October 17, 2012

#17 Reason to Fall for Autumn... Keep the Home Fires Burning

In the house that I grew up in, 
we had a fireplace.

Some of my fondest winter memories
(remember, I love FALL -
not so much the cold cut of winter!)
are built around that fire,
hot chocolate (with marshmallows)
& peanut butter toast...
a pile of defrosting mittens & hats,
boots thrown off at the door...
the hearth filled with
frozen toes, & running noses,
giggles, & a gentle warming
from the inside out!

Even the phrase,
"Keep the home fires burning"
brings with it
comfort & warmth;
hope & security.

Now I know...
not everyone
has warm fuzzies
when reflecting back.
Some 'home fires'
need to be quenched,
or better yet, redeemed.
But that phrase was made famous
in the midst of something that was
not comfortable or warm,
not hopeful or safe.

Part of what I love
about Fall & home fires
is the choice we have
to reflect on the good
& stir it up...
to focus on THAT
& feel it begin to thaw
what is frozen & chilled
deep within!
As one season is passing,
& things around us (& within us)
can appear dead & dry,
we are presented with the choice
to see past what appears to be,
either backward
to the joys of Summer,
or forward
to what promises
are hidden around the corner.

                                                                                      Blessed Memories 2011

I have purposed in my heart
to keep the home fires burning;
to speak life & love & hope.
Does this mean I deny truth,
pretend away hard times,
or bury my head in the sand?
No, of course not!
I - like all of us - have to learn to deal...
but part of the learning to deal
that allows me to win,
is choosing Joy...
choosing Hope...
remembering the Good,
& letting go of the Bad.
Easy? Rarely...
Worth it? Always!

In line with this post -
& all that is stirring in my heart,
I must give full disclosure:
I am celebrating 20 years
of marriage today!
There is not anything
I would trade or change...
not one day!
(Yes - even the hard ones!)
I believe a HUGE reason for this fact
lies in the choices I have made
to focus on what is right & good
& maintain & stir up
a thankful heart!

Even when it is hard,
keep the home fires burning...
choose Life, choose Hope, choose Love!
(& every once in awhile,
Choose Hot Chocolate!)


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