October 13, 2012

Reason 13 to Fall for Autumn... (Hint - Warm & Cozy!)

It's true... 
I know it is a bit predictable, 
but one of my favorite things about Fall
is the (sometimes necessary) layering!
We have already discussed boots & scarves,
but what Fall outfit is complete without
a Warm & Cozy Sweater?

                                               2012 Blessed Memories

It's simple...
Sweaters make you feel like
breathing in deep the chilly Autumn air, 
& seeing words-yet-formed escape into the morning light,
you wrap up a little closer & snuggle in a little more!

The beauty of Fall is in the truth
that a Sweater is always
an option...

Given the choice,
why would we NOT
choose Warmth...
why would we NOT
choose Cozy?

Happy Fall!

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