I'm used to!
I felt a little bit more like a 'real' writer!
One with deadlines & no luxury of just not writing
if I was not feeling like writing,
or worse yet - if I could think of NOTHING to say...
nothing poetic, nothing clever...
No.  Thing.

Add to that,
the fact that on this PARTICULAR day,
I've been working on the computer for hours & hours
editing a wedding I photographed yesterday!
I'm ALMOST done with them...
but just remembered that I had yet to blog here.

Hoping for a bit of grace...
I have hinted at this -
but not actually called it out by name
(or number... or 'Reason')

Day Reason #28 to fall for Autumn:

Fall not only helps to usher in the holidays,
but Fall itself is filled with traditions!
Back to School (& Back to School SHOPPING!)
Fall walks, Football, Pumpkin Patch trips,
Decorations, Comfort Foods, Candy buying, Harvest festivals,
not to mention Halloween or Thanksgiving!

As the air crisps, & frost paints white
on windshields & rooftops
& it becomes visible as we exhale,
something not quite tangible warms our souls,
grabs hold of our perspective
& stirs up Nostalgia, Tradition,
& often a renewed Resolve...

We have a choice to pass down
the traditions that we have held on to!
Some of them are worthy of holding on to for sure...
some of them - however - are not!

We get the freedom to choose
& it is in the Fall when I reflect a bit,
& (re)decide which things
I want the next generation
to continue on!

What about you?
What traditions are you
gladly passing down?


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