October 15, 2012

31 Days - Reason 15 to Fall for Autumn

Let me start by admitting my love for (OK... addiction to) coffee...

If you know me 'in real life,' are friends with me on facebook, or read much of my blogs - this does not come as a surprise to you! In fact - Day Reason #3 was an ode to Pumpkin Spice Lattes - but when Fall officially makes it's appearance, it is a nice hot cup of TEA that I settle down with as I escape into a great book!

So Day Reason #15 go hand in hand (um - literally!?):

A Cup of Tea and a Good Read

With the Rainy weather, cooler temps, and rush of the return of full and bossy schedules, every now and then, a girl (and a guy) needs a little breaky!  There are so many great varieties of teas.. herbal, decaf, green, black, flavored... whatever you prefer to sip on as you pick up a book and wrap yourself in a story that is not your own.  A cup of tea and a book is a momentary escape to another world... a bit of entering into some rest... it can refresh and rejuvenate your soul - and your body!  Some of my favorite days of Fall involve a cup (...alright, let's be honest - cupS!) of tea and whatever is on the top of my current stack of books!

What is on YOUR stack of books to read right now?
Brew a cup (or a pot) of tea, sit down, cozy up with a great book,
and go ahead...
Fall for Autumn!


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